Cast vs. Forged Wheels (Comparing EXACT Sizes)

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I have 2 different sets of wheels. They both are the same 5×114.3 bolt pattern. They are both made from aluminum. They both are 18” in diameter. They both are 8.5” wide. They both are BBK friendly. They both have the IDENTICAL size tires. Yet, they are very different. It isn’t much you can say by just looking at them which would be heavier, but when we put them on a scale, it says it all.

Cast wheels are formed using a mold to achieve shape and form. Molten metal is poured into the mold. As the metal cools, it hardens into the shape of the wheel. Forged wheels are superior to cast, as performance and strength are critical requirements, where pricing isn’t. Forged wheels are formed from a large chunk of raw aluminum, where it is it machined, CNC’d, and/or milled to the desired design.

The VMR V701 came in a 43.5 pounds, where the Nismo LMGT4 came in at an ASTONISHING 36.5 pounds. That’s a ridiculous 7 pounds difference from something that looks to be the same size. Clearly, their masses are different. Its not that the VMR’s are super heavy. Just for reference, the stock 16” wheels with 205/55 tires, weight 43 pounds. So considering the VMR wheel setup is 2 inches larger in diameter, 2 inches wider in width, and has a 20mm larger contact patch, it is quite an upgrade. With that being said, the LMGT4’s are that much more of an upgrade.

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If you’re interested in how they’re made, do a simple search on YouTube, where you will be able to see not only how cast wheels are made ( , but also the process on how Forged wheels are made (

If you’re in the market for some nice high quality wheels, some great companies that I would look at if money isn’t quite in mind, are the following: Rays, Enkei, BBS, Work, Volk, RS Watanabe. Most aftermarket wheels can be quite expensive, however if you’re looking for a very high quality wheel that is closer to the cheap side, do what I did with my Honda, and pick up a set of OEM forged wheels. For instance, Infiniti offered 19” forged wheels on their G35, and they can be picked up for not alot of money. Some other OEM forged alternatives are Nissan 350z Rays wheels, Nissan 370z Rays wheels, Nissan Altima SER Rays wheels, Subaru BBS wheels, Audi BBS wheels, just to name a few. You will be able to pick them up for a fraction of what forged aftermarket wheels go for, yet you’re getting the same performance and strength.

If you’re looking for forged aftermarket wheels, the sky is the limit, as many companies offer forged wheels nowadays.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at Thanks for watching!! 🙂


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David Nam says:

There is a weight difference between a high pressure casting and a low pressure casting. Even BBS spin casting. So you can’t just say a cast wheel will be heavy.

Stephen Tan says:

You need to do some research into the the wheel forging process. You are describing billet wheel manufacturing.

CrispCarGuru says:

which are better low pressure cast or gravity fed/flow formed wheels?

WolfoxBenny says:

You should deep the rim in water and see if they both take the same volume

MiguelOpina says:

Nice vid and car

Pablo Ruiz says:

totally inacurate unless the wheels are the same design, but different manufacturing process.

Shahaan Saleem says:

Who runs all season tires! Get summer tires and for winter you get winter tires

Scott-Michael says:

Apple’s to Apple’s would be a better comparison. This is some orange to elephant type shit. A few similarities doesn’t mean they’re the same. Not hating just saying. Figured I’d learn something here but no different from the last.

Madeline Blanchard says:

Please do more research and learn what the 4 types of wheel construction are ie cast, spun/partially spun, billet, and forged. Particularly spun, billet and forged are very similar if they are multi piece. Billet are for low production numbers. Forged are for high production number light weight wheels where money isn’t an object

Transgendered Muhammad says:

Forging is done with heat and stamping. You are describing a billet wheel.

Up In This Bitch says:

This video is pretty bad how are you going to compare 2 diffrent wheels, the first one has more spokes than the second wheel which means it has more material and thats why its heavier

bocajuniors55 says:

Great video. Also keep in mind run-flat tires also add a Lot of weight to a wheel/tire setup

Jim Brown says:

Next time weigh stock verses aftermarket wheels.

John Crusader says:

Dude… tyres don’t have the same weight even they will have the same dimensions. Different brands use different components. A rubber is not just black rubber. It contains all sorts of inlays including metal meshes and wires and that makes them heavy. Even the same dimensions from the same brand can vary a lot. For example if you take Dunlop Sport Maxx and any other Dunlop tyre with the same dimension you won’t get the same weight.


Different brand of tires,
Should anyone follow your advice?

Jeff Eppenger says:

One bad thing about forged rims is they crack. If you hit a pot hole they tend not to bend, but rather crack. Then you try to call the company you bought the rims from and they won’t cover hitting pot holes under their “life time” warranty. Yes they are lighter but for DD duty the risk isn’t worth the reward IMO.

MH motorVlogs says:

The word “gain” means adding to or more. By going with lighter wheels, your dropping weight, and improving handling performance, not gaining.

Van Van says:

You are comparing apples and oranges. Not the same wheels so not the same weight

Jav ismail says:

I get what your trying to explain
As I have always thought … buy getting bigger alloys on your car would potentially ad more weight?

Any way I don’t think your comparison can be accurate, I understand the 2 different types of alloys WILL have different weight,

But just by looking at the 2 diffrent alloy wheels you got I would say the silver/grey allow would be weighing more in weight as there is a lot more metal to that wheel,

The black alloy wheel has much bigger gaps between each spoke so in theory it’s made up with less metal ??

For a truly weight comparison between 2 different type of alloys – you really need to have 2 alloys that are more or less identical in design so in theory they should both have been manufactured with more or less the same amount of metal.
Only then you can truly compare and say the forged alloy weighs almost 10 pounds less or what ever you said.

The forged alloy in your video may weigh less because it is made with less metal due to much bigger gaps between each spoke compared the other alloy
If that makes sense

Ashutosh Pandey says:

To me, it doesn’t look nicer. Subjective I guess.

Mike A says:

I’m rolling on some semi-forged wheels that are 18×7.5 +45 @ 18 lbs. My stock wheels were cast 18×7.5 +47 @ 29 lbs!! Made a huge difference in how my Si drove. They were $900 for all 4 wheels. For comparisons sake, fully forged Volk wheels at this size were 16 lbs for $3,000. I wasn’t trying to save an extra 2 lbs for $2,100. Basically, semi-forged wheels are a much better bargain.

manifest 73 says:

Love physics

Billy Bob says:

This is an incorrect description of a forged wheel, which does everyone a disservice nd does not actually explain why the forged wheel is better.

Steve B says:


Oscar Burke says:

wow..get an education on specs…comparing apples and oranges here since the only fair way to do this comparison is use two exact same designed wheels. Dude everyone is not stupid.

J. Shepherd says:

cheap mongrel heathen made wheels from china

Justin Time says:

Milan,you’re morphing into an Indian dude. Lol
That’s a clean ass S14 Kouki

Art Copeland says:

Your credibility headed south for me when your definition of “forged” was actually a milled/machined billet. You went totally south when you weighed two different style wheels. I don’t know how you could possibly call what you did a “comparison”.

defilor says:

Don’t hold the pressure washer so damn close to the tire sidewall, it’s the softest spot of the tire and you can fatally damage your tire by doing so!

Tom Sparks says:

You are confused. There are cast, forged, and “billet” or machined. Cast is more or less as you describe. Machined is what you are calling forged. Forged is taking a piece of metal, heating it up, and pressing it into a die in one way or another. Rotary forming is similar to forging in that it gets heated, but it is turned while a forming roller shapes the wheel sometimes against a die.

Breanne Smith says:

whats your dad do for a living.

R Dixon says:

forged means the wheels are a cheap copy, Rolex watches are often forged and they are also much lighter than the real thing.

ahlapski says:

Man, what you descried is a MACHINED process not a FORGED one. Get your facts right before making a fool of yourself !

yangthefam916 says:

I fuckin hate black wheels?

KJV says:

good job man very informative video . you earned a subscriber . !

KJV says:

nice 240sx bro .

Jeff Sloane says:

Not a description of a forged wheel at all.

John Lacambra says:

We gotta fast and furious guy over here.

Curly VersaceChoppa says:

This is dumb

Arwina J says:

love it, thanks!!

dibshadibs says:

Next step, any other tire than a kumho?

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