How Bad Are $500 Wheels Off Amazon Prime? Here’s What You MUST Check Before Buying Cheap Wheels.

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In this video, we explore the fact that the U.S. Government and the Department of Transportation or DOT, doesn’t require any safety or performance testing on aftermarket or replica wheels. This means that wheels can be sold here without knowing if they are safe. I show you three easy way to determine if a cheap aftermarket wheel is safe for you, and we go over voluntary testing procedures that some wheel manufacturers use from countries like Japan and Germany. I also touch on the fact that some purists and car dealerships think you can only use factory OEM wheels or expensive aftermarket wheels.

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Article on wheel testing and the various wheel certifications.


DaBinChe says:

DOT don’t test motorcycle helmets either

Travis says:

this is the first video of yours ive seen, if i didnt stick around to the middle of the video i dont think i wouldve ever finished it. that intro was fucking weird

Iron Sheik says:

My 19 inch m sport wheels on my 435i are all bent and one was even cracked granted I do drive on shitty streets in San Diego

darek backman says:

take your honey bargain bullshit and shove it up your ass i had that installed for almost a year and never saved a fucking nickel

Jose Valdez says:

Did you hit puberty at 00:46?

The infamous Pj says:

Lost me at b grade porn acting skit . Casually drives to Starbucks claims that makes them good .

Steven Houghtaling says:

Niché wheels are great I had a set back in 2002 when large wheels prices were outrageous

michael river says:

Don’t ever make an into like that again worst crappie ever I stopped watching this because of the dumbest intro on youtube

Drew Jones says:

I understand why you have to change your voice to draw on views by enthusiasm but idk.. can’t do it bro

Ono Udont says:

STFU. You and your bullshit garbage honey commercial suck shit from dead black ppls ass holes.

ygfghhk says:

I had fake BBS and Alpinas on my beema no probz

glyn watkins says:

damn adverts – how would she like to gag on a big cock

Foxtrot Mike Lima says:

great sound, amateur

Benjamin Little says:

Don’t drive in Oklahoma, will lose wheels and tires on a regular basis. not much left to the roads out here.

Cryostal says:

I rather have steel wheels.

akupehsluarketatAR says:

retarded ..

LDN Wholesale says:

Elcheapo unbranded wheels will never be good. You get what you pay for. That is the reason I refuse to sell them. They usually crack instead of bend and let all the air out! No maleability.
Generally a brand name product will be a good deal better and when you break one you can generally replace it. Not good hitting a pothole on a freeway. Let alone the zillion potholes, dips, kerbs etc on metro roads. Or simply turning into a driveway at times.
Low profile tyres will always be bullshit, impractical and throws so much extra load into the suspension which in turn causes it to break. Even OEM stuff. Plus the ride is crap and generally noisy as well. Anything less than a 40 aspect smaller than 18″ is simply garbage. Personally I use 16s and 60 aspect which are a trade off for ride and handling. But race and race only in 40 aspect tyres on brand name rims. And even then keep a very good eye on them as semislicks put a LOT more load into the wheels.
I sell tyres and rims,, and see so many bent and cracked rims as to rediculous. Often 30-40000km cars replacing the original tyres with 4 bent OEM rims. But they are bent and still hold air! On the odd occasion I may weld a cracked one but with the proviso they are to be checked regularly. That horrible weld on those rims are a good view of the junk out there. Many can do a simple repair, pushing out small buckles and dings but anything more costs more than the wheel. That is the reason at swap meets there is umpteen sets of 3 wheels for sale!
And forged wheels like forged pistons are stamped at high pressure from premium material. So the material is a LOT denser. And can be machined thinner though will still bend.
So called billet wheels are not machined from a billet of aluminium and would be no stronger than a decent cast wheel anyway.
And those ‘balanced’ wheels with about 60 grams a side are not perfectly balanced!

FocuSTazn says:

Which offset settings did you choose?

Nekko Cooper says:

Half way through and no information yet except for “check the manual”. ASSHOLE

Nekko Cooper says:


Noah says:

10/10 best acting

Gilroy MotorSports & Life says:

Are OZ Ultraleggera wheels any good?

Gregg Savery says:


PhantomMark says:

Great explanation for people who are not aware of such things, good job, Genuine BMW Rims in my experience are terrible for cracking and breaking even, maybe that’s just the roads in the UK causing half the problem tho 😀

renownedfear187 says:

Blah blah blah lmao some factory wheels look great. like them AMG wheels & should not be changed. But having a 2nd or 3rd.. or 4th set of wheels isnt a sin. Like i like the factory rays on my Z but im still going to get other wheels. Just switch em up every now & then. Im a purist but im only against shitty mods on rarer cars lol

Xavier Ramirez says:

sponsored by Amazon so said don’t buy from ebay

Fahad Said says:

Posts video about Amazon wheels. Doesn’t review anything. 10/10 time vampire.

410 Kane says:

4:27 those wheels are at the lkq junkyard near me. They have amg imprinted on the outside and they’re polished 18″

Conscious Robot says:

People who think you should never modify a vehicle must be incredibly boring people. I think being able to modify a car to better suit your taste is a very beautiful thing. Modifying cars is not inherently bad. A well done project car can be at least as reliable and functional as a stock one and often more functional depending on the mods. It just needs to be done with care and with high quality and compatible parts. I know I’m saying the obvious here, but it’s crazy that there are people that don’t realize or understand that.

Mac Daniel says:

Car made in Germany, Wheel made in China…

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