Fanatec McLaren GT3 Wheel Rim Review

The Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel rim is a full replica of the real life wheel from the car. It features the same look, layout, and features of the real life counterpart but has been designed specifically for sim racing.

The Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel rim is cross platform compatible and will work with any of the Fanatec Wheel bases.

In this review Shaun Cole of The Simpit shows off the wheels features and gives you the fine details of its parts or controls. From there he moves on to using it on track in a variety of driving conditions and gives you his final thoughts on the affordable pro level wheel choice.

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Rhaegar Targaryan says:

Too many complaints with the quick release.. Broken pins aswell should be made from carbon too. Idk why they chose to make it out of plastic. Plus they say ‘made in China’ which is bs considering the website says “German engineering” but still I love my formula carbon

Mark Lawlor says:

Look at the input lag on the monitors.

B Stewart 156 says:

Mine lasted 4 minutes. It’s on its way back to Fanatec now.

CON says:

Great Review, can’t wait for them to send the limited edition formula wheel along with a DD base for review.

BadTanLines says:

Hasn’t this thing been out for a year already?

Bill says:

Nice job as usual Shaun. Very detailed. Thanks I’m considering one now.

Martin Donohue says:

Who is squeezing this bloke’s balls while he’s talking?!

daze46 says:

Only problem is that the McLaren GT3 has NO vibration motors in it while the Formula Black does have two of them.

fluffytashi says:

Kind of a late review huh? This has been out for almost a year now ?

Peak Racer says:


Jeff Page says:

No rev lights is not really fair because the real one does not have rev lights

Marcel Pfister says:

Hi Shaun, since the December Update of iRacing you can use those 12 position knobs as well for all in car adjustments like TC, ABS and so on. They also work with ACC when you select the McLaren Button Preset, they are pre mapped to TC and ABS.

Alexandr Omelyan says:

Sorry for offtopic. What exactly kind of “rev leds” i can plug to DATA output (Fanatec Clubsport Wheelbase V2.5). Is it for developing or for ready solutions? Is it possible to release Flag’s indication etс?

Pitlanes Sim Racing says:

Thanks Shawn for another interesting review mate.

Flinty! says:

wait…….they now come standard with the quick release? Can’t say im pleased with that. I only received mine barely 2months ago with the clamp and i was thinking of getting the quick release but wow i feel let down.

NUNO Carvalho says:

Great Video !!! Congrat

HomieFFM says:

It’s a nice wheel, I was thinking about to get one of these. The standard Quick Release is a very big point I didn’t know about, that’s awesome O.o ! But I’ll wait and hope they make a Clubsport or Podium GT3 rim with no brand and higher quality shifters + rev lights.

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