Gloss Black Plasti Dip Audi R8 Wheels

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Audi R8 V10 Gloss Black Wheels – Plasti Dip DipYourCar. DipYourCar Gloss Black Wheel Kit used to dip the stock wheels on the Audi R8 V10.


A says:

Is there such a thing as deglossifier I dipped my rims black with the glossifier and I think the gloss on the rims might be a little much or can I apply more matt over it?

Dave says:

I used that stuff on my 98 Dodge grill and emblems, not sure about $100K car though! I would probably opt to get them powdercoating or just spring for Audi blacked out rims. Appreciate your videos though dude….

Tee Knight says:

no primer 1st?

RabidRizon says:

why not just take the fucken wheel off? LOL Oh.. guess you want to sell peeps your over priced KIT with a trash bag.

kukurishk says:

Anthracite Grey Plasti Dip

Aaron Bruton says:

over spray onto the paint job,your not touching my $expensive car.

Ronnie Pickering says:

haha this is hilarious, why the fuck wouldn’t you take the wheels off and do it properly?!?!

A says:

Man I keep wanting to go to a place and pay 350 bucks to have them black out my wheels, grill, emblems and trim but you make this look so easy.

Adem Sahin says:

Ta une audi r8 et tu peind tes jantes a la bombe mdr

HHO Sailing says:

So half of the rim inside is not dip?… shitty job!

Cameron O'Donnell says:

how many cans of paint were used for all 4 rims?

Hector Torress says:


Zurihaha says:


MrDruaboyea2U says:

…or just remove the wheel.

Samar Malas says:

avrey bodey know has do that

Carlos Diaz says:

how many cans did you use for the black and glossifier?

Clint Petters says:

How long did it take to paint each wheel for 5 coats + glossifier?

Kevin Abla says:

Mind telling me your bicep exercises/workout? It looks like you know what you’re doing lol

pornphimon srinarong says:

hi fonzie there is a guy here in Thailand selling psti dip is this an official product or a rip off copy.

redbaron2448 says:

Fuck this Lazy guy, Won’t take the wheels off, SHIT ASS JOB. Not Even Gloss Black Not same gloss black as the Car. LMFAO Put this on Americas funniest videos

Marcus Savina says:

fucking wow. fonzy looks so different in like three Years

English Dave says:

i have a 16 optima with factory chrome wheels can I do this over chrome

How Not to Play says:

that just added 10 HP per wheel.

Tim Leahu says:

what is more of a glossy finish the metallic finish or glossifier finish????

terrace Robinson says:

how long does the gloss last I Hurd it disappear

ai van says:

7:57 that r8’s rotor has a huuuge crack in it!

Diego Ivan Reyes Cruz says:

Subtitulos en spanish, please. I like This video, please.

Rich Williams says:

remove the wheel?

seth cannady says:

Would this work with black plasidip

chargerjake says:

Good video but that’s like satin black, what about doing a wet black wrap?

berbes gopro says:

how many cans of plastidip and glossifier would be needed for a 16 inch rims?

thewatcher1950 says:

Good car spoiled.

Matthew Jimenez says:

How do you get the links to flip????

M4yh3m Z32 says:


Xavier Massiah says:

While your waiting for it to dry are you doing the other wheels or are you doing one wheel at a time?

Krasnaludek says:

Have to say that the wheels looked better before; the all-black looks cheaper and is played out.

Mcpricex says:

Is that the 2010 R8? You can tell because on the newer ones the wheels come off

Tony Tejada says:

wouldn’t it have been easier to just take off the wheel?

Eq Dior says:

How long should you wait between coats?

mbnz 401 says:

how do you get the inside of the wheel? or do you leave it silvee

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