Bicycle Wheel On Car

Shows how a bicycle wheel can be built strong enough to support a car. Bill Mould partnered with Bryan Higgins, a high school senior, to build and install a bicycle wheel on a car, put the full weight of the car on the wheel, and then drive the car.


James Cooper says:

can I have a free set of 20in wheels

Andrew Wall says:

Drift spares

manikandan mani says:

can use 4 bicycle wheels with a motorbike engine to make a mini car

abeng huu!!! says:

drag guy be like.

MGOD92 says:

Stance life

Muhammad Fiqi Fiqi Priyambudi says:

goblok rujine mrotoli kui engko goblok ti rabok subur

the GOOPER says:

so many people think that you actually intend to use this as a replacement wheel

dave20thmay says:

Would it not have been better to use the Tensionmeter on the upper spokes as they are the ones doing the supporting.

nick tha don says:

But wut happens when you turn a corner flip flop car drops

texmextu2 says:

Do burn out!

TheFuronda says:

He starts driving at 6:53

blazortheepic03 says:

i think ill change my tank tracks

NotN8 says:

Now you’re ready for burnouts & drifting

Cihan Ugur says:

Bridgestone and michelin better watch out….. we got a new contender!!! how does the tire handle in the snow and rain?



dave bentley says:

why ?

Seventy Seven says:

Try 4 tires

Kisel kis says:

so you wanna be a playa,
but your wheels ain’t fly…

Sharimiki says:

It’s an engineering defect. Bring the car to a dealership for a safety inspection and you will see what happens.

_ItssAdrian_ says:

Nice video

evan leo says:

gas mileage will improve so much on these tires

Justin Bailey says:

Your fucking tripping

MrDippledork says:

Shoulda done a burnout with the bike wheel lol

Husky Bruv says:

Pimp my ride

Sunny Sitole says:

bear car

Rafael Santana says:

we put bicycle wheels on our 10 second dragsters! 🙂

Terrell Spivey says:

That bicycle rim looks way better than the standard rim lol

marc DelBorrello says:

Looks cool but that is all. That is dumb,dangerous and 200 steps backwards. Fix some spokes to a real car rim to get the look or scrap the idea all together.

talkingalwayz says:

are you any good at fabrication? if so, can you do a tutorial on transforming a bike into a dog sulky? there is absolutely NONE on youtube and dog sulkying is becoming quite popular. if you had a DIY on how to make one cheap, i bet youd get massive views!!!! please consider this!

Graham O says:

Well done to both of you. Very strong wheel and neat adapter. Although you gave me a scare when you placed your hand on the tyre at the 5:00 minute mark. If the jack failed at that moment …..

Brett Dull says:

I don’t get it….

Dennis Gosik says:

Pointless video

Yellow Carrots says:

Otherwise known as a pointless ricer modification


i just think cars will look cool with bike tires

infa green says:

Shit looks kinda ill


Sweet jack

lazerduck says:

Burnout please!

Jose Garcia says:


infa green says:

Shit would look crazy with the old GT mags.

Sam Brooks says:

strong tire

My Lord And savior says:

weight reduction!

Lina De Vos says:

crash new monitor fence ownership circuit win identify former.

Lipripper Bassfisher says:

Do a burnout!!

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