Tire Slime Leak Repair (How to use) – Tested/Reviewed

here we test tire slime leak repair. we demonstrate how to use it and review it as product overall.


TV JAM says:

i got the same bycicle pump .. its so annoying lol

Jeremo Brown says:

Start 3:00

GhostVaperYT says:

does this stuff work to prevent punctures? like if i put it now before i get a puncture?

K&G Nation says:

Thank you for the video I think it was pretty easy but it never hurts to just check out a quick video and it does look like mint ice cream which is amazing

Lok Tom says:

Used this great product and the result is amazing. But mechanics and tire expert generally trash that tire away if you later go for warrenty claim$ and they WILL VOID your warranty. SOB !

GhostVaperYT says:

617 – those rusty nuts tho

The Pyro Dude says:

love that tire slime stuff works awesome I used some on the wheel of my truck about 7 years ago and it’s still holding air today…..sometimes you can get the tire to suck in the slime if you hook up the slime bottle and Jack up the flat and the tire going back to round helps draw in the slime only works in limited volume though

Peter Downey says:

Thanks for that. One thing, you waited a couple of days before you came back to blow the tyre up. If I’m using it whilst I’m driving, what then? Do I need to wait at the roadside with the car for 2 days? Please, tell me I don’t!

John Green says:

I removed my valve and tire still went deflate

Michael Prichard says:

I love the crow cawing in the background NATURE who can predict

mujahid37able says:

I like it

Jordan Enriquez Bitch Nigga says:

I wouldn’t recommend using fix a flat because I have seen that people drive them flat and then put fix a flat and in the inside the side walls are chewed up and then the tire will develop bubbles on the side wall so I say its worth the time and cost to have it inspected if you ran it flat just incase that the tire has to be replaced because just putting fix a flat after driving on the flat it wont let you know if your tire is still safe or not until its too late and you fudge up a rim due to the tire blowing up on you but also iv seen fix a flat to be corrosive and some are very bad for tpms sensors

jcsxyz2005 says:

Good video. That musts be a bike pump with the C02 cartridges. If you used the regular bike pump without the C02 cartridge you will be pumping a lot to get to the 35 psi.

Murray Kitson says:

well… this may fix my current issue. i have one tire that tends to loose some pressure over the week. need to refill a few times a month. cant wait to try

Lok Tom says:

Those were the worst rims. They don’t cool your brakes except retain heat build up.

all iknow says:

I use it on the four wheelers. golf cart. but tire guys will give you grief for using it… I think they actually charge you double if you forget to tell them..

VelociPat says:

At the beginning of the video, the flat is on the front-left side.
At the end, your banging on the front-right tire.

What gives?

Oscar Di Nunno says:

U talk too mutch

Brandon Covington says:

Bicycle pump made me chuckle but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. Thanks for the video friend.

chris St.Cililen says:

the can said at 6 o’clock
is it wrong

Sam Williams says:

valve stem

Schweigwest says:

Thanks for the video, very helpful. Love your RX-7

Teswakom m says:

Talk to mutch i dont no why

Jiren El justiciero says:

Does it seal instantly or it takes a few days? Cause Iput the whole bottle on my tire and a few hours later it lost some air

Jay Allenbrand says:

That was some great information. I had not hard of that stuff. Tips like that can really make a difference. Thanks for sharing it. Jay

Duane K Siebert says:

Thank you for taking the time to make the video and for the great explanations, as well. I have a riding mower that I haven’t used in “forever” and down here in central Florida the elements make tires deteriorate, fast. Bought a bug jug of Green Slime from Harbor Freight and will use it tomorrow with much greater confidence thanks to your video!

Ashton Thorpe says:

Very sexy Gen 1 Rx7. Is it a 12A?

Jim Allen says:

I know tires. I deal 19 on 2 vehicles, and was shop foreman with 100 class 8 trucks, trailers.
Check the valve stems.
Got caps ? Not plastic garbage, steel caps with rubber seal. Half of all flats are due to this single cause.
Next inspect stem itself. All rubber stems fail due to exposure to UV, and heat cycling caused by use. Stems can appear good, yet sometimes a dirty look will snap them off. Check for cracks. Spray bottle w/soapy water is your friend.
Metal stems, like big truck tubeless, still have a gasket, and a nut to secure the stem and install it. take a deep socket, (1/4″ drive is good, usually a 9/16 hex, but it varies, test foe tightness. if loose, spray, tighten lightly, yet firmly, stems are brass, it’s easy to over tighten, snap them in two.
This cause is the next single biggest cause of flat tires.
the beads, unless tires been at very low pressure, being sealed at installation, will remain so despite electrolysis. Cast aluminum wheels, may be porous, and air can, (and does) escape.
These last two causes, in themselves, don’t make big causes as this is fairly rare. Other causes are sidewall damage, and wear, and age.
A Bozo wanna’ be driver can easily drag the sidewalls around curbs, other things and pointy rocks, etc. at the high side of a cut, if driver let’s unit drift, off pavement, or trailer off-tracking.
driving on a flat radial (single tire) instantly kills side walls. heat cycling, age will cause sidewall failure. Not generally relevant to cars, pick ups, etc..
Big trucks, heavily loaded, and causing casing flex, the heat cycling of normal use wears casings out. On recaps a good casing will accecpt 2 recapping well, if capped a 3rd time, halfway through the treads life the sidewalls will fail. Like clockwork. Evidence is on the sides of the highways. If you’ve ever been to Florida, you’ll know why tire failures, wit their big hunks of tread are called “alligators”.
Finally avoid traveling next to big trucks, 1. driver can’t always see you, 2. tire explosions.
Never hang at the tandem, a most popular place cars do. I don’t know it is about truck tandems, but cars will hang right beside them. The most dangerous place on a truck to be near. Cars will do this even when passing, and on highways with light traffic, no other vehicles to be seen. 100 psi compressed air has unimaginable stored energy. When suddenly released in a tire failure on a truck, it explodes literally the tire is blown to pieces, some large enough to total out, a big car when smacking it at that velocity. Avoiding hanging next to a big truck at freeway speeds, is gambling. I’ve seen tires on the combination I’m driving when a tire explosion happened, the tread was blown out away after destroying X-members, a section of hardwood deck, into toothpicks the slamming into the car hanging next to my drive tandems. I was running 70 mph, max weight. (in a 55 mph zone. Car was passing, then almost past, slows matches my speed, hangs for miles. Hot, hot day, The surprised look on the passengers face when the tire exploded, (BIG bang) and the hit the hood, windshield edge of the roof, the grill, w/radiator, support and all. broke all the glass, put the hood below the top of the engine, it’s form imbedded. The damage surprised me. the deck, and X-members on my flatbed, and open at the time, (heavy yet small sized load) bent all to Hell, the deck was toothpicks, there was nothing bigger than that size wood. Harder than oak apitong.
Lucky it missed my fuel tank, and somehow the quarter fender. Chrome, pricey. t
The fuel tank cost of a 23″ 100 gallon Peterbilt fuel tank, w/camlock cap fitting, and hose fitting, (exclusive to Peterbilt, as are the ends) Last time I checked, (10+ years) a polished tank from the dealer, 5.00 a gallon plus polishing. Pushing a grand to replace, strap parts, cushions, etc..
Now you know shit you never knew existed, most irrelevant to your purpose,
and a long, boring rant.
Like the RX7, have an ’85 GSL.

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