Are Wheel Spacers Safe?

**If you run wheel spacers be sure that they are properly installed and are correct for your application. Check with your local government about the legality of using wheel spacers on your vehicle as well.**

I got a lot of flack over putting wheel spacers on my #FairmontProject. I understand your concerns, but I did my research and the wheel spacers I’m running will be perfectly fine in my application.

Here’s the information from Maximum Motorsports on wheel spacers.

Here are the wheel spacers I’m using. Remember they have been modified to be hub centric.

My Wheel Spacers:

Long Studs:

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Slim Stickly says:

They are safe, within reason. 1/4″ not a problem. 1″ nope for me…undue angle on the the wheel bearing. Not terrible, but, will prematurely wear out that wheel bearing race. Imho

kevin122759 says:

I hope you put an LS motor in that.

Wright Thinker says:

I would think those mass produced Queen Vic cop wheels should be pretty strong. Maybe not the ultimate wheels for what you are looking at, but I’m sure they took into consideration the cop engine, cop suspension and potential for high speed pursuit when they designed them. Worked OK for the Blues Bros. 😉

Joshua Felty says:

Great video. I did not know the steal wheel were week like that. Gives me another reason to get better rims.

Jack of Blades says:

I have a Gbody with Fbody wheels because i wanted 15 inch wheels so I could have thick Cooper Cobra GTs and fbodys are different from gbodys because of rim offset and the difference in axle and body width. So I have really thick spacers on the gbody but they are hub centric and have heavy duty elongated studs to basically just reverse the offset change so my wheels are straight in line with the body. Actually what happens If you put fbody wheels on a Gbody without doing this and use as wide of a tire as I do is that the inside of the tire will rub on the frame and wreck the tires which costs lots of money and that is why I ended up having to use spacers.

Robert Olsen says:

Would I have problems with 2″ spacers on front wheels of a 550 ford super duty 4×4 ?

harry_nads__ says:

has anyone taken apart a ford f250. f350 4×4. the front hubs have like a massive 4inch wheel spacer that bolts to the rotor and the wheel bolts on to it.. for real .. research it

Yu Studios says:

Why is the wheel making that grinding sound when you spin it? My car does the same thing. Is it the drum brake or rotor?

Mountainhippie68 says:

I have 1/2 spacers on the front of my car, I too made the wheel studs longer. I have the car up to 130 mph and wheel issues at all..

inf mda says:

Did the engineerings say how the spacers will change the scrub radius and if it would make a difference?

James Bonanno says:

Nicely done video and right on point.

Anto says:

longer studs and Good Game!

the new fish guy says:

Been running 1.5in spacers on my 95 mustang for over a year and I beat the shit out of it never had a problem with them

Woka Floka says:

and I run 120mm on my 114.3 and them studs be bent like a motherfuka and I’ve got like 200k miles on dem biotches shakes like a cock

Briggs Guy says:

There is a flaw in your argument using the logic of “If properly installed”

Your argument is that if spacers are illegal in certain places because they can’t guarantee if they are “properly installed” then what guarantee is there that wheels are properly installed?

Should we ban wheels from being installed because if they are not properly installed they would be dangerous? Oh wait, that would render vehicles useless…

Why don’t they teach how to “properly” install spacers in automotive school?

Thomas Nielsen says:

Illegal for public roads in my country – most likely others as well. That said illegal doesn’t mean a guaranteed catastrophe…

Woka Floka says:

fuck yea they are I’ve got 12 inch spacers on my 13 in wires on my 2013ctsv them bitches stick out like a motherfuka yes sir bioooootch

Thomas Segiel says:

Lol eric, the new generation operates this way .When something goes wrong they blame everything under the sun except for any accountability for themselves. This goes with everything nowadays up to and including wheel spacers. Don’t let this crap get the best of you, I can tell you’re pretty pissed off. Unfortunately Common Sense isn’t common anymore. I personally have been running properly installed 1/4 wheel spacers on 800 horsepower boosted lq9 meth/water fbody with 305 tires . I pound the piss out of this carand have had no isssues. Keep up all your good videos man, you’ve helped me with some troubleshooting I’ve had to do over the years and you’re good at what you do. Good luck with your build.

stinkydroolface says:

It’s got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it’s got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It’s a model made before catalytic converters so it’ll run good on regular gas. j/k

Skyline Fabricator says:

The photo of the bolt-on spacer that you showed, the one with the nice Sparco name brand on them.. yeah pretty sure if these were unsafe, a company as massive as Sparco wouldn’t be selling them! I run 1.5 inch spacers all around on my mazda 3gt daily driver, and for 2 years now there has been zero problems with them. Thank you for your video, I might just put a link in my comment section to your video

JJ Random says:

Appreciate the information

Anom Amos says:

Just thought I’d chime in again. Wheel spacers if of proper design and fitted properly meeting all specifications are safe.
That said the spacers Eric has and thought was a good idea to modify by adding a centring ring are a dangerous pile of feces.
He needs to get the ones that are machined from a solid piece of correct grade alloy and drilled with the correct stud pattern and toss the things he has wasted his time with in the scrap bin after cutting them up so no one else will make the mistake of using them. And the engineers at maximum motor sport will agree if they see the crap he has and the wheels that he wants to use. The alternative is to get the rims recentred to suit the off set.

Harry Scholz says:

As long as they are hub centric and the lug bolts are the correct length, plus the center of the wheel should be where the center of the brake rotor, that’s your pivot point otherwise you create bump steer.

Bruce Woodhull says:

I have had 1/4 in wheel spacers on my Mustang for 20+ years, I needed them for clearance between the tire and quad shocks, they are not Hub Centric but have never caused a wheel to come loose or been any problem. At one time I had installed a pair of the aluminum space saver spare wheels on the front of my car and had to use 1/2 in spacers so the wheels would clear the brakes and had no problems, they were for driving to the dragstrip and back but were also driven on the street. Those narrow tires and wheels did not corner very well but that had nothing to do with the spacers. Back in the 80’s I had a set of spacers the went from a ford bolt circle to a chevy bolt circle and those did end up with slight cracking in them between the studs but the material being used today is much better than what was being made back then. I would not but used spacers that have studs in them, get a new set instead of saving $5.

Tom Manley says:

ARP is your friend.

Mike W says:

if your wheel falls off because of a spacer whether its a expensive high end one or a cheap Chinese product. Your insurance if you have any will be void. Heaven forbid you kill someone. your 300 dollar part will cost you millions.

pprotory says:

If wheel spacers were good enough for porsche 930 turbos from the factory I would say that they can be safe.

Richard Myhan says:

No they are not!

ImBarryScottCSS says:

“Spacers aren’t safe!” – Usually comes from cretins using a 3 point harness with no roll cage no helmet and an aftermarket steering wheel with no airbag.

swafford501 says:

They run 2″ wheel spacers in formula drift and have no problems at 9k rpm, I think 1/4″ spacer will be fine lol

Cope Wilson says:

I wanna put 3″ wheel spacers on my truck to run a -44 offset rim so I don’t rub my springs. I had I 2″ wheelspacers fail on me Before which resulted in them failing and me breaking my wheel off the studs and causing body damage. Andy advice

Silvestre Cruz says:

Hi eric hey what do u know about volvo transmissions r they good or bad

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