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Gyeon Rim Coating information / purchase:

Gyeon Rim Coating. Similar to other genuine SiO2-based coatings, Q2 Rim presents superb self-cleaning abilities. It results in limiting time needed to keep wheels, especially those having complicated patterns, impeccably clean. It is protects against too much dust from brake pads deposited on wheel rims and facilitates regular wash of rims with clean water under pressure. Using, additionally, a pH-neutral rim cleaning product will make the whole maintenance process easier. Q2 Rims, unlike other conventional rim protection forms, is also resistant to more aggressive cleaners.

New Albany, Ohio


Victor Resende says:

Love the Gyeon products. Todd your videos are super informative. Great job. Keep it up.

tucker196 says:

Safe for chrome rims??

Kyle D says:

Gonna have to get some! Thanks for sharing.

Nick Hastings says:

Fantastic video! How long should you leave it till can put wheels back on/drive the car?

Stephen Boyd says:

So after you apply the coating,and it cures…..I assume you can use any heavy duty wheel cleaners…only soap an water….so not to remove the coating…right!?

joshuas10 says:

Is this safe for matte black wheels?

dennis davis says:

I have brand new wheels still in the boxes, can I just use the Gyeon prep, then the coating?

Martin Bowen says:

Don’t GYEON also recommend applying CURE after 24 hours to prevent water spotting and then not to wash with any detergents for 7 days?

Victor Velazquez says:

How long do I wait till I begin the removal process? Also how long do I wait till I do a second coat?

Dzole Goko says:

Does it save for polish ally rims.

Peter Carey says:

Fascinating video Todd. I saw you used product on painted brake calipers but I was wondering about using Gyeon or an alternative product on the inner barrels which I have painted and clear coated. I’ll dispute your statement that the German cars are the worst offenders of brake dust. My C6 Corvette will give nightmares to any owner of a German made (Porsche) vehicle. It’s the bain of my existence. lol Again, love all your videos.

T Bone says:

I used this product, applied if back in October on my M2 that has been driven 12,000 miles. I did 2 coats using the same procedure as you have described. It seems to have lost its effectiveness around 8,000 miles perhaps a little later. Do I need to do anything special to do the new coats or just do the same procedure? Also I bought the Kamakaze Stance Rim Coat from you thinking that might last longer so I have both products available. Do you have an opinion as to which is the best for protection and something that might last a little longer than 8-9,000 miles? Not sure if it matters but I live in AZ so lots of heat here. I am what would be probably called a advanced amateur detailer so I don’t mind detailing my car but I do want to go with the best product I can.

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