5 MISTAKES When Buying Wheels and Tires

Today we cover the 5 mistakes people make when buying wheels and tires. We go over fitment, tire size, and quality. If you’re looking to buy a new set of wheels and tires, you’re definitely going to want to stick around for the full video.

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Hello Is me says:

0:57 what wheels are those

J D says:

What wheels would you suggest buying for a stage 1 2009 sti? I don’t want to stance, slam or widen my car. Just a regular setup. I live in the mountains of colorado so I drive over a lot of passes and experience snow throughout most of the year. I’d like something nice though. Any help or opinions are appreciated.

Shanilson Versace says:

What about TOYO TYRES

Jen Mar says:

what size of wheels fit for my kia pride? 15s is fit for it? need advice thank you.

Norrorts Bilträffar says:

i have a bmw e82 coupé and i want 19″ wheel but i dont want the rim to go out from the car so what offset should i look for? 🙂

Irvin T says:

how do I email you guys

Kasinova Da Don says:

I’m thinking of buying some Enkei Ev5 rims and I’m not sure if it’s good quality for daily use. Someone has said that the rim material is soft and could easily bent the rim… The tire size that was recommended is 215/50r17. I’m not sure if that tire is skinny or not.

Stephan Honrade says:

Can I decrease my wheel gap by just increasing the size of my wheel and tire?


My car’s OEM alloys are 15×5.5ET45 the aftermaket alloys what am planning is 15×6.5 or 7, have maximum offset of 38 or 40 only.
What should be the correct offset?
Too much variation in scrub radius causes negative impacts?

What is the allowable tolerance for the offset and scrub radius!

Waiting for you rpy!

Hunter Davis says:

I got a lexus is250 awd I got stock 17 on with 225 45r17 and I am trying to get 18 or 19 with a 35 + offset how do u know if they will fit

Иugatory says:

What Rims are those on 0:57? 0-0

NameIsMyst says:

Can someone please tell me the right tire size for my 2006 Lancer ES. I currently have 105/60R15 tires and I think they look pretty fat. I’d like to have that sporty look with less rubber showing and more of the rims.

SkyMine says:

Hey guys,

My OEM tire size is P205/60R16, would that still fit for “18 rims?

Jake Didley says:

whats the name of those wheels at 0:47 please help me

severe says:

It’s alotta lust not alotta love

bobhilly546312156332 says:

10.5 wide tires on 12.5 wheels

christian ortiz says:

hello which is the perfect fitmen for a 300zx NA with staggered 19 wheels

WhiTeFA1R says:

I got a 18×9.5 30+ wheel, I dont want too much of a stretch on my tires, I’d actually like for of the tires perched over the rim and be secured but idk what size to get, maybe 235×40? Need the help…

rotary love says:

First mistake is buying a vw

Isreal Perez says:

So I have 04 bmw325xi and I have se 14 18inch wheel 18×8 jj can I use 235 40 18 95w will this work

John Ahmir San Juan Lawas says:

I disliked the vid coz I can’t download it.

David Joyner says:

So I have a stock 20” Tire on 245 run flats, I just want wider tire maybe 275s do I need a new rim too?

Jimmy's Brother says:

To avoid fitment issues

Stay stock.

Daniel Zatarain says:

anyone know fitment on a 2014 Infiniti Q60S?

Shariar Istiaque Anik says:

give me your mail address

Carlos Rivera says:

You can cheap on wheels but never on tires

Chris Baker says:

(9th Gen Si) If I want my wheels to stick out do I get positive or negative offset?

Bill Chan says:

great video, thanks. I am a bit puzzled with the tyre on my car which is a R17 but when I measure the rim fitted on the tyre I get about 18.5 inch across (that’s the exposed part of the rim from the wheel) which doesn’t make sense…. did I measure the rim incorrectly?

E92 Garrett says:

I bought cheap tires they are Nankang for front and federal SS 495 for the rear and they do just fine, the handling is amazing for me. I don’t see what wrong with buying low-budget tires as long it new and don’t care if it loud or etc.

TheElement911 says:

OMFG I need the wheel fitment specs of that green Silvia.

Justin CBR1000RR says:

I’m looking to get a set of the 22″ Ruff R955 Machined black but I’m unsure of what the width should be. Wether it should be 22×8,8.5 or 9. I plan on lowering it just to close the gap from wheel to well. Would you be able to point me in the right direction? thank you

Oscar Serratos Gomez says:

F-19×10 +17 3.5″ lip
R-19×11 +17 4″ lip
It’s for my z34. I’m lowering it and would like to know what’s the best tire size to stretch on these wheels. Nothing extreme. Appreciate the time.

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