Consumer Review of Ruff Racing 18 inch rims on Mini Cooper S with Nankang tires

WATCH in HD!! This is a consumer review of Ruff Racing 18 inch rims on Mini Cooper S with Nankang tires. I made this video in hopes that it will help someone who is in the market for aftermarket rims and tires.

I brought this set from They mounted and balanced everything with shipping included. They also threw in a wheel lock set to protect the wheels. I was impressed by the fact that they were really knowledgeable about fitments etc plus wheels came to me without being dented! so that’s a plus.

These wheels have a inch and half lip on them. The tires are 215 35 18’s. If you want to see the wheels in more detail, check out the other video in my channel which just has pictures of the wheels.

I hope this helps you when shopping for after market wheels. I was impressed by the ride quality of the tires. They have great grip in dry and wet conditions. The wheels also shine brightly at night. Please visit Ask for Jef and mention this video

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32svic says:

Whats the website I wanna get these for my TL

SeriousCamber says:


Yuvi Dhillon says:


Austin Osiecki says:

beautiful, i have the same wheels

Chirs Prado says:

Look good

thalescostarulesgod says:

They are gorgeous dude the mini is looking neat as hell dude!!

drbos says:

I got mines at wheel as well.

vilai yang says:


Gigine Ahmad says:

mini needs bigger boots try 20 inch dude

Adam H says:

are they the r356?

hugospectrum4v says:

And how are those nankang tires?

Brian Payne says:

Please please please tell me which Ruff Racing rims those are. Im on wheel fire and cannot find those rims, I drive a 2008 Mini Cooper S, exact same color as yours and im sorry im gonna be a copy cat but I need those lol

Terence Teo says:

after putting 18 inch wheel, will it slow down the speed of your car?

SkyCripp says:

Great taste man! I hate my run flats with a passion…don’t grip worth crap.

inktoxicated says:

looks nice, those low pros scare me tho after i hit a chunky pothole in nj and destroyed wheel and tire. now i play it save and go smaller wheeler. good luck

Brandon Spencer says:

forged type like bbs

ForthcomingTruth says:

Thank you man really helped

yamahar6london says:

yh they look neat, how do you find cleaning them? do they ship to the uk?

johnny appleseed says:

any wheel rub on the wheel well?

Darius J says:

what did you do with your tpms?

i Know says:

nice wheels! you sound automated

MiniBoss says:

Hey man I I see your in NY. I am on Long Island and got a MCS too. I would like to race you sometime.

erik818ws says:

@Rocistan what size would you recommend for a nissan maxima?

iliovecaRS says:

sexy af

Chow Chow says:

omg amazing sweet beauty. i bought an 18 inch rim and tire today in le schwabb. been reading alot about 18 and 20… just dnt want headache for now of problems that come with 20 inch. ur tire looked 20 though at first glance. i hope my tire looks as good as urs. i bought a formoza and no idea how it looks like lol

bakestep says:

Lol get through the snow? I’ve drove in the snow multiple times with a lowered car.

Bryce Day says:

I love these!! I wanna get a set but I think the 18s look a little big for a mini coupe I think I would have gone with the 17s.

How To Advice says:

it took about a week or so

gloo.daddy says:

Way better

DJ Galloway Gally says:

Nice wheels on your Mini Bro!!! Thanks for the vid. I’m going with 18″ on my Mini also.

Mischa John says:

Hey Rocistan, what color are these wheels? Silver? Hyper-Silver? Gunmetal? And are u looking to sell them?

How To Advice says:

@hugospectrum4v they are pretty good. I thought they wouldn’t grip, but they do grip hard

Alex Riley says:

Im about to order these but with the black finish with the crome lip. 20 inch with 30 profile for my 2004 rx8 from wheelfire

Shawn Dean says:

Look good!

Aaron Emerson says:

What a difference rims make to a car. It’s kinda like when you have to guys wear the same suit but one with nice shoes and ones with crappy shoes the one with the nice shoes looks like a G just like this guys rims

John Heintzman says:

i like em

516Spark says:

what was the total price on them 

Reign Townsend says:

wheelfire advertises 3-10 days to ship. I ordered June 27, 2016, I’ve yet to get any emails. do you remember if they took 2-3 weeks for you to receive.

How To Advice says:

i’m pretty sure you can – depends on the type of mini as well

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