Best Way to Restore Rims & Winter Prep

The Best Way to Restore Rims and Winter Prep is a step by step video that explains how to properly (obsessively) clean your wheels safely. This is a perfect routine to prepare for winter or for a concours. Hope it’s helpful.

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Clint Shultz says:

your comment about the lug nuts going back in the right place is so true. at least i feel the same way

Wdiddy D says:

OCD at its highest, man this is like 6 hours labor.

Klutt Klett says:

Can I use degreaser apply to rim? It will not affect to rim color @ paint?

HowTRIK says:

No such thing as crazy when caring for a 964

Grimm_Titan says:

Your videos just make me want to detail my car sooo bad! my car is no where near as nice as your Porsche but i still love it!


I just stumbled onto this video, been subscribed for awhile though, not sure how I missed it. But I have the carpet type fender liners in my Mazdaspeed 6. I always pull the wheels off before winter and spray the fender liners with a can of never wet. Water and snow just roll right off. Not sure if it’s the best, or even right, but it works well.

Joao Serrote says:

i follow you pn youtube a few time ago and dude…your tips help me a lot on my car.

tell me one thing.
i have one polish machine only one low speed(30cm pad),can i have the same results than one with 4/5 speeds?

Quenga says:

You should get a cement mixing pan! That’s what I do, but for Arizona Summer detailing!!. Winter detailing out here is no problem, lol.

travis dunn says:

Good to see that Larry knows he’s a nutter. The best kind of nutter tho.

Luc LeBlanc says:

so does this guy work on the engine or does he just clean.

Matt Shott says:

hey man great video, I was wondering if those rims are powder coated? if now how would I go about cleaning those in the same way?

boum6249 says:

I’m starting a little detailing business and i have been using the tips you give, the vehicles turn out beautiful every time. Thank you.

sta8ise says:

Wait, wait, the clay bar is dirty know, we must clean iiiiiiiit !!!!
Hahahaha, just teasing man, great job!

Scottys says:

These videos help my anxiety

Eddie says:

ocd like Me 😀

Momo Tillo says:

16:23 Are you fucking kidding me?


I am positive that it looks better than new (OUTSTANDING)

its_dnaugle says:

Shout out to you for running no preload on those coils lol

NightcoreSM says:

what is this giant knob thing on the inside of the wheels?

Mike AV says:

I think the polishing microfiber pad and the compound D300 is from Meguiar’s Brand.

George Payazitis says:

it’s ok to get a little bit of dirt on there it’s normall but if it’s more than usuall then it’s ok to clean it the quality of break bads are not that good.

Josh Collins says:

3m Scotchguard for the carpet wheel wells???

Dem0nz890 says:

Uncle Larry!!!! I love you

Michael Montgomery says:

90 and humid come to Memphis, TN

Hao Quoc says:

Fantastic works! Thank you Larry!

Triple259772 says:

Damn son 90 degrees is heaven to you? That’s the temperature of hell, it got to 80 today, I swear I was gonna die.

Carlos Hernandez says:

Obsessive behavior for sure!!!!!

Jeremy flynn says:

2:47, 10 Lugs??

NineNine3 says:

Love your videos! Awesome job and the best in Detailing Vids out there! I am also OCD and Detailer you do a fantastic job! -Greg

Jordan MacBean says:

Where do I find the quick jack system? Would be perfect for my garage

HackHansMudda says:

why didn’t he remove the left over “glue” from the old balancing weights?
it makes no sence to me. He’s cleaning the fucking inside and polish it/wax it but leaves this shit inside? sorry for my bad englisch 😀

ChazHarding says:

Larry – why not invest in an ultrasonic cleaner?

It’s perfect for stuff like wheel nuts, centre caps, non electronic car keys (some of them are REALLY grimey – and stuff like this customers LOVE).

LukeSpagnola19 says:

Where do you buy the clay bars? And what brand do you prefer to buy?

Chris Oliver says:

Anyone else notice the bug crawling up the wall at 8:00 to 8:33?

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