This is why you should NEVER fit just two winter tyres!

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People keep asking me if it’s ok to fit just two winter tyres. The theory is sound, if you have a FWD vehicle then you can fit just two winter or all season tyres on the front axle and that will get you moving when you’re stuck.

What people often forget is that once you’re moving and turning, the car relies on all 4 tyres more evenly, which can cause extremely dangerous driving situations.

This video should highlight why it’s never a good idea to fit just two winter or all season tyres.

In this video the FWD BMW X1 has the excellent Goodyear Ultragrip Performance Gen-1 winter tyre fitted to the front axle, and the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 summer tyre fitted to the rear axle. Both tyres are in the same size and load rating (225/50 R17) and have the same tyre pressures.

Winter tyres are sometimes called snow tyres.

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Леонид Ульченко says:

Не понимаю я по вашему нихрена

Jordy de reus says:

How about Fwd and 2 wintertyres on the rear. And normal tyres in front???

Georgi Georgiev says:

I live in usa and never turn. Front winter tires only works for me better than front summer tire on fwd car


subscribe to my chanel please

Dashcam Duncan says:

So should you not put chains on only the front wheels of a front wheel drive car? Could you do the same test with chains instead of winter tyres please as I’m interested in seeing what happens

MinecraftBrics says:

You can’t drift

Jax CZE says:

There are still some people who is doing this nonsense? Putting only two winter tires, it dos no metter if it is FWD, RWD, 4WD or AWD. It is just truly heroic mistake… and i just cant believe that some people are doing this.

John Gadbois says:

Since you didn’t show the performance of 4 summer tires as a comparison your demonstration was meaningless.

Bill Kendich says:

There’s barely any snow in UK, so British drives may mix their tyres at will.

Del Johnson says:

I’ve been fitting just winters to the fronts of a FWD car only for fifteen years. With no problems. Just so long as you drive with that in mind.

David C says:

From experience, winter tyres on the driven wheels is more than enough as long as you aren’t caning it. It was fine in up to a foot of snow even on slight inclines/declines.

Keisuke Takahasi says:

who would do this? and why?

oh right, americans for some reason

John Guo says:

My car has 4 different tyres. One for fuel efficiency, one for rain, one summer tyre and a winter tyre.


DidanceRzZz says:

why didn’t you put it to the Rear axle! since bmw is rear wheel drive, test is useless

AdemJashari56 says:

ok id like to point out some obvious biased content.. 1st of all the Bmw is either Rwd or AWD , 2nd it has SUMMER tires in the rear onThe driving wheels.. WHoo keeps summer tires in snow? that’s absolutely bollocks . WE all know summer tires are not even for cold weather forget about snow and ice! The point most of us want to see and make is using all season tires mixed with snow and ice tires in either the front or the rear. Also in all conditions ALL or any tires will loose traction at any given speed over the tires potential!
HOW about keeping the variables consistent !! DO straight lines both start and stop , revers and forward. give the specification of the tire .
Then cornering at a certain speed on a consistent radius, and by doing a driving corrections on a oversteer or understeer .
In my opinion a driving packed of a good allseason tires with some snow capability like the Conti DWS 06 with a dedicated snow tire will get the job done in fairly amount of snow . Ive had Conti dws06 all around a few years aback and i made it out of snow banks fine never got stuck and drove a few mph more then the traffic with confidence. That was until the snow capability wore out on the 2nd winter and i was still driving ok but i had a few correction from time to time to do and thats ok . There isnt a perfect tire out there!!. now i never done the winter, all season combo but i would do just the front (FWD)if my budget was low

bestvideos4ever1 says:

this is boring

listepikster says:

That is just an utter stupid question. off course because I live in scandinavia, we actualy get withers, so I may have a bit more experience drinving with limited traction, but it is still pretty dumb

vaudou74 says:

hmm a lot of cars in the french alps have only the front winter tyres, for grip and climb , 4 tyres if they have to drive offtown on a regular basis (mainroads and highway), but to get to the ski resorts , many locals with their regular cars (hatchback, compact cars) just put the front winter tyres and after 20 years ( i have 4winter tyres), the only cars i met that left the road were summer tyres cars, 4 seasons SUV/AWD (downhill and weight transfered on the front are killers) and i put them back on track with my tiny hatchback and i ve never met 2 front winter tyres cars doing a 180, may be because they are cautious and drive slow in the mountains sharp turns? , i dunno, and i go to ski resorts like 4x /week in winter.

Dane Spencer says:

Thank you for being straight to the point and not dilly dalling and drawing the video out for 20 minutes like a lot of youtubers.

Have a Merry Christmas and I look forward to watching this Channel in 2019. Love from Australia.

Colinator4321 says:

Blizzaks up front, I-Pikes in the rear. The blizzaks are a much better tire and on several occasions i find myself a little sideways. More fun than one should be able to have in a borrowed mini van. There is just enough tire front and rear to keep in control

Omar M Khalil says:

just fit winter tires on one side of the car, problem solved 😀 or in a diagonal on each side one front one rear.. would love to see that tested.

OlegRisovanyi says:

отличные советы,
полезное видео для новичков так особенно.
Заботьтесь о безопасности и удачи.

Jerome S says:

I just saw this set up on a police car in upstate ny. I was just thinking about doing the rears on my g37s sedan, but decided to get 4 and be done with it.

Skiby Burak says:

Why didnt you put 4 winter tyre on and drive again?

Tyre Reviews says:

Thank you everyone for all the support in 2018 and helping the channel grow, it’s meant a huge amount to me and I’m super thankful for everyone’s views, comments and likes. We have some REALLY exciting plans for 2019 so make sure you subscribe 🙂

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Good luck and Merry Christmas everyone!

Andrew Jenkinson says:

I was going to order two cross climate Michelins for the front of my car (fairly new summer tyres on the rear). Should I not do this?

Mladen Ilic says:

0:17 this happened to me also, precisely because I had only two winter tires. Still, IMHO better two than none in snow

Semir Mavmudoski says:

Awesome brother ! ✌

Michal Kuzak says:

Try winter tires on left side or summer tires on right side:)

Bana 19 says:

Give the front axle more angle like a drift car, and accelerate like a mad man

maninredhelm says:

What if you go with only 2 winter tires, but this time you play Eurobeat on the stereo?

evo4tom says:

Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit !!1

wasabi1m says:

Who would do this anyway?!

raphaf says:

Didn’t think that there’s a country in the 1st world where mixing tyres isn’t prohibited by law…

Rolo A says:

I put winters on the rear axle as well, the same day this video was uploaded lol.
Would you reccomend having the fuel tank ‘heavy’ as to give the rear axle more grip on a fwd?

Oliver Mayo says:

What kind of low IQ pond dweller fits winter tyres to only one end of a car??!! People that stupid need to be held in some kind of institution for their own safety.

Росен Михов says:

I can’t imagine how stupid a person should be to buy only 2 winter tyres on a 4×4 car/suv or what so ever.

rubicon4wheeler says:

Everybody knows that winter tires are incredibly superior to summer tires in snow and ice. How about a more meaningful comparison between all-season, all-weather, and winter tires?

reza h says:

but different tires on different sides?


im glad im from india and we dnt need those tyres

Diogo Almeida says:

And if it was a 4wd with 4 winter tyres

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