Tire Review: Ohtsu FP7000

Today on Tire Talk we check out the Ohtsu FP7000! This is a great all-season tire. The Ohtsu FP7000 is great for dry and wet conditions. Get this tire in 14″-19″ sizes.

Get the Ohtsu FP7000 for your ride here: https://bit.ly/2GHqbor

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Carolina Srt4 says:

Do the Riken raptor

Garrick Ivey says:

I actually have these on my 3 series… pretty good tire for the money…the only complaint is the noise at higher speeds like he said…other than that good ride very comfortable for what they are

Brian Campbell says:

I love these tire reviews, they are very helpful and useful!

Ian says:

Ohtsu is a horrible name for North America. They should brand them as Falken since so much has been spent to build the brand. Last I checked the Falken ZE512 were available under the Ohtsu brand.

Kentaro Honjo says:

Do more of these please

BoxxPow3r says:

Just an fyi, Falken was made in 1983 as Ohtsu’s flagship performance brand. They’re both owned by Sumitomo.

DJ Trump says:

Very good daily tire, have them on my ES and IS.

michael walker says:

Drift these all the time. Not to bad at all.

Joshua D'Oliveiro says:

sumotumo rubber corporation

shamroc514 says:

I sell the shit out of these at work as my low cost performance tire. They actually have awesome grip for what you’re paying for. They do fine in the rain too

Dayton Strength says:

I love these vids. Keep em up boys

Matt Covello says:

Says don’t stretch but Im stretching these as 225/40 on my cosmis r1 18×9.5 and I haven’t had any issues

David G says:

What in the actual salvage fuck

Squesus says:

Get a Pro G4 instead

TheHaferkeks says:

hmm still sceptical

Mental Defect Racing says:

why do these look exactly like the falkens i had like 5 years ago?

Kentaro Honjo says:

I had no idea Sumitomo did tires lol.
I was born in Osaka at the Sumitomo Hospital.
I live in CT USA thou.

Blong Thao says:

Accurate. Have these on my e46 323i. In the 235 45 17 size and everything you’ve said is true

chris napp says:

I ran these on my drift car… 6 laps from a low hp car. And i heat cycled them. I dont approve for drifting.

David Salazar says:

Right when I was looking at these! Perfect timing

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