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Chemical Guys – Sticky Gel Citrus Wheel & Rim Cleaner

Raccoon Wheel Brush

Why Buy This Product?
Works great for all wheels and rims
Removes brake dust, oxidation, oil, dirt and rust without brushing
Can be diluted for various cleaning needs
Dissolves grease without the risk of damaging the wheel
Spray-on, wipe off, no scrubbing necessary
Also available in gallon size

How it Works
Sticky Gel Citrus Wheel and Rim Cleaner Gel is the most efficient and safest citrus-based wheel and rim cleaner that sticks to rims without dripping. Sticky Gel Citrus Wheel and Rim Cleaner Gel is ideal for cleaning all wheels and rims. The unique gel formula clings to wheels so the cleaner doesn’t just run down the wheel quickly. The increased time in contact with the wheel allows the Sticky Gel to continuously break down road grime, brake dust, oxidation, oil dirt and more. The unique formula contains non hydrofluoric acid that makes painted wheels shine like new. The heavily concentrated formula can be diluted 5:1, which means one bottle will be enough for 1 liter of wheel cleaner or Sticky Gel can be diluted to fit desired needs. Use a heavier concentration for heavy deposits, the choice is yours. Once the formula works into the surface and begins the breakdown process, Sticky Gel can be simply rinsed away along with the loosened contaminants. For more stubborn stains re-spray the area and agitate with a soft cloth, brush or sponge. The pH neutral formula was specifically developed to work safely and effectively on virtually every wheel finish so you can use it with confidence, even on high end after market wheels. You can use it full strength for maximum cleaning power, but we recommend diluting it down to a 5:1 ratio of water to cleaner.


jameslee522 says:

why does it look like he has lipstick on?

Hira9612 says:

does this gel remove Tar also??

Angel C says:

Looks like jizzed on the wheels.

dwoodog says:

Also IMO there is no such thing as to much suds

nezerac says:

By articulation AT THAT! Aside my argument is still valid. I just don’t want to ague with someone who has the ability to construct such a beautiful arrangement of words. 😀

916Abearoh -Justin says:

You need to do something about hubcap cleaning or something

Viswanath Unnikrishnan says:

Loved your Onitsuka Tigers !! Nice shade man..

ErkV22 says:

What’s a good product you guys sell for chrome wheels? I have diablo wheel gel n grime reaper.

TheChamoisKing says:

Better living through chemistry 🙂

Jacob Marquis says:

i have a e39 with the same wheels and i love the way they look but cleaning does suck. think ill get one of these brushes though, looks like it helps a lot!

Tat2Dragons says:

Good Stuff! Greg always rockin the fresh kicks. Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81’s FTW! 🙂

Famer A. says:

what do u mean 4 to 1?

8 8 says:

What pressure washer is that

Antonio Rodriguez says:

cant really tell the rim is dirty but it was alot pay attention!!


looks a good product

OutHere91 says:

Get covered in foam lol

CHeWy says:

They all serve a different purpose, some of them are for built up brake dust. Some and heavier cleaners. Then stuff like the signature or diablo, is more gentle. Depending on how bad your wheels get….

Dave Johnson says:

Darn, someone needs curb finders!!

schwartz wolfe says:

Great vid

Ruben Cervantes says:

Which wheel cleaner do you recommend for chrome wheels…

dwoodog says:

hahahah best response ever!!!

General HowTo says:

Plus this product will remove the wax on the wheel.

alexzelayaaz says:

bbs style 42

Chemical Guys says:

Cause We Are Awesome.


Ed W says:

When will the raccoon be available to buy?

dwoodog says:

Agreed, no excuse for not having a pressure washer these days, you can get a little electric POS for around $100 or less.

Adnan Hussain says:

Just. Mjjjjj

Dave Johnson says:

Darn, someone needs curb finders!!

Валерьян Богатырев says:

Тебя надо оштрафовать за загрязнение улицы!

Chemical Guys says:

I use the bucket of soap to clean my brushes. After a while the brushes become dirty with brake dust. The Soap bucket helps keep the bushes clean as i detail the wheels.


nezerac says:

The product seems like it may be worth while but you guys added too many variables into the equation. Take this video down, do another with just half a wheel, the racoon brush, the product itself and a regular garden hose. I gurantee if the results are worth while you’ll see a jump in sales. I’m gonna be launching a product comparison channel pretty soon here so you guys MAY wanna jump on that gravy train. I compare bargain brands against the big guys usually. I know products. Try what I said.

Chemical Guys says:

There are many different ways to use a product. This product is designed for professional use and 99% of professionals use a pressure washer. We added variables into the equation because detailing is a form of art, and the products are like a painters colors. You dont tell a painter how to use the colors because there is an infinite amount of ways to create a painting. Detailing is the same way…. There is an infinite way to clean wheels, and this is just one way to do the job.


Justin M says:

What do you love about it?

Alex Hunter says: are spraying on a clean rim. where is the dirty rims to show us how it really work.

freshhkid24 says:

How does the duck sprayer work with the Diablo Gel?

Jay Money says:

i don’t understand why you could use such coarse brush on a wheel. The rims are clear coated just like the car body. Would you brush your car with that brush? If no, why on the rim?

Dashcam Dumbasses says:

Yeah the term “pwnd” is the pinnacle of the english language.

nezerac says:

That was so beautiful constructed and articulated that I have absolutely NO argument for you….well done sir!!! ^.^

Indian Pot says:

I used Mr Muscle oven cleaner on my wheels today and they did get very clean.

General HowTo says:

As a car wash owner and a detailer for 20 years this isn’t necessary.. And you said I’m really not using much product. As 1/4 the bottle is gone after one rim! Next time try it on a really dirty rim. I love chemical guys. I actually have a whole self at the car wash. But I’m disappointed in this video. I could have achieved the same results with a cap full of maxi suds and a microfiber towel. Cheaper too

stilltipping3 says:

u used 14 of the bottle on one rim and tire???

Adnan Hussain says:

Just. Mjjjjj

jason dixon says:

Is that safe for all type of rims

Van S. says:

Holy foam Batman! Goodness, that stuff foams up like crazy!

roshan517 says:

why do you guys have like 6 different wheel cleaners?

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