AMAZING Wheel/Rim Polishing Method

Part 2 Mercedes Project. Here we show you the most exclusive way to make your aluminum wheels look like chrome and keep them that way.


CAMERA Used For Videos:

Ceramic Coating w/ $25 OFF Coupon Code for Our
SPC Friends.

Polishing Wheel Kit

Green Compound

Blue Compound


Extra Blades

Tire Shine Used in Video


Eagle 1

DeWalt Polisher

3M Wool Polishing Pad


Clear Coat Stripper

Face Mask

Sand Blasting Tool

Black Diamond Media

Air Line Filter

(Electric) Power Washer

Blue Tape

Air Sander

6″ Sand Paper

Micro Fiber Towels

99% Rubbing Alcohol

Venom Gloves

100% Cotton Cloth



Ceramic Coating w/ $25 OFF Coupon Code for Our
SPC Friends.

Fiber Towels
Spray Bottles
Mothers Polish
Dewalt Polisher Kit
3M Foam Pads
Blue Towels
Orbital Sander

Germany Tools:
Ceramic Coating w/ $25 OFF Coupon Code for Our
SPC Friends.

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The force is strong in this one great job

JRRnotTolkien says:

Just saw the start on the ceramic coating of this car … do we ever get to see it when it is finished?

I think the lesson of this video is to keep your wheels clean all along – ceramic coat them when they are new, if possible.

Royce McCarthy says:

Amazing, I was never aware that this could be done. I had a 73 Corvette and the paint looked like the Benz sure would have saved me some money. Great job!

Matthias Rieke says:

Greatings work!! Hallo, from germany!!

Pmpbreeze Ogah says:

Great job!

Scorp says:

amazing detailed work on that rim ! is most excellent !!

awsome video !!

Genysmen runner says:

It makes much difference between let it just with blue compound or keep doing the other steps with mothers and eagle one, etc?

Marissa the gamer Ola says:

Hands down you have shown us how to achieve professional results. Awesome work ! Thanks for the great videos !

ShootForTheStars says:

Beautiful job! Can this be done with aluminum alloy or is that was these were? Lol I have no idea.

George Myers says:

The guy that owns this car had to be doing back flips when he picked up this car between what you did to the wheels and the paint both on it.fantastic job you did

Brenden Taylor says:

How long did it take for one wheel

Alvin Bartolome says:

question.. is that just a spray paint container and gun? then filled it up with beads?

michael mixon says:

That is truly awesome! Great job!

Sam Distler says:

You’re a beast.

william vaughn says:

holy hell… That’s not chrome plating… how the heck?!

Richard Harms says:

Yes! Really good job, great video. I really like all those product links.

Tardeli costantini says:


Alan Jones says:

Another great video! is the ceramic coat better than a traditional clear coat? how well does is stand up to break dust/residue?

Raver Magik says:

holy fuck… that wheel is amazing.. that looked like alot of work.. but once you get it done… you wont have to do it for a while.

izcoronel says:

outstanding job how long the shined last I realized maintaining is the key factor

KC TSP says:

You do amazing work.

mlhebel says:

never say never. Second law of thermal dynamics? maybe your not aware.

Tom B says:

WOW, Again! AMAZING WHEELS! You the Man! Great Job. Subscribed, keep up the good work. Can I bring you my car, I’m in on Long Island NY c’mon over!

wildlifewarriors4eva says:


Evol_AF says:

I tried doing this to the Enkies on my Evo, but after watching this video I know I didn’t do it right. I didn’t use the right tools is more like it. I stripped the paint with Airplane stripper. Then I sanded with 600 grit, then 1000, 1500 & 3000. The hardest part was the inside sections that my sander couldn’t get to, so I used 600 grit barrels. They worked, but I couldn’t get a good polish. Also, the face still had machine marks so it’s harder to get to a mirror finish.
Yeah, well I just gave up and painted my wheels. Even tho I would much rather them be polished, I guess I just need the proper tools.

Eaves Street says:

Throwing grit and wax all over customers car lol.

Tex C says:

Could you have buffed out the slots as well to make them look chrome rather than beading them? Get job! Thanks!

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