Best Car Wheel Rim Tyre Cleaning & Decontaminating Products & Techniques Reviewed

A comparison of various car wheel and tyre cleaning products and techniques looking at all purpose cleaners APC, degreasers and iron and tar removal chemicals and products.


i4Ni C says:

Adams wheel cleaner is also great for wheels and when diluted down can be used just like IronX or Ferrex to remove fallout. When you buy the gallon size it can be much cheaper then IronX. I’ll have to give the Ferrex a try, I just emailed the company to ask how safe the Ferrex is around trim. Adams older red/pink car soap was also nice but their new blue soap I don’t like as much so I ordered some Meguiars Hyper wash because I heard it’s very good for the money(just find your own dilution ratio because thiers is a little exxaggerated).

Polis Samsonidis says:

great job,well done!!!

shameer kammadam says:

the lengthiest review u hv done so far. very nice . keep going.

michael miranda says:


The Rock says:

Have u tried ammo wheel soap? What do you think of it..??

Nick M says:

Your reviews are second to none! Very well done, mate.

AL/Eli says:

What company has the strongest degreaser and worth thee money ? 3D, Maguires, Chemical guys, and other.

Paul P says:

Have you tried Simple Green APC ? It’s only $9.95 for 1 litre of concentrate from Bunnings. I think it’s as good as Meguiars APC and a lil cheaper too 🙂

Ken Lawton says:

Gday Sandro, I use Bowdens Own Wheely Clean, and although it’s an off the shelf super cheap auto and autobarn product I assure you its the real deal. Spray on, turns purple, high pressure washer off and boom 95% of brake dust etc is gone from your rims. love it!

Mad Wax says:

Excellent review! I’ve been using 3D orange degreaser mostly for interiors and fabric for awhile now with good results. Would you recommend HD Total over it? Your right, Megs Wheel Brightner is a tough one to beat for clear coated wheels.

Tomato Industries Detailing says:

Great video mate. I just use MWB on wheels and be done with it. It’s cross label use is also impressive. Great for removing light water spots on paint and that brown stains that accumulate around badges and body trim. Just don’t get on glass as it is glass unfriendly. I think mild acids etch glass. MSD on tyres/wheel arches and Iron X for decontamination. As one of the advertisments said when I was growing up ” When your on a good thing…Stick to it “

Ceyhan ER says:

have watched all of your reviews and i can say you should have the cleanest, shiner sealed left hand in the world =)

Sherukka says:

I’ve found that Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel is most effective and is not expensive.

michael miranda says:

love your vids man keep it up even tho some of your products aint in the us i still like watching your vids very informative

Zach B says:

Thanks for the awesome in depth video. The Concours decon/clay lube sounds like an awesome combo!

eag 8999 says:

Awesome videos! Thanks for the effort you put into these; you motivate me to want to make some similar videos. But I must say I cringe every time I see you spray some of those iron remover and harsher chemicals on your hands. That stuff is NASTY especially the ironx stuff. I’m sure it isn’t the first time it has been on your hand or that it is the first time you’ve breathed it in, but still. Haha just my thoughts.

Jorge N says:

Have your tried nonsense from chemical guys?

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