Ceramic Coating New Wheels | GYEON Q2 RIM

GYEON Rim Wheel Coating: https://amzn.to/2m4OIw2
Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2LJffNV
Without a doubt, it will be tough to keep white wheels clean. But applying a quality wheel coating before they even touch the road should help resist dirt and brake dust, making them easier to clean and maintain in the future. Unlike typical wheel “cleaners” that you find at the auto part store, GYEON Rim is a ceramic coating that adds a layer of protection to your wheel paint.

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Cosmis XT-206R
Gloss White
17×8 +30

Continental ExtremeContact Sport



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123456bmx says:

Some tire shine and more low then she shall be good to go!

Edward Chou says:

Looking good! Do you like these new tires? Are they louder than DWS06s?

Ivaylo Todorov says:

WRC style. Love it! I never get the black wheels in general. White or light stands out so much more.

TheOnly2Na says:

Any ideas of ceramic coating your entire car? I’ve seen you do videos on waxing and washing, I’m on the fence of having my car ceramic coated.

JAMAEL89 says:

Nice just job and r view. But not a BMW. 🙁

Washik says:

Only 7 min come on make it longer

Matias R says:

Lowering the car a little bit would make it look just that much better? Maybe just lowering springs?

William Collins says:

Looks amazing! Great job Justin!

Milos Balunovic says:

your tire fitter could have rotated the tire on the rim to lower the necessary amount of the balancing weights. that’s way to much for a new set.

Skrapp 2300 says:

Hey Im new to tha bmw just got my first 2003 325i need some tips and help on what i should do for mods and how to make run better. Thsnks eveyone

Hongor Bataa says:

You need to lower it dude

Gerardo Hernandez says:

Hi, im about to buy a 2014 320i with 96,000 km (59651 miles). I’ve done my research and found the 4 cylinder engine can have a bad timing chain but if it did it would have failed before 50.000 miles, also test drove the car and heard no weird noises and everything seems to be working properly (will double check with mechanic), you guys think i should risk it with the timing chain? its supposed to be replaced at 100,000 miles anyways but wanna save some unnecesary expenses in the meantime.

It's A Diaz Thing says:

Love how it looks. Are you planning on lowering the car?

Victor Gonzalez says:

Massive difference in the overall look of the car. Some nice tints and it would really pop.

nWo_1985 Jake says:

Keep making dope videos

crazythedon says:

Looks good brotha!

Jérôme jéjé says:

i prefere the old wheels

Mitchell Long says:

Kinda reminds me of when Lightning McQueen lets Ramone give him a new paint job. Looks good man!

Jim Fisher says:

LED taillights next!!

Rookie To Pro says:

Just love how it looks bro ! FRS Crew

Justin Buice says:

My viewers can get 5% off Cosmis Wheels. Use my code “JUSTINBUICE” at the checkout 🙂

George Dömse says:

For me this was a downdgrade. White wheels are really cheap looking (all of them).

killacam2644 says:

Man should’ve gotten 18’s.

zorvix yt says:

Bro your channel is on fire keep up the good work.

EPTV says:

Did they swap over the TPMS sensors from the stock wheels to the new ones? Or how did that work out? Thanks

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