FR500 WHEELS REVIEW! 20 inch Staggered Rims – 07 GT MUSTANG

Review of my 20 inch FR500 Wheels! Let me know what else you guys would like me to review!

FR500 Wheels:



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Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Stay tuned for more videos, car build, vlogs, and more!

Thanks so much for watching!


Joe Schmo says:

what should i do if i wanna run 24’s on my stang? she got 18’s but look like roller skate wheels xD I’m just playin bro, nice car *thumbs up*

And you’re thinking of Anthracite not Anthrite or whatever the fuck you said

Cars&Life says:

I’ve always liked the FR500 style wheels. I went back to the Eibach pro springs in the rear to increase clearance. Kept the sportlines on the front.

Mustang Jones says:

I love the FR500s! Awesome car.

Elijah Tanner says:

where did you buy yours?

D H says:

Did you order the full set up? Mount, balance, TPMS, and TPMS programming tool?
Did you have to change out anything to get the clearances needed? Springs, etc?
Thx, nice ride too

james liu says:

nice. i was gonna stick on FR500s but then decided to go with Bullitts. machine lips and black spokes. i was running 20 inch chrome Rousch rims but chrome seemed to deteriorate after about 6 years…go figure. hey here’s one for you that i am wondering about: what are you doing for regular maintenance stuff like water pumps, thermostats and hoses? nobody seems to talk about those parts.

Pignut says:

How much is your stang lowered

Tony says:

What’s up bro? Can you please do a review of your MMD spoiler and maybe compare it to your brothers GT500 spoiler. Like back the two cars up together possibly or something like that I’m torn between which spoiler to get thanks bro!!

andrez hernandez says:

Where did u buys these bro hella clean by the way

Emanuel Maceo says:

Review the springs

JR's Tints says:

If your rubbing a little in the rear why not roll the fenders a little?

Pure Luck says:

Where did you buy them? What type of tire

Jarett King Media says:

pls do chin spoiler/splitter/rods review

Tony says:

My stang is lowered 1.5 inches eibach pro kit. I know 305s will fit in the back but looks wise do you think the tire is too big or fat looking? Or do you think a smaller size would look better?

Jose Barragan says:

How much of a drop you got bro ?

Cameron Poe says:

Awh hell yeah!!!!!!

Ricardo Gomez says:

I have a question Jonathan is it just me or does the car have a less comfortable ride quality with 20 inch staggered rims, it feels like I feel every crack in the road

racequad9 says:

I’m thinking of getting these for my 03 cobra but 18in. If they weren’t so expensive, i would get the TF Mach 5’s and paint the center spoke black.
Do you and your brother live next door to each other haha that’s awesome

Zach Culp says:

I’m so glad you compared your 20’s to your brother’s 19’s, that seriously is crazy helpful. I’ve been having a hard time determining whether I want 19’s or 20’s for my 06 GT, because I personally thought the 20’s looked a little much on this body style, but yours fit really nicely. Great vid! Thanks!

yo Nero says:

guess what bro, my friend wrecked my stang…. its not totaled but i need a new door and front fender….. :/

cjdescalade davila says:

Nice man, I have the machined face with gloss black pockets FR500 20″ on my car

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