Expert Advise : Top 10 Wheel & Tire Care Tips. Tip no. 9 will SHOCK you!

Sam Liuson shares with us his expert advise on proper tire and wheel care. Sam is the man behind successful aftermarket brands like Concept One Wheels, Black Rhino Wheels and Saffiro Tires amongst others.

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N.naveen Kumar says:

Hi blade TV. tyre air. morning time. check?

hitesh panchal says:

Hi good to see your video its very knowledgeable video. I have a question for you i have suzuki swift car and company fitted wheels werr 185/65/15 but recently after completion of its life i have replaced that wheels with 205/55/16 Chinese vossen & Michelin tyers but after this replacement my car ride is not good in rough and bumpy roads and suspension is also got very hard… Pls advice what i have to do? I should replace them again with company fitted wheels?


Thomas Allan says:

I’m only here to get shocked from tip No. 9

Sonny says:

Great Video…. Thank you for posting…

Marc Benouchi says:

Tip 6 : “Size does matter” , ok so I am good with my 25cm dick

Kiddomike says:

These tips are great. Following them not only make your trips safer but also prevent tires from wearing out too soon.

I changed my Name says:

Fuck you and your shocking wording. I hope your family gets raped in front of you and you live to remember it. That is all.

jaynery enriquez says:

thank you!

Richard Enopeña says:

sir,good day to u,i own a toyota avanza and i want to change my tire and rim in 17 inches,is it safe?the original stock tire is 15 inches…

Donna Peroche says:

Tip no. 10 – never take advice from an asian douchebag

mozzmann says:

Your tyres are the point of contact and grip , Shit tyres = Shit brakes and vehicle control END of Story, Buy the best tyre suited to the Vehicle and it’s normal use age, I have always run my tyres considerable higher pressure so I have even wear across the tyre, as a result I get better tyre life as well as much better fuel economy.
Again this Tyre placard for the Vehicle FFS forget about the manufacturer, they simply DO NOT know , use the Tyre manufacturer’s recommended pressures based on the weight of the car and the type of driving done . Tyre technology is changing faster that Car technology ,
Now the bit about checking pressures , I do it Cold and record the pressures, I than compare this to Hot ! Why well simple really . IF you have a big difference this can indicate scrubbing and more heat produced because of drive line anomalies or poor Steering alignment and many other factor’s
I then set the same pressure Hot so they are all even and check them when cold again , if the differences Cold to Hot and Hot to Cold are similar ie within 1 % of the original figures I will then raise the initial pressure by 3 PSI monitoring the wear and ride .

peter zhang says:

hi. I’m using 235 40 18 tyres now, I want to upgrade to 245 35 19 wheels. I know if the tyres become wider, it will effect the acceleration and making the steering wheel heavier to turn. but are these changes gonna be very obvious (especially the one with steering)??? thx

tok ling says:

even if it is well corrected if the road have been through daily still it will

Jignesh Ambasana says:

can we replace steel wheels rim to alloys by up-sizing 1 inch diameter for getting better fuel economy ?

Ak Na says:

Thank you! Just a question if we increase the wheel size from 16 inch to 18 inches will it impact the car performance!! Have a Hyundai Accent

ferkemall says:

Or like Ford of America who found it cheaper to mold the tread on like remolds they then went on to cover their ass with a statement in the handbook to say you should not corner at speeds exceeding 55mph in an suv ,oh why is this you ask well its because some J accountant said its cheaper to make them this way the fact that the complete treads came off and killed some people did not seem to matter !

DZenitram23 says:

where is the date on the tire?

Happy Fox says:

professionally named channel titles videos and edits like a 12 year old… go back to sucking mommy’s tit little child…

Mike Schafer says:

My car has summer and winter tires and wheels. wondering if it’s OK to store my summer tires in the garage during the winter living in Michigan or if they should be stored indoors.

Andre Rivera says:

My car has a recommended 41 psi for the stock 255/35 19 all season. I have 265/35 19 summer and 245/45 18 winter tires (neither size is an OEM option), is 41 psi still the right pressure?

Muhammad Qasim says:

Good advice boss really helpful and in detail.

Felice Young says:

What are your thoughts about Saffiro tires?

Ang Jun Wei says:

I’m here for gt86

Michael Broski says:

Clean your wheels with car shampoo ph7 only and soft brushes if need and wax that shit with wheel wax. If your poor just use some synthetic wax not carnauba. Do it 3x esp before winter. You can clay the wheels first if your super OCD before waxing them.

Xcalibur Prime says:

Hi Sam, great tips, thanks a lot. I am currently shopping to replace my Dunlop SP Sport 01 RunOnFlat tires on my BMW 540i. I was quoted by a dealer with LANDSAIL LS988 Run Flats. What are your thoughts on this Landsail Tire? This is the first time I heard the Landsail Brand.

hardrive28 says:

question: I got my avanza last feb., the recommended tire pressure in the side panel of my car is 34 front and 38 rear.
if I put nitrogen in my tires, will it still be 34F and 38R?

Ardent Fan says:

Can you do another video teaching your viewers how to identify new tires vs retreaded tires? Now that would be very helpful.

WCephei77HD says:

Can you help me here please, what is more convenient for me in this case?
Honda Fit Shuttle 2012, comes with tyres 185/60 R 15 originally.
I swapped around with the older car I’m selling because those tyres are new, being 185/65 R14. So my question is, which of these two different tyres are going to be more efficient in fuel and power for my car?
185/60 R 15 (Stock, original)
185/65 R 14 (The ones from my older car, I just want these only because they are newer, but if not efficient I’d just let them go selling the older car).

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