Ceramic Coating your Car and Wheels – Watch This Before You Buy It!

Looking to get your car or wheels ceramic coated? Check out this video and join the conversation and see how it works on my wheels and learn a bit about ceramic coatings.

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Gepettoxxx says:

You did a good choice with that beauty white Camaro.. Beautiful neighborhood and very good advice! Thanks

Cristian Seminario says:

What ceramic coating did u recommend.. there’s a lot of different one I’m not so sure which one to use.. ??

mrBDeye says:

It’s a silicone oxide coating and not even ceramic.

Theodore Marakas says:

No experience on ceramics but one thing for sure….I use Chemical guys car soap with wax and the water doesn’t even want to stay on the car. Yes, my car is always garaged and never seen harsh weather therefore the last wax job on it 3 years ago is still fine. Spending $2k on a ceramic coating is a lot of money and unless you’re driving a very expensive car may not be needed.
HOWEVER, If I ever saw a car driven daily and treated with ceramic coating…..it maybe enough to change my mind.


I like the ceramic coat on the wheels, as far as the paint I’m not sold on it because the paint already has clear coat. It’s just a sales gimmick and nothing more. A rock will still chip paint even with ceramic coating it doesn’t make the car bullet proof.

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

i will do the ceramic coat eventually once i get through a full bottle of opti-seal and collinite 845. that will be a few years from now…

Dope Detailing says:

Funny how water sounds like Elmo……. Lol…. Great video!!!

Soran Is On says:

film stops paint chips, that precisely what its for. not sure what you’re on about.

Gunadi Clarity says:

Moment of truth… agree with you… nice car btw

GrimReaper4383 says:

I’m gonna have to look into this for my 2017 RS 2lt.

texasballer says:

Would it make sense to ceramic coat (for the shine) and then apply a SunTek wrap?

fullservice98 says:

Just priced out Ceramic Pro Silver package before watching your video, and now I think doing a complete ceramic coat including wheels and windows might be the way to go. Now I just have to decide if I should clear wrap the front end before the ceramic coat. Thoughts?

Thomas Krown says:

What kind of splitter is that on the bottom??? Thank you!

kayak2650 says:

I can’t see spending 1000+ to have it applied.  My car is new and has the light scratches probably from the dealer washing it.   I was going to have a pro polish it and I want to do my own ceramic coating.  Is there a better brand that I can buy on Autogeek or online?   Do the pro’s get a better quality, or is that just hype?

Samuel Song says:

Paint does not have to be perfect for ceramic coat to stick, get your facts straight

keith hilton says:

You talk a load of sense, and are one of the only ones to explain it properly. I have herd dealers supposedly doing this, and the cars are very patchy to say the least.

eag 8999 says:

What tire dressing do you you use?

Max el kacemi says:

How about paint protection film?

Audun Jemtland says:

Is there a way to fill in scratches instead of “shaving” off clear coat?
Does polish compound leave a layer on top of the clear or grind down the clear?

Karl Boyer says:

Beautiful Car!

Chris Alexander says:

Can you put ceramic coat on if you have a ‘clear adhesive bra’ like 3M?

All Global Exports / Drexler Ceramic says:

Anybody ever tried Drexler Ceramic coating solutions?

Adolfo W Velez says:

Do you know or can you recommend anyone who can ceramic coat my wheels in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Tamith says:

When you put ceramic coating on a rolling dumpster.

Surya Laller says:

What are the rims you got on your car?

jason21jburg says:

Actually xpel self healing wrap repairs scratches to the wrap. With heat applied.

mustangcircut says:

Great video. I think I’ll stick with the clay bar, polishing and waxing. Btw nice car

Chase Schandelmeier says:

So, my question is, how often do you have to redo this? What upkeep is needed when washing the car to make it last the longest length of time possible? Whats the life of it?

Martin Tokinaga says:

For the wheels, does the water bead off because of the coating or because there are dirt on it ? For wheels cleaning, you may have to use more abrasive cleaner, I am worrying that these more abrasive chemical may scratch up the ceramic coating.


What’s up with the hat on backwards 24/7? No hair bro? Lol

Moe Chi says:

Any good place to do it in Illinois ?

Ross Lesser says:

Yes there is something that will stop scratches and rock chips. Cquartz has a product called immortal. Check it out on YouTube, it’s a self healing paint. If you key the car it will melt in and heal itself

Mikahl757 says:

What camera did you use to film this?

Tony Nitro says:

On a wheel with a polished lip, would it protect it enough so the shine will last longer?

melvin arias says:

does it really have to be a expensive car? i mean how about a new car.

United Kingdom says:

Hi folks does anyone know if you can apply ceramic coat directly on to polished aluminium? I am thinking of applying ceramic coat to a ball polished car aluminium wheel – instead of getting in lacquered because lacquer ruins the finish IMO. Has anyone tried this? Cheers

AndroLoi says:

I saw lots of good reviews about this ceramic coating https://sites.google.com/site/NanoCoating101 and it’s quite cheap

Jose A. Mustelier says:


Musicizmyremedy says:

Would you say sealants are the way to go? I’m about to get mine $215 total on Friday. Was thinking ceramic coat but wayyyy to expensive

Pawan Pai says:

i thought after ceramic coating your car you woudnt have to wash it ever…

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