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Here is a closer look at the process Adam’s Polishes uses for washing wheels and tires. Adam’s Polishes Wheel and Tire Washing sequence is the best and most thought out process for cleaning wheels and tires. As you can see the results achieved from Adam’s Polishes Wheel and Tire Washing sequence are obvious.


Diego Rivera says:

qué material le pones para que se despinten los rines y en dónde lo puedo conseguir

JO95POWER says:

Go test the Flowey wheels clean it’s from Luxembourg

eddie bangash says:

Why not use Ceramic Pro on the wheels, so you avoid all the extensive cleaning?

Tom Brown says:

Rumour has it he’s still squirting product onto the wheel

Mustafa Ebil says:

ıncreadible oddly satısfyng

Ron Ayotte says:

I like the wheel brush on the drill thing you did.. I am going to have to try that!

Nont55 says:

Ohhh thats wasteful

alphacharlie65ms says:

Adams wheel cleaner is very good. I got the opportunity to visit his warehouse . Adam cleaned my wheels with the cleaner. It worked very well. He has a great color coded brush set too, to clean the tires, wheels and wheel wells. Good stuff.

N. I. says:

Thank you for NOT using “dub step” or “techno” type music in your videos!!

Duke Nukem says:

сразу видно товарищ по реагентам в москве не ездил))

Dave Bhai says:

the cars are not the same

Will White says:

where can i get that scrubber for the drill?

Barry Manilowa says:

I can understand using different brush shapes depending on the area being cleaned, but why change cleaner?

Ryan says:

Hmm. I see both Bentley alloys and Audi alloys at 2:14 

sosyalist devrim says:

adam zengin çıktı rıza baba

Cardiel Orosco says:

letting all the chemicals go right into the f****** drain the water that we drink

kezcty says:

great vid

saturnthunder says:

The professional understanding and usage of the products is what came through as the message.Personally, when it comes to cleaning my wheels,I take each one off the car.
Nevertheless a great video

Clint Cristobal says:

Im just using dish washing soad and water. Finish.

Adam's Polishes says:

We wish we could bring back the blonde wheel brush. It was made with natural boars hair which is hard to produce with as much demand we have for the wheel brush. Adam’s red wheel brush is a synthetic bristle and is just as soft. Also the dirt and grime does not stick to the synthetic red bristle so it’s easy to keep clean and looking new. Definitely a great tool.

Charles Trauscht says:

It great product. Bring back the blond brush please.

Bas bzb says:

why use so much product?

Cihan Yildiz says:

MK benımde bently arabam olsa ben vidalarını söküp vidalarındaki pası bile temizlerdm amk

JO95POWER says:

I’ve better

SmokyBarret says:

this stuff looks poisonous as hell. shouldn’t it better be collected rather than letting it sink into the ground?

Carlos Rodriguez says:

I have the adams wheel cleaner… only place on my entire wheel where it turns purple is contact on with rotors… How did that whole wheel just turn purple like that??

Erick Cid says:

Why would I go online and buy these products what makes these better than me going to the auto store and buy the same thing but cheaper lol

cardo says:

Nice system and good products. These wheels were relatively easy to clean as the spokes are far apart, though cleaning wheels properly is never an easy task.

Absolute Zero says:

Can afford a Bentley , cant afford a pressure washer.

Mike H. says:

I’d really like to see someone clean a BMW or Audi wheel after 2 weeks worth of driving….this wheel was barely dirty (IMO)

Geoffrey Bull says:

doesn’t.. take.. much to give TLC ha

ioodioilgreco says:

2:11 Bentley
2:13 Audi
2:37 Bentley, again

I’m a bit puzzled.

Tommy Moser says:

use half the product for one wheel lol

Ian Stevens says:

I am new here (just subscribed) and this is a great place to find out and learn a lot more

Norbert Susicky says:

Technolit tec extreme

Taufiq Ikhsan says:

i hate chrome

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