What’s the BEST winter tyre? Winter, all season and summer tyres explained and recommended!

The next video will be far less boring – track day tyres in freezing conditions on a BMW M3. Will they kill me?! http://bit.ly/2p6kKXq

Winter is here! With the weather finally turning colder in the UK, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the best tyre options for the winter 2017 season. In the video I first talk about the benefits of the different types of tyre on offer, summer, summer-bias all season, tradition all season and winter tyres, then I look at the best tyre in each tire category.

This video is a very broad overview of the different tyres available, as always you should do your research based around your own car usage patterns and whether you will need to tackle snow, ice, or freezing conditions.

Got a tyre related question? Please ask below. I’ll do my best to reply to every comment!

A big thank you to Universal Tyres for allowing me to film in their warehouse and lending me the tyres.

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rdsellick says:

That was excellent. I particularly appreciated the info re the summer-bias tyres. I have a set of winter tyres that goes on in November and stays on while I’m in Scotland during the winter before I come back south of the border in the Spring.

Damn Daniel says:

Michelin cross climate + beats all. Hands down. Just bought some and theyre awesome. The grip is phenominal

Tank Roberts says:

Glad I watched this video. I almost purchased a set of 18s with wintrac xtreme s for my e46 m3 to run for about 4 months of the year. But my m3 is not a daily and more of a toy. I also have a 4×4 that I use for daily use so maybe I should just stick to michellin ps4s all year round.

ZeroBoostBuick says:

The snow clips in this video makes me realize just how easy you fellas have it.
In Quebec Canada it is ILLEGAL to drive a car with out winter tires in the winter.
On a weekly basis in the winter it takes me 5 minutes just to plow the snow between the door of the house and my car in the driveway. All of 5 or 6 meters. Driving through 25 to 35 cm of snow on the road is normal for some of us who leave the house very early in the morning when 99.9% of people are still sleeping.

squadmeta says:

After another typically snowy day witnessing the chaos caused by minimal snow in my area, I would love it if this video was compulsory to watch for new drivers. Also a change of law as per many countries where you have to use approved tyres to drive in the snow, if you don’t choose to buy them then leave the car at home or be fined heavily and insurance voided. Expense isn’t an excuse anymore either, all-seasons are basically the same cost as Summer tyres, and in some cases cheaper as I noticed this Winter season (some of the ones in this video, not budget ones). Why don’t you slip down to Westminster and have a word with them!

Sven Dijkstra says:

It is accedentally that i choose those tires who be spoken on you tube. When i was chosing wintertires at a Dutch tirewebshop i was looking for Continental, Michelin, Fulda, and Goodyear. The reason i took the Continental is also that i am curious because i want to discouver, and it looks sporty.

Acw Scot says:

Having had Michelin Cross Climate for last two and half years and living in the Scottish Highlands, on my Suzuki Vitara 4×4 can recommend them never let me down yet, will get you through snow without having to use the 4×4 also drove down south through storm ‘Frank’ they worked great. A point to make is that some of the Range Rovers used by the people who run the Cairngorm Mountains are fitted with the Cross Climate.

Tyre Reviews says:

1 video like is one prayer for our poor run-over snowman.

Sorry about the slightly less entertaining video this time, but with winter fast approaching I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the different types of tyres available for 2017 and the best tyres from those categories. The next video will involve me trying not to die while driving the Tyre Reviews BMW M3 in freezing conditions on track day tyres… how bad can they be?!?

As always any tyre related questions please ask below, I try my best to reply to everything!

Omar Karim says:

Nice voice

Michael Wills says:

Good informative video.

Evian says:

Great video and very informative. With the rather inclement weather we’ve had in the South of England recently, what tyre would you recommend for a winter/all season tyre. I have two sets of wheels for a Golf GTi, a set of 19″ wheels on Goodyear Eagle F1 Asym 3’s and I have the original 18″ GTi wheels which at present have a set of old Goodyear Eagle F1 Asym 2’s on. I’m thinking of putting a more focused winter/all seasons tyre on these wheels and wonder what you would recommend.

Anoop Dhaliwal says:

Great video, Thank you. I have always fitted Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 in Winter to a 313BHP RWD E350CDI Coupe. It’s a Ultra High Performance Winter Tyre for those amongst us who drive/commute on fast A roads and motorways. The first set lasted 24,000 miles now on to the next set.

I had continental ts810p and ts830p which are awful performance winters for commuters lasting just 3000 and 4500 miles.

Perhaps your next video ought to cover best tyre for aqua planning? Given that UK roads are wet and oily more often than snow and ice in the winter.

Dan Smith says:

I got the Michelin Cross Climates last year and went on a trip to Scotland in February and sure enough it snowed on the return journey. Most of the time on the normal dry and wet roads they were no different to a summer tyre but in the 70 odd miles I had to drive on light snow, compacted snow and slush I didn’t have the slightest slip, lock up or loss of traction. They are a phenomenally good all round tyre.

RF Tech says:

Regardless of brand, even the worst snow tire made will far outperform the best all season

Adam Machin says:

I use the Michelin Crossclimate in Aberdeen since summer 2016 – they worked well in last weeks snow + ice around Aberdeenshire. Great video!

DoubleTap DMR says:

Where can I buy re71r from UK?

oli y says:

Just watched about 10 related videos and this has to be the best one. I think everyone in the UK should have the Summer biased all season tyres on their cars.

Steve Wellen says:

Great video. You make the choices really clear. It’s been at least 15 years since I have been stuck in the snow in Wiltshire so CrossClimate seems ideal.

AKS says:

I live in Canada, and we get winters…..I prefer summer tires. They have, as you mentioned, the best performance in dry and wet down to about freezing. I have front wheel drive and a traction sensing differential, and light snow is not an issue. I don’t like the compromises of all-season tires.

footy vids says:

Do they sell good year in 215 55 r18 99v

danbourne11 says:

I’m in the south, need to commute, and always early morning, before the heavy snow 5 years ago i read loads of reviews on whether winter tyres were worth it, i came to the conclusion yes they were, i bought some nankang SV-2, did the job no problem on a FWD leon cupra tdi. 90% of the performance for about 50% of the price of the premium…. few years later to now – im running an E-class diesel estate for commuting/towing track car etc…, purchased in the summer, read reviews on how horrific they are in the snow, ended up thinking sod it, went for the TS860…. the last few days in the deep snow have proved why they have won everything! they are superb. if this small review changes someones mind, and keeps them out of a ditch… thats great! you wont regret it.

Alec Sharman says:

Great review, very helpful. The best I’ve seen on the different options available for car owners.

Andy Randall says:

Thanks for the review, very informative – my choice would also be the Crossclimate, been running them for a couple of years and get 55k miles out of them – stunning winter and wet grip – but just bought a Renault Kadjar which came with 19 inch rims and gutted they dont make CCs this profile – i have a substitute in mind but would value your opinion (225/45/r19)

Frank White says:

Full winter tire there’s “really one option”, the Continental? Lol nice joke. I stopped the video here.
Conti have NEVER been good in the snow, maybe if you have rainy and chilly, but no snow and ice winters it might perform OK, but for a full on heavy snow winter Continentals are just mediocre at best!
This is either a sponsored video, or the guy has no clue about winter driving.

Jason Moyle says:

Here in australia be don’t bother with pussy fotting around and getting one tyre for winter one for summer and that bullshit, just get a all-season tyre! there are quite a few around that perform well in wet and dry.

Vecteur TECH says:


twe enyss says:

I’m getting a set of vector gen two’s fitted tomorrow to replace the brilliant bridgestone aoo1’s i currenty have,I live in Yorkshire and commute early and had the bridgeys on my last 3 cars,excellent all season tyres but sadly no longer available,30,000 plus miles a set and did everything well.It’ll be interesting to see the difference.

subieacura says:

The CrossClimate+ is actually considered an all weather tire here in the US. Placing it in between an all season and a winter tire. It has the mountain snowflake symbol showing it meets the minimum snow tire requirements.

klochowicz1990 says:

Great job!

Serenoj69 says:

LAst 5 years were very warm. So yes that is an easy one….but with continuous warming who knows…

Ben Vallack says:

Just got to the bit about sipes. I can’t find any evidence after a quick search but it was my understanding that the reason they are effective is actually because the tiny gaps take the micro film of moisture away from the surface of ice using capillary action. Ice without its micro film of moisture is more grippy (hence why in extremely cold climates, ice isn’t as slippery as normal).So there’s more to it that just ‘biting edges’ I think.

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