Do Wheel Locks Work? Gorilla & McGard Rim Protection! Tools used to Remove without KEY

If you have aftermarket, expensive rims, you might need additional protection to prevent theft. Do wheel locks work?

What types of wheel locks are there? Can they be removed easily and can anything else be done to protect your rims?

What about wheel locks from factory? Are they any different? And are there tools out there to remove them without a key?

What are the best wheel locks? Find out more in my review of wheel locks!

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Steven M says:

Very nice video. Thank you for a very thoughtful overview of how to best approach adding wheel locks to our anti-theft systems.

xChippottle says:

This video is 10x more informative than all the other wheel lock videos on youtube. why doesn’t it have more views!!!!!

Thanks for your knowledge!!

zach daquila says:


408khmerguy says:

I use three wheel locks on each wheels just to slow the thieves down.

AutisticNinja08 says:

I have all 5 locking lug nuts on all wheels and an alarm that will warn on a soft impact and full alarm on hard impact

Nava Gaming says:

what are the ones with the “collar” called?!

ferkemall says:

My cars a french pos but it does have patten ones with a 10mm wide rotating ring and the lug is a snug fit in the wheel so a socket is no use the wheels have been on there since 2005 so it looks like that one works , i keep the key in a cheap after market ash tray with a lid that sits in a cup holder i dont smoke ,
Lucky for me the car has 2 alarms and anti hijack well they get a lot of street crime in France !

thurm101 says:

Great video

WV4LIFE says:

I hate these damn things. Tire guy cross threaded the locking lug nut on. I have been trying for three days to remove it without destroying the wheel. If you live in 90pct of the country these are worthless. Thankfully i was only rotating tires and not on side of the road with a flat. Beware!!!!!!!

Brandon Sambat says:

I concur with the other comments. Well done video and I am glad that you state that “where you park your car” is just as important.

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