Genuine is best – FAKE wheels fail safety test

A set of fake wheels on sale in Australia have been shown to dangerously disintegrate at just 50km/h in testing. The test was carried out by the Australian automotive industry and saw Mercedes-Benz Australia Pacific and GM Holden team up to demonstrate to consumers the serious safety risks that can be associated with fake parts.

Using imitation Mercedes-Benz wheels purchased online from an Australian-based seller, engineers set out to compare them to genuine wheels in an impact test.

The test was a pothole test, which saw fake wheels break apart at just 50km/h. This occurred in separate tests, one in which the point of impact was close to a spoke and one where the point of impact was midway between the spokes. Under the same tests, the genuine wheels sustained no visible damage


Lukas says:

Or maybe if you didn’t run -20 series tires, you’d be safer off.

questionur world says:

who gives a fuck…..

dan fromYoungstown says:

Thanks for the add Mercedes. No one wants to buy stock wheels for full retail price.

Soulshard Music says:

Didnt explain material, make, tire pressure, or show speeds. But im gonna believe you suuuuure. If the genuine is forged and the fake cast point it out ffs

xTazzor says:

Bro lmaooo don’t drive if you can’t see a damn Grand Canyon on the road

Tavi Ke says:

if you want to fight Knock offs make it affordable dumbass

killersushi99 says:

Why grind off that stuff?

LiverpoolFC YNWA says:

how about fix the road and avoid pothole?

DarkSharkssm says:

Dude looks like the tip of my dick with glasses and a face

john smith says:

on the same token quit ripping off aussies of massive rego fees and feed them to the fat cats in the government but fix the roads. Second of all being wankers and sell euro cars here for nearly double the price invoking the mighty euro will not cause aussies to buy your safe overpriced wheels. Capish??

socalmx255 says:

Don’t hit potholes. Problem solved.

Tom Musick says:

the voice over – Is that Lemmy from Motorhead?

Razif Yakub says:

wow at 2:19 That wheel take some serious misshape.

Gordon Reiher says:

No doubt about it: that orange tape will f uck up your wheels!

corvettez06 corvettez06 says:

Bullshit when do you drive in to a hole like that .and another point a lot of people dont have the money to buy genuine wheels.

XiaoXing Liu says:

Forged vs Cast

ian vader says:

10k for a set of merc rims…..get fucked!!! price your stuff properly thieves

smokeduv says:

I had my car fitted with the OEM wheels and just like 2 or 3 weeks after buying the car new, I passed through a pothole at like 15 km/h, nothing fast, and the wheel was bent on the outside and many months later it had two big cracks so the wheel was unusable. So, a completely genuine part that didn’t last. Even the tire was good after that incident, but it was damaged later because the cracks let all the air out, so the tire was damaged by the wheel itself

Llia Olsen says:

I could not drive that test car knowing I’d be hurting it. I’d have to take the car for a full detail and an oil change after that or it would never forgive me.

myfastgti07 says:

I’ve seen expensive Vossen wheels crack. I’ve also had one of my OEM Mercedes-Benz E500 wheels crack after hitting a pot hole similar to the one on this video. The tires are the first to absorb the impact so its obvious that there is less protection on the wheel running a lower profile tire.

sintek001 says:


Fakhrul Radzi says:

You don’t say…

M L says:

In my country some dealer sell fake wheel pricier than the real one , just to foll you that what he sell is genuine …

Race-fg says:

Not every fake wheel is that bad.

yougotservedyo says:

complete bullshit, mercedes in the shop for wheel issues monthly

Balkan Racing says:

So, no-one is going to talk about the wheel hitting the fender and almost popping the hood off?

VGAPR Garage says:

This test says nothing about fake wheels. It says you have a problem if that’s a “normal” pot hole. Either way that car is going to need a new wheel bearing.

allent yoglawm says:

Fix yr god dam road. What do u guys do with all the tax money fucken government. Plus I don’t have that kinda of money to spare. 1 oem wheel is 400 plus. 4 imatation is 400 less.

Big2009Gee says:

hate Chinese shit, fake, substandard crap. however use road tax and fuel tax to repair the roads in the first place…..

Galavanta says:

If we didn’t get gouged for OEM products there would be no need to buy knockoffs.

Tru Blu says:

Jesus crist thats a fucking creator. Open your eyes while driving and this won’t happen.

Elegiaa says:

The only thing they showed is that the Australians can’t build proper roads. Never seen a pot hole like that in my life.

xeus2eme says:

Fake rims tyres are also deflated !! The rim touch DIRECTLY the ground, when the genuine rim bounce away.

What a shame.

Street Racing Lifestyle says:

fake wheels will suffice when your broke af drive slow!

W S says:

The last minute or two of the video consists of restating everything they already said lmaoo

Juan Díaz says:

seems not the same tyre pressure

Cole Croley says:

Share the website that sells the fake wheels so that people can be aware you Fucking idiots

richarcm says:

So the problem is the WHEELS and not that the Australian government can’t maintain their roads properly??

The REAL safety concerns are that THOSE craters accurately represent the conditions of the roads in Australia.

Derek Klegraefe says:

Just saying i could break a real wheel no sweat

Dan.vaku says:

So the “fake” wheel was made in Germany and had a Mercedes logo? That doesn’t make any sense.

Carson Ho says:

U hit the pothole so Such driving is fake. Meanwhile A set of lightweight aftermarket will smoke your shitty genuine Mercedes wheels that

CR TX says:

Disinformation propaganda; test specifically set up for the required results

dick johnson says:

well if dealerships didn’t charge an insane amount of money for things, people might buy the right thing more

xsamis says:

lol when you compair a gravity cast wheel vs a low pressure/highpressure cast wheel… if you wanted a better idea, how about u spend half of the money for the set from Merc on an aftermarket set, ex-HRE’s are about 2500, and theyll out perform most Merc wheels

abernathy0011 says:

That’s not a pothole, it’s a swimming hole….

billybobjoe198 says:

That’s just the difference between cast and forged.

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