Forgestar F14 Failure at Buttonwillow

Left front wheel failure, midcorner on Riverside at Buttonwillow Raceway!

2007 Honda S2000, intake/exhaust, aero

Wheel is a Forgestar F14, 17×10 +55. 14 track days total on various Southern California tracks. 6 days on Hankook RS3, 6 days on R888, and the last two days were on Bridgestone RE71R (which were giving me noticeably higher lateral loads).

Prior to my first day on RE71Rs, there were no visible cracks on the exterior of the spokes. I lazily ran my hand along the backside of the spokes, but obviously missed, well, a lot of cracks. The spoke that was cracked clean-through on the right-rear either cracked at that event (WSIR) or during this event at Buttonwillow. The front left may also have had a complete crack prior to or during the Buttonwillow event.

All wheels are eventually prone to this sort of failure, but some sooner than others. More comprehensive data on these wheels is available here:…

Also, if you want a chassis-mount wing for your S2000 that enables you to apparently drive the wheels off your car, let me know here:

UPDATE, 2014-04-16:
I’ve put together a sort of debrief on this incident at S2ki, the permalink is right here!×10-data-thread/page__view__findpost__p__23020079


UnleadedFuels says:

@0:59 your tyre clearly is seen coming off the wheel. That doesnt happens with a wheel failure but becuase you probably had the wrong fitment tyre or tyre failure which wouldn’t be surprising seeing how you drive. Pretty shitty of you to shift the blame to forgestar

The Italian Tune-Up Pro says:

THAT REACTION! Bwahahahahahahaaa!

Shawn McManus says:

Forged wheels dont do this. That wheel is cast. Putting “forged” in the name unfortunately doesn’t help with strength and metal fatigue.

TheWerkz says:

Rally car bro.

Peak Performance Reviews says:

Why are you not still making vids? Looks like a good channel Chris 🙂

The House of Jokes says:

Very good video with a pleasant presentation. Many thanks for the effort which you put into making this.

Paolo Inigo says:

Forgestar literally means the star spoked wheels have been forged, fraudulently copied, faked. Name speaks for itself. Why would you buy this set of knock off rims for your expensive cars. If you’re an enthusiasts, you’re not just into aesthetics or looks but for ultimate performance, quality, safety, and reliability. Buy wheels that are made in Japan like Rays, Advan, Enkei, Mugen or Spoon. They’re not expensive. They only seemed expensive because of these knock off taiwan, china made wheels that are ripping you off and of course the middleman.

Absolutely Zero says:

OMG, my F30 335i has F14s, did you call Forgestar and what did they say about this?

MangoSmoothie16 says:

protip, don’t jump the curbing

The Driver's Perspective says:

Props for keeping your cool during the entire situation.

slappers only says:

Why not a set of Enkei’s, Advan’s, or Rays? Who the fuck is Forgestar?

Jesse Jia says:

How do you mount your phone on the dash like that?

raheel saleem says:

hahaha my cheap china wheels held well on track days :p

Joshua Magana says:

omg thats awesome… really man u have a awesome car and u praise a major failure of this magnitude? smh…

Harpinder Singh says:

Dude that sucks but your s2000 looks dope!

Robert Murillo says:

This is clearly an inexperienced driver. A driver that knows their car would of notice something wrong when the car started to vibrate on right turns. Slowed down an headed for the pits.

Willow Lamkin says:

Is it a guy or a les

xsamis says:

you gota be carefull with thoes types of wheels, they might be flow formed but if the way they are initially cast sucks, the entire wheel blows, look for low pressure cast or high pressure cast rims, unless they specify that then theyre gravity cast witch have alot of air bubbles in the rims, leading to cracks

Themayseffect says:

what was your tire profile. I can only assume with a 17×10 you had to sacrifice a bit of sidewall to get those to fit.

numulis321 says:

thank you for this video. I believe I will inspect my tires and wheels more often.

Alvaro Delgado Perez says:

fuck wheels

luckistryke13 says:

Forgestar just filed for bankruptcy last month bc of this video

Phil Le says:

And that’s why you buy forged wheels..they don’t blow up like that lol. Your life is worth way more than cheap wheels.

richard preston says:

I think we have a different definition of awesome

Can Man says:

Yep that VTEC will rip them wheels right off the dam car

姚远 says:

there are 18 dislikes from Forgestar. lmao!

Craig Maggard says:

gotta love the guys attitude

Buddha BlazerSS says:

Damn and I was looking at F14s. Nope!

TwofiddyFourstroke says:

“That’s awesome” wut

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