Tire Review: Toyo Proxes R888R

Today on Tire Talk we cover the Toyo Proxes R888R, a semi slick R-compound track tire! The R888R is a very popular tire for autocross/track enthusiasts. 13″-20″ applications are available at Fitmentindustries.com Drive right to the track and take control of your lap times. The r888r is made to take a beating while providing maximum grip.
If you run this tire drop a comment and give us your feedback!

Check out these exact tires here:https://bit.ly/2GdKA4t

See the R888R on various vehicles from our gallery for size reference :
Add your vehicle to our gallery: https://bit.ly/2obqAZQ
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Joey Lopez says:

I’m gonna buy these for my focus st once I’m FBO

Ractio says:

Can you do the Falken Azenis RT615+?

Dain Train says:

It’s not z rated?!?! Go fuck your self toyo!!!

The Toothless Vegan says:

What’s a porch?

Do you mean Porsche?

baldheadracing says:

It is NOT an autocross tire … takes too long to warm up. It’s for track use.

Fitment Industries says:

What would you like to see next?! COMMENT BELOW – Mario

Two Cups says:

Those tires THICC

Hassan Eido says:

Review? More like a commercial..

NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes says:

its good that a guy that can not win races created a sport for himself and get people to know him :D(talking about mister block

Coding Morrison says:

Toyo Proxes are a win every time! Keep up the great reviews on tires and wheels. Giving away this “free” content builds a more knowledgable user base which enables your future/perspective buyers the chance to make more informed choices off the rapport you built with them here. You guys are killing it! Let’s hear about the BF Goodrich Sport Comp 2 tires soon! I also would recommend a “top 5 affordable tires for drifting” video.

Bob McFaddin says:

Running these with a stage 1 stretch on my rocket bunny Miata. 225/50/15 on 15×10.5 in the rear and 195/50/15 on a 15×9 in the front. Daily these things and love them!

Alex Lujan says:

I might get this wheels for my truck, but thier arnt alot of size selections

Killer Blaziken says:

V or Y speed rating?

Black Waterdogs says:

If you want a little more credibility, start pronouncing “Porsche” the correct way….

callmecue says:

Anyone else cringe when people say “PORSH”?

RolandAshcroft says:

Federal semi slick review next pls

Aj Clark says:

Sick video, Really appreciate you guys giving it so much detail. Can’t wait to start my Youtube channel and kick off my r33 GTR build with a new set of ce28’s with these wrapped around them. Cheers

Gennadiy Marusich says:

I run federal rs RR, they’re an amazing tire and good on the wallet

PiroFyre says:

Is Alex planning on doing some track days? I know the Milwaukee Track Day guys do track day at least once a month on a Thursday. With the Milwaukee Mile at risk of closing down, it’d be a good idea to run the track at least once before they finalize on what they want to do with the track in June.

TronCat says:

in case anyone was wondering, the pricing is around $200 per tire for a set of 255/40/17’s

OnAllCylindrs says:

Are these like the old r888 where they run big? Like a 285 is more like a 295

KICROKS86 says:

that road noise tho……. good luck having a nice convo on the way to the track with out losing ur voice.

buddylee19082 says:

I’m sorry but you CANNOT review a tire that you’ve never driven… that doesn’t make any fkn sense!? Come on guys; step your game up. smh

TheHaferkeks says:

You guys need to do the Advan AD08R too!

Art2Gecko says:

Federal 595 rsrr

Redstorm_BK2 says:

Federal Tires?!

James Lord says:

Please do firehawk indy 500 next! Very popular but cheap. Wanna know if its good!

Athao Thao says:

nice proxes r888r toyo tires

Agent Venom says:

Do the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

Turbot Probed says:

These things loud as shit my man

MCR-86 says:

I have these tires on my e92 M3. I track them and daily drive them and absolutely love these tires. Usually only ran with michelin pilot super sport and 4s but I like these better. There is a little road noise but nothing I can really hear over my exhaust lol. Highly recommend these tires not to mention they look badass.

qteezy6501 says:

Could you guys review the Toyo Celsius SUV tire? I keep hearing it’s a good tire

The 8th Outer God says:

Review the r1r and the ra1 please

CRXK20R says:

Treadware please ?

Arminas L says:

Alex be ballin’ with that Porsche

Keith Lothringer says:

What size fronts did Alex run with the 305/30/19 on the rear? I see they have the 245/35/19 available for R888 but this combination leaves .5″ difference in diameter. Were there any codes that were thrown? Abs, TC, etc…?

S.K. Wirrel says:

Ken Block runs these on ALL his cars? Well that’s not entirely accurate is it, he does now that he got sponsored by Toyo. The original Hoonicorn ran custom made Pirelli Trofeo R embossed with his name.

OldSkool Revive says:

Unlike anything you’ve used, you simply cannot review a tire you’ve not used lol. I like the channel and the content but these tire reviews are far from being an actual review.

Isaac Knight says:

What’s the best daily semi slick or sports tyre?

coconut_blond says:

Federal tire review please

fed Z says:

Intro beat got me.. Dope.

Anthony Hopkins says:

Mannnn can y’all up y’all selection of 215s I wanna buy a set but damn

David G says:

This is not for autocross, OR DRIFTING. This is purely a track tire. Ken block is just rich and doesnt care

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