Front wheel rim failure! Near crash! West Coast tour!

Whilst in northern Californian on my recent solo West Coast bike tour, the braking surface on my front wheel became so worn out that it decided to catastrophically fail. Luckily (ahem, skilfully) I managed to save it and not stack it, even in the wet going downhill around a corner with all my touring gear.

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Anon says:

Impressive handling

Joseph Kendrick says:

How do you think I managed to get out of this sticky situation and continue on with my tour?

Mikhail says:

That really sucks

MrRostit says:

what tyres are you running? 28mm?

velo1337 says:

11/10 bike handling skills, i thing 99% of ppl would not have stayed so calm and managed to control the bike

pedallin raw says:

Good save JK !

Tonus barronus says:

You nearly stacked it! Your one lucky guy Joseph. Did you manage to get a lift to the nearest LBS?

Johnny Veganite says:

held on to it well bud

Lorem Opossum says:

glad you stayed upright

nagev says:

it must have been the vegan diet that caused you not to crash

Shiva Balasingham says:

Well played! I probably would have gone down.

Luigi Medeiros Pereira says:

Im glad youre ok, cant wait for your next videos. You really had the cold blood not to panic 😀

Jogie Glen Mait says:

just have it replaced right away…it would take years to destroy new rims.

lewis edwards says:


Sweetosis says:

How sure are you that the braking surface is what failed? Looks more like a puncture caused the rim to shatter upon dropping. Either way, scary shit. Lol how many miles did you get on those?

Adam Watkins says:

fair play keeping that upright!!!

nagev says:

there may in fact be a god after all!? haha

DrVinylBcn says:

My favorite wheels. Progress phantom aluminium and semi aero and 1.3kg of weight. Around of 450€ the pair. After try Lightweight, Zipp, FF, and others this is my favourite.

Kelsey Leigh says:

not sure what’s better, your bike handling or the slowed down version of you saying “hooooooolyyyy shiiit” hahaha

Gareth Cheesman says:

dramatic! :+O glad you didnt die n stuff

snarkyboojum says:

Mad handling skills bruh 🙂

Power of Life says:

Nice to see your ok though 🙂

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