Complete Guide for Aftermarket Wheels and Tires

In this video, I go over some vital information should you want to change your OEM wheels and tires, to different sized aftermarket ones. I go over how important it is to maintain the same overall diameter of the wheel, along with how it affects your car.

I also go over tire sizing, how to pick the correct offset, along with a lot more.

If you’re looking for the website I was using, it is as follows ▶︎

Tire Size Calculator ▶︎
Wheel Offset Calculator ▶︎

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Gravecb7 Accord says:

I wanna make my wheels stick out pass my fenders I love that set up so I would need a very low offset either +0 or high negative offset rims I’m either getting 15’s or 16’s Chrome rims for my 07 Camry my oem specs are positive 30-40 that’s too high and I would achieve the set up I want with a +0 offset my rims should stick out pass my fenders

greenolive says:

I heard aftermarket rims tend to bend.are tsw strong enough when talking about heavy 2014 mercedes ML 350 and 20″ diameter and 45mm sidewall? I’d appreciate you help

Steven Wallman says:

First time I have heard that the wheel is the last gear, great teaching metaphor.

Daniel Botte says:

I am thinking about getting 18×8.5 + 30 size rims with 225/45/18r tires. I currently drive a 2014 Honda Civic coupe. Wondering if you think that would be fine. Or will it rub?

NeightriX MuziK says:

Great video! I upgraded from stock 18×7.5 60offset to OEM 19×9 35 offset and it looks great. Best info was using the wheel calculator.

Julius Smith says:

Geat review.

michael ohana says:

great video btw

Myriad says:

You have lug-nut terminology backwards. The tapered nuts are conical, not acorn; the ball nuts are known as acorns, not conicals. Cones have flat sides, acorns are rounded.

fersorg23 says:

what wheels? in my car have wheels 16×6.5 offset 39. But I don’t know what size put 17×7 offset 38 or 17×7.5 offset 40?. what do you recommend ?

michael ohana says:

so going from a 15 to 17 inches as long as the diameter is good should be fine? I’m putting some scion alloy wheels and tires on my Camry. the scion is 17 and my camry has 15 inches

Adam15197 says:

At 13:11 That’s a set of vernier calipers not a micrometer, just to help people getting confused.

Alfredo Iannotta says:

hi mate can i ask the tires pressure on 225/40/18 please thank you

Kevin Durant 35 says:

hello I have 225 70 r14 looking to go up 1 size maybe 2 would the new tire still be good if I’m running it on a 450 hp car. I’m looking for a good looking and good grip setup

Charlie Kelly says:

What would be a good brand of wheels or a good place to look for my first aftermarket wheels for my 09 Accord Coupe? Nothing too expensive and specialty, but something good.

Charlie Kelly says:

Who else cringed when he scraped the rim on the concrete?

Gayathra Krishan says:

Very educating video.. thanks

Letter D says:

thank you for detailed info on tire and wheels cover up all useful tips and facts for beginners like me. I just bought a Ford escape. I am thinking change me 18″ OME wheels to upsize 20″ to give a aggressive look and more sense of control on my car. any brands and tire you have in mind to me? BTW forged or cast?

OQUINN83 says:

I like your videos
Which tire size do you recommend for a 19 inch wheel on my 08 Accord Coupe? Don’t want it to slim of a tire or to meaty either

bryson moffett says:

I have stretched tire on my 240 and it looks mean. And the ride hight doesn’t mess with the tire tucking in or out that is camber and you need a camber kit on your coil overs to do that.

Michael Hughes says:

Just get what you want and find the re-calibration plug for your speedometer if you’re worried about it being off due to the aftermarket wheels and tires.

Paul Wharton says:

Excellent tutorial, really quite outstanding. Many thanks.

nismoman420 says:

Diameter, not circumference. Another good point to note is wider tires provide better grip yes, but more grip = more friction. More friction = worse gas mileage. It’s all a trade off.

Edgar says:

Just get the system reprogrammed to the size of the tires and rims, after you put them on.

David Crosby says:

do you have to get new tires if you get aftermarket rims

Always Adventurous says:

Those broken wheel pics were horrifying

Shortstory123 says:

Great and informative video!    Thanks!

Brandon C says:

I’m stretching my tires! :))))))

michael jules says:

Can you give meLink good rims store

Kelvin Exum says:

What’s up. I have a Lexus gs400 and am interested in the concave wheel look. I would like to get 20s but will settle for 19s. I dont want to do any mods for fitment. I was told i had to since I want concaves all around. Can you give me some advice on a good setup.

deptuty dog says:

great vid

Jay Dee says:

I have a 2011 RT charger and it came with 20 inch stock rims. The tire size is 245/45 R20 and the gap in the tire well between the tire and fender is several inches. If I put a tire on with thicker walls will it require a new tune? I have a diablo trinity tuner.

one plat says:

can I put bigger tires on the back of my cars

mike b says:

My MX5 with 17″ wheels came without a spare. I don’t like the goo stuff, so I carry a plug kit for the common puncture type damage. I have had to make quick repairs a couple of times, and found that the smaller profile makes using the plug insertion tool more difficult as it tends to bottom out. I managed well enough with the 17″ but may not have succeeded with more narrow sidewalls. Maybe inserting at an angle?

One Man Army says:

my speedometer doesn’t work anyways

EKoncepts says:

I ordered mine off amazon and it has an option where i just select my car and it tells me if it will fit it and it does

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