Tire Review: Nitto Neo Gen

Today on Tire Talk we check out the Nitto Neo Gen! This is a great All Season Ultra High Performance Tire. The Neo Gen is great for dry and wet conditions. Get this tire in 15″-22″ sizes. If your running a lowered vehicle with camber this is the tire for you.
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Today on Tire Talk we check out the Nitto Neo Gen! This is a great All Season Ultra High Performance Tire. The Neo Gen is great for dry and wet conditions. Get this tire in 15″-22″ sizes. Get more info on the neo gen at Fitmentindustries.com

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fed Z says:

Here’s an idea for a video… the best looking stock rims?

blinky tran says:

19×9.5+22 what’s a good size tires without stretch?

Is300 EV says:

What about for stretching would you guys recommend? Not a crazy stretch either 225 tire on a 9.5 width wheel?

Budi Anto says:

i need help, my rear tire are wobble, rims not bend, the bead had uneven gap… is there way to fix it?

99subigt says:

I purchased this neo crap gen tires when they 1st came out like a decade ago, in the drag strip they are like a from 1-10 a 6, and they don’t last that much, the only thing that I do recall was in the rain they are decent. There is way better tires out for the $$$

Marc Erichsen says:

I need 245/35/20 .. 97V Index i dindn´t find those ..greetings from Germany

Emil Wilkens says:

Would be amazing if you made a series of “the truth about – tire manufacturers: Nitto, Michelin, Dunlop, Toyo, Falken etc,” as what you do for wheels ! 🙂
Love what you guys do, cheers from Denmark! //Emil

Harrison Lye says:

Yall should do a history on toyo tyres

Asyraf Saaet says:

Michelins for me all day err day….

kiwiasian says:

Good summer tyres grip better then All Seasons wet or dry. All seasons just have a lower operating temperature range.

N00b_pro says:

Got these on my jetta, and I love them. 225/45R17 and they fill out the front perfect. Great handling as well, though I suspect that Super Sports would be better. Those are summer max-perf. tires though.

Lee C says:

i love tires just as much as I love the look of wheels. I remember when the Invos launched. I feel in love haha. There is just something about the new tire smell!

Omar Sprauve says:

toyo r888 plzzzzzzzzzzz

Varg Sutton says:

Nitto is a solid brand! I’ve been doing some research and it looks like I’ll be settling on a set of NT05 in 275 40 17 because they are good for track but still have some wet street credibility. thanks for the reviews guys I enjoy keeping up on tire models!

mrodr008 says:

Literally just ordered a set of these. 205 40 18 lowered/stretched/cambered setup.

robbgnarly says:

these tires suck, I have a set of 215/35r19 on an acura vigor and these don’t last any longer than any other cheap Chinese tires. my tires were only on for 1500ish miles with very mild camber and belts are showing

N_rii says:

these are not all seasons if you live anywhere with snow and ice but they do great in the summer!

YorkieBuilt says:

Could you do a Tire Talk on the Yokohama AD08R? Very popular tires here in the UK!!

Adrian Legardy says:

I’m so glad I found this channel!

TheBobes says:

“All Season Ultra High Performance”


roblesjant says:

i’ve got these on my 949 6UL’s

The Man says:

Toyo tires !

Chris Ancrum says:

Great tire, I love the Neo Gen. I got pretty good mileage out of every set I have owned, and the handle well in corners as well as in the rain. I’ve ran them way back when they first came out.

gokuusf says:

Been using Neo Gens for years, great tire. Used them for nearly all of the 13+ years I owned my 5th gen Prelude and never had problems with them. Can’t wait till the factory tires on my 9th gen SI wear out so I can get a set of Neo’s for it too. Also for their price they have nice grip, on my Lude back when I had it I still remember the difference between normal tire grip and Neo’s. certain corners I couldn’t go very quick before the other tires started to squeal. After I get Neo Gen’s I could take those same corners nearly twice as fast with no squeal. Also their wet traction is pretty nice. They give you more confidence in the wet and peace of mind knowing you’re able to maintain traction in certain situations that normal tires would have you flying off the road. While these aren’t the best tires you can buy, they are great bang for the buck.

Isaac La Marr says:

Bought a set of 235/30/22 Neogens for my 09 Maxima and these are way better than the Lexani 9 series and 20 series that my tire man had me riding on previously. No problems at all and they handle these California highway potholes like a champ. Got the first three on the cheap at $133 per tire through Discount Tire on eBay after the $100 off $400. Ordered some 225/40/18’s to put on 18×8.5 F1R F23’s for my 15 Leaf the same way and got all four for $332.

Steven Levitan says:

Please review the Nitto Motivo!

SofaKingSteezy says:

Ran 205/50 Neo Gen’s on my Kosie K1’s, loved them!

Joshua Rivera says:

I love this tire but it’s options on how wide you can go can be limited if you don’t want stretched tires.

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