Great trick for cleaning brake dust on aluminum wheels rims

Today my Dad discovered a great trick to get brake dust off of aluminum wheels. This will save you a ton of time and aggravation.


Wilfredo Figueroa says:


Beach Potato says:

Also try the cheap safe oven cleaner spray from Walmart, let it sit for a couple of mins and wipe off. I also give the chrome exhaust tips a quick spray on the carbon and it soaks in and I use a few wipes of a steel wool pad and done in minutes.

Denise Adam says:

Cool. Where can i get that plastic??

Chris Parry says:

urine lol

june towel says:

SOS pads works wonders ..

Weather Reporter: John Blake says:

I want to try this on tree sap on the windshield.

DaForgottenGentleman says:

Anyways… Just get an acid based cleaner

Mtu Mdosi says:

Nothing beats good all soap and water with a rag. Turtle Wax brand. It’s a Rabbit cleaner!

Papi Chulo says:

To much work just spay all purpose and rinse da

Kenneth Røgeberg says:

Omg. Do not do this! It does destroy the paint, and takes forever. Just use a rimcleaner with iron remover in it. Like scholl Rim 7, Swissvax Forte or others.

Box choppa says:

How very interesting. get a life

Luis Hernandez says:

Thank you

Iyad Sham says:

Only to say very awesome trick.Thanks

My Opinion says:

If you clean it more often you wouldn’t have that caked on problem…how hard is that to figure out lol

Andrew Cahill says:

Wonder wheels

juan sanchez says:

How did you figure that out

selenia cuesta says:

guess ill be putting my cards to use & hope it works on my rims!!!

the champ says:

What a cock. Alloys bound to corrode when you remove clear coat by scratching..

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