Snowflake is coming along really good, next on the mod list is a new JDM front bumper, A racing steering wheel, and a turbo

Beat provided by MockTen youtube channel make sure to check it out they have some sick beats!

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Justin Teno says:

Yard looking like a used car lot

moneybanks82 says:

really not my kind of car but that’s hot as hell

Stephen Fisher says:

ooooo SnowFlake gotta new pair of titties, I hope mama vic aint no jella girl now 😉

That Ricer ZX says:


TigreLoko24 says:

Badass look mang, the wheels make it look What size are they/how wide?? I’m all about the grip tho, I always go with the widest tires and wheels I can fit.. Heck, with the low price of street legal drag tires I refuse to buy anything else, call me crazy but I just cant seem to want it any other – TigreLoko24

Break The Bricks Down says:

Nice job.

Gordons Garage says:

Loving it bro!

Isaiah Robinson says:

Wow those wheels made a huge difference, looks good.

DNALI says:

damn looks fire. I’d say just throw some coilovers on that beast and call it a wrap

slow_commotion says:


Michael Daury says:

The rims are the best but the car I don’t like it man

Anthony USMC says:

I like the rims. Kinda old school look.

NovaK says:

you live like 10 mins away from me lol

Teen Ricer says:

Looks lit asfffff

StevieBoy says:

What year is snowflake she looks good

Daniel28021991 says:

Looks badass!!!

kevin b says:

killer you make me miss my 93 2door civic

Jason Phillips says:

rims aren’t bad, but why do ppl stretch a narrow tire on a wide rim. makes no sense.

David Maisel says:

They look great on that car!

steve says:

They look perfect


Looking clean!!

K's Garage says:

damn. those are sick!

David ketting 1985 says:

that is perfection!

Nic Sox says:


Dylan McCabe351 says:

i need some like this for my 91 sentra

kswerthemoron says:

that looks like a rally cars

Midnight Gambler says:

It may sound like a lawn mower, but those wheels suit the car very well, good choice!

Luis Sanchez says:

It looks sexy those rims make it look a lot better

Teen Ricer says:

Sorry but I had to watch again! I funking love those wheels, literally almost got a set like that for my civic, now you neeed to roll the fenders and lower it and it’s gonna be dope asfff, stretch wheels are awesome!!! But damn dude wheels always make a car look amazing

Jose M says:

well before i didnt like the car but those wheels makes a huge difference looks good man

Max Jansson says:

i dont think it looks lika n 240sx tho

Teen Ricer says:

How much did you pay and wat are the specs???

Max Jansson says:

srry im new to the car world but is that an 240sx?
Just asking 🙂

NismoLuis says:

What size are they ?


MR. R ..

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