GUIDE to Offset, Lug Pattern, Wheel/Tires Specs

Finally I’ve made a video explaining EVERYTHING about wheels and fitment. I go over what offset means, what lug patterns are, and how to read wheel and tires measurements and specs. This is only Part 1, Part 2 will go over Spacers, Hubcentric rings, Lug Bolts, Coilovers, etc. ENJOY!!


apache Banksy says:

Wb things like 8J. 9J or 4,5J what does this mean and what’s the difference

D R says:

Where you bought them rims? Any good website that sells them… thanks

makavellys says:

Please help me guys. I have a Toyota corolla 2005 and OEM rims for this car is 15×6.5 and bolt pattern is 5×100.

I found the rims for my car but i don’t know if this rims will fit

I found rims 15×6.5 and have a 5 lugs but i don’t know (seller doesn’t know too) diameter maybe 100 maybe 114 and offset for my OEM rims is 45 but this rims have +36 offset

will it fit for my car?

P.S. New rims name is “Enkei ZNL Type 40”

Samuel Bass Junior says:

hey man im buying some new rim 15×6.5 watt size of tires buy?

Vulpy uV says:

you beast

MixedBag says:


Jose Velarde says:

hey men what’s the difference of a 225 45 r17 and 235 45 r17 because I have a Honda accord 1998 4 lugs but idk men

Harry Malahay says:

I have a 19/7.5 rims on a 235/55/19 tires, I like the rims but they look thin , I like it wide , you think I can just change the tires to get a wider look, like may be a 265/45/19

Logan Green says:

if i have 16 inch stock rims and if i buy 18 inch rims how do i know if they will fit my car?

Junior Rowe says:

I have a 2001 bmw e46 320i.. jus bought sum rims front 18×8.5 et30 & rear 18×9.5 et35… want to drop by 1.5 inches.. what tires would u recommend I purchase for each size rim??

Ulises Jaquez says:

xxr wheels needs specially lug nuts or can it fit the stocks

DjStiv3 says:

my e46 is 5×120 as i recall and its an 04

JAGExecutiveServicesInc says:

Alot of the newer cars have switched to an all around universal 5×114.3

Christian Cedeno says:

I just came for the offset meaning XD

sk8rbrayan says:

I have a jetta mk4 and i have Miró wheels 111 18×8.5 on front an rear is 18×9.5 i whant to instal spacer 20 mm is good for that size ? Ofset on front is 35 and rear is 40

Mc Q says:

Just getting into car stuff, great video!!

Weakclasher 18 says:

dont mind my name, can those size and width of tires and rims be done with suzuki swift?

Gucci Chriss says:

I have 03 BMW I want to staggered my rim what size you recommend

INumba1Stunna says:

Got me out here studying tire sizes and shit lol. I want a good looking fitment if I get wheels. It’s cool to learn all this tho. 🙂

Get a Hoya says:

So if I buy a wheel that has an offset 0, the hub will be at the center of the wheel?

DjStiv3 says:

how do you check the offset? that one is 30, well how do you know? does it say on the rim maybe? i got some old ones im guna sell BBS. And someone wants to know, im like shit idk, they fit perfect on my old car which was an eclipse. But how do you know for sure?

Shiane Gaylie says:

Thanks for the video! Where is the wheel’s offset written?

Supra TT says:

Hey bro I never ran 19×9.5 12 offset you think it will work on 2017 accord 4 door ? With 245 40 tires ?

rocco rostagno says:

God damn your voice is low as shit and the music is loud as shit

BionicSammich says:

There are so many things you left out when it comes to sidewall size. First off, that number (45 in the case of your 225/45R17 wheels) is a percentage of the width (the width being 225mm), so that means for your 225/45R17s, the sidewall is 101.25mm tall (101.25mm being 45% of 225mm). If your tyres were 255/45R17, it would be 114.75mm.

This is very important for getting the speedo correct on your car. Using the wrong sized tyre will throw off your speedo. I will use my car as an example. My stock wheel is 17×7.5 and my tyre is 225/45R17. If I was to put 245/45R17s on, my speedo would be reading 100km/h when my car would actually be doing 103km/h. Using a smaller tyre will have the reverse effect. If I use 195/45R17 instead of 225/45R17, my cars speedo would be reading 100km/h but my car would actually be going 96km/h.

Same thing if you use a smaller sidewall tyre to get a low profile tyre look. With my car, using 225/35R17 in place of the stock 225/45R17s would leave me with my speedo reading 100km/h while my car is actually going 93km/h. Again, the reverse happens if you increase the sidewall size. 255/55R17s would have me going 107km/h when the speedo reads 100km/h. Lots of speeding tickets for me!

This happens because the speedo is programmed to the stock size of tyre and wheel. Changing your wheels and not using the correct size tyre to compensate for your speedos calculation will throw it off. Using a Speedo error calculator will help prevent this since you can work out how big or small of a tyre you need.

Also, stretching a tyre will usually throw things off and make the speedo read a little higher, but usually only by probably 0.1km/h so its not worth thinking about.

Mike Wagner says:

I have 225 50r 18 tires can I use a 18×9.5 rim with them tires

Atal Sharif says:

original size tiers for my car is 245 45 R19 so if i put 245 55 R19 because i have this one at home is that be ok. pleas help me guys .



Safwan Hussaini says:

That was the simplest shortest yet most effective explanation of offset I have ever gotten!!!
Thank you for that!!!

Salah Haji says:

I thought your Jetta was a 5×112

cutfather says:

helpful as fuck

Ron Marshall says:

Thanks man…well explained.

Luke J says:

Welp i learnt nothing

Irfan Comot says:

watched in 2017. wanna start a new project. thank you

El Fucking KD says:

awesome video men, thank you

tony rodriguez says:

If a rim is 9.75 how does that equal the 225 of the tyre?

rula shammarjshamma says:

good knowledgable vid but you didnt talk about tire thickness and how 225 changes my si 8th gen needs new tires so how big of an offset with tire whidth can i go please explain thank you

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