Best wheel cleaner EVER!!!!

Awhile ago I bought the AMMO NYC wheel cleaner and didn’t use it until after early hunting season was over! This stuff is AMAZING!!!


Tim Wetter says:

For chrome, water and super fine steel wool…and no it doesn’t scratch the surface.

Staci Smith says:

the stool though….hah ha what happened to taking a knee boy!

Aco Popic says:

broke my tires

Kman says:

Nothing some Dawn wouldn’t take right off for probably one TENTH the price!

Karl Sentak says:

5 finger death punch

Finn Custom Knives says:

“so there is a spray setting”
I feel your pain sir.

Muddyh2o says:

I love Larry’s products

Katia Medeiros says:

The girl semes so sad

tom martin says:

What is the product called

JayDeavor says:

I love these rims… what are the name and where did you get them?

Michael Harden says:

What the hell you listening to sounds like shit

truth islost says:

use slick wash…I use it on everything from my rzr to my vehicles it works awesome

Michael Harden says:

What the hell you listening to sounds like cookie monster

lukewebb96 says:

shit will peel your chrome off

MegaTaurus777 says:

the rims had only a light dusting on them…..just pissin on them would make them cleaner!

MaxiiBoii says:

Damn, all these people expected a pitch-black stained wheel… This is what half a month of brake dust on your wheels look like.

Eliz Flores says:

I love. Videos with couples working together….awesome guys!!!!!

Bmo SWFL says:

would have achieved the same results just using soap with all the scrubbing you did….


Where did you buy that stuff?

David Selling says:

What size lift and tires are on that truck

Paul Fullerton says:

Just use soup and water

Michael lrg says:

and after i use the steel pad and the brush and the pressure washer and the sxrub pad and the brum from my house and the high speed buffer with a scuff pad and spend 8 hours yes that bottle is the best wheel cleaner ever there is not other product can make that easy proces ans look

glem chally says:

Yeah thats the way bud, mixing great products with a bit of elbow grease. No wonder it turned out lovely. Nice work man!

Ronald DeLong says:

use a higher quality break pad to keep from getting so much break dust as well hot soap n water..

Bruce Burns says:

Good job , to finish off blow it down with compressed air , then perfectly dry , want to clean your engine to perfection , brush down with kerosene and large paint brush , hose down , then blow off with compressed air , a car even 10 years old will still look brand new if this is done annually as it cleans every millimeter of gunk around every nook and cranny .

1keykneedeep says:

All the scrubbing you did- why buy the cleaner

Staci Smith says:

sceamcore in background.nice

CIA Assassin says:

Where did you get this? I’ve seen simular products that do exactly the same thing the red is iron removal from break dust that’s what destroys wheels normal cleaning doesn’t remove it entirely.

Ismael Carrillo says:

Not much of a challenge on new wheels. might as well use shampoo

J Norton says:

Total straight male video, truck, music. Testosterone everywhere. I like it.

Miguel Martinez says:

you can aslo use baking soda if you’re on a budget it actually cleans the rims really good

yougotservedyo says:

royal brown, iron x, bdx look like better products than this that really don’t need all that scrubbing

Mike Johnson says:

Listen to the background music this jerkoff listens to. Must be a redneck of some sort.

Robert Forrest says:

what about that nastyass bumper

reaper p says:

sorry to say but with all that soap and scrubbing u don’t need that spray just save ur $ don’t you think so.

Slim Shady says:

Your rims were not that dirty. Look almost brand new – so not that impressed with the results – but glad you keep your truck nice and clean….

Blum Kin says:

use spoke

paul espinosa says:

tht plum stuff ? didn’t prove anything still scrubbing and using soap if it was the best rim cleaner it should of been spray let set and rinse clean with out scrubbing then he cleans the tire half ass get the f*#! out of here dish soap would of done tht…

luvplayboy69 says:

damn that’s a lot of water for just one rim

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