GunMetal Gray Plasti Dip – Wheels and Rims

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Fonzie from shows you the new GunMetal Gray Plasti Dip in a spraycan on his S4 wheels. How to and what the color looks like. Peel Coat


Phillip Anderson says:

Am i the only guy that thinks he’s f*%$#@^ Hot?! Dude. keep the videos coming…You can dip ANYTHING you like 🙂

Christopher Sesma says:

Okay I got the perl red. And i mess two times already. Do I apply the black coat first and re do it again (2nd coat) and then wait till it drys. And start doing the perl. And then 2nd coat it? Cause every time I do it looks like bumps and dip drops falling but it’s dry. Please this is my first time using this.

IdahoFORDbyFour says:

just pull the wheel ….. …. .. ?

nick diaz says:

what do you do if you have rust on your rims ? 2 how many cans does it take to do a pick up truck & 3 can you buy that stuff in gallons & do you need a special gun or can you use any hvlp gun with a compressor thanks nice video..

VD Video says:


beso facacia says:

actually it was better before 🙁

1258stdavid says:

I like this technique but what about any over spray on the car itself?

carlo andaya says:

really works on me

Shawn Zucchero says:

Ever thought about just taking the wheel off? Or is that to obvious.

Yuu Tuub says:

Looks like a university class.. IHFBR 101
Introduction to how to fuck a beautiful rim in 5 mins..

shng sam says:

wanted to ask how to remove the plastidip from car body? e.g. the one showing at 4:06

Fabian Ruiz says:

“Get Ripped”

Andi 08 says:

I have a question: will the paint resist to the heat that is affecting the wheel when i’m driving and braking alot ? wont it melt or peel off ?

Can ONUR says:

Ne cok konusuyon bi sus amk bi bok anlamıyoz zaten

William Mullens says:

Not hating but that’s the worst gun metal grey I’ve ever seen

That Don't get the bitches says:

Looks better un-dipped

Sydney Rose says:

Where do you get the bags like that for brake pads?

Silky Smooth says:

How long does it stay there? After presher washer blastings and brush cleanings, as you said its pealing quite easily no…

Keon Harris says:

I’m new to this stuff so what happens if you wash your car a like month later will the paint wash off ? I’m asking a legit question here

james hawkins says:

Did his arms get bigger from the first scene to the second one lol!?

HowYer Durrin says:

sorry guys, i respect your racket and all but it looks like shit.

Filip VÅ says:


Takeshi Gen says:

Plastidip cheapens the look of wheel so much, that’s ugly.

Extriminal says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA his face “fuck what have I done to my wheels”

Casey Sayes says:

how did it hold up over time?

apuz13 says:

By putting that many coats on will that mess up your wheel balance? Will

Madison Walzac says:

Pourquoi vous faite pas aussi la carosseri

Sean says:

Gunmetal gray was my first and so far only plasti dip experience. Practiced with a tire I was going to replace to see how it came off so after completion, the tire was removed and a new one put on. Did all my winter wheels, the remaining three after the new tires were put on. The first wheel did get a tear from mounting. Wiped the area with water, spot sprayed one time with the gray, two times with glossifier. Still holding up fine. Having said that in my opinion gunmetal gray is more of a battleship gray and I wasn’t thinking about the metallic affect. Thought I could put a clear metalizer on it but that doesn’t exist…my bad. Put two coats of Anthrazite metalizer over the gunmetal on a test strip since all vids show it on black base. Looks awesome…hopefully will start and finish them this weekend. Also, plasti dip customer service is awesome. Quick responses and all necessary info to include a spread sheet of compatible products, materials.

ThatBaueRGuy says:

i clicked because the thumbnail rims looked great, then I found out you painted over those XD

sd sd says:

you are awesome subscriebed

Joshua Welborn says:

why do you not protect the painted white fender from overspray?

Analog Digital says:

That’s dry grey

Patrick Man says:

I think it’s a cool look although those were also sweet wheels before.

Datscoobdo says:

fonzie take the damn wheels off and paint it.

Tommy ten speed says:

some people dont have the luxury of owning a shop or sometimes a driveway and not everyones a mechanic so this is a good base to show everyone they can do it . nice videos guys

Angel Uribe says:

That’s what I call laziness ,not taking the tire off the car

Kemal Guta says:

beautiful rims just got destroyed :/

Evo Dingo says:

I’m not gonna lie…. This looks like dogshit!

Ronnie miah says:

Noway does that look like gunmetal! Looks like shit!

jamal sha says:

he i can do it

mark chirillo says:

miss,looks like shit

Gepettoxxx says:

Give us your arm routine for developing great bi’s..

Talking about the rims, I don’t like that color of plasti dip.. is is a good invention though..

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