On this episode of Tire History, we take a look at Falken Tires. We dig into their roots & cover how they have managed to become so huge in today’s market. Find out more as we go in-depth on Falken Tires on this episode of Tire History. Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section below!

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mike cafamo says:

Just got 205/ R15t. Lets see how they last and perform. I think they will do fine.

Dick Kehoe says:

PIRELLI # 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Australia

Michael Osborne says:

Falken tires suck.

Fitment Industries says:

Do you agree with Alex’s sitting style? Let us know! #mansittingetiquette
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planbenterprise says:

Honestly kind of spooked that I just bought a set of Falcon tires for my truck and next thing I know YouTube is recommending this video. Google monitoring my banking transactions? Or just a coincidence. Another coincidence.

CoolDoob says:

I tried one. It was very slippery. Luckily the 3 michellins gripped.

Theodore Marakas says:

I’m done with Japanese tires…..hit or miss…..never again. Continental has the best prices and quality. After trying some garbage out there, I fitted set of DWS. Awesome tire all around.

Nskawtea1 says:

I just got the meaning of the photo of the title picture xD

74NSZ95 says:

It’s pronounced Fall-Ken , not falcon. Falcon is a bird. Falken is a tire.

tomelliott9 says:

Sumitomo make the injection moulding machines at my work

David Viner says:

Great video, many thanks, I’m getting a full set of Falken winter tyres fitted to a new set of alloys for my BMW convertible, the Bridgestones on the original wheels will go into hibernation

Mohammed Nassar says:

Where falken is made

nah no thnx says:

Ranchero cumbero

Evan Antoniou says:

and that is why I dont buy falken and choose Continentals instead.

aj wood says:

Peter Falk?en Peter falcon?

Keith Brooks says:

I have to say Falken is a brand I stuck with for at least 5 years. They are mounted on 22” rims and are holding up well. For the price I feel the tires are just as good as competitors.

vegan SAURUS says:

Nice vid

that fonv dude says:

Falkens are my favorite don’t know why but yeah love em

Randy Purtteman says:

I love this guy. Best entertainment on u-tube. The automotive knowledge that you get is just a big plus. I do have a question though. I have a 2014 Ford with the stock 20 inch wheels that came with it. Does Bridgestone make a Blizzack tire for winter to fit it. I think it’s a 265 or 275 tire size. Thanks.

TheJanka51 says:

if you really want to hear something tell the truth about interco interforce tractor tires , bought 3 and never used them over a week before they came apart

Dan says:

Westlake tyres

Derek Super Strong says:

I put a set of falcon tires on my Lexus I S2 50 they are garbage they had knots in the side of them within six months you couldn’t give me a set of falcon tires consumer be where he must be getting paid by whoever owns falcon tires because they should be named shit tires

bmwmsport11 says:

I’ve ran 2 separate sets of falken tires and they were all loud once they were worn down a little. The tires were priced low and wear well. But construction wise they pick up nails/debris easily. First set were 329s picked up multiple nails and second set were stz05s picked up a piece of rust on the shoulder.

That being said the only reason I rarely look into falken is that they aren’t advertised as much and a lot of their tread patterns are resold across the whole sumitomo line up with different names. It kinda lowers the exclusivity the brand.

Ronin Samurai says:


Vince Fernandez says:

I don’t like that this guy crossed his legs.

…hey, he was RIGHT!

Bao Nguyen says:

What do you think about the FK450 A/S on the Q50 3.7?

SlowcarsInc says:

Big Sumitomo and Falken fan here. Pretty much all I run when I can help it. Theie pro 4 g/s all season is a beast in the snow, has good dry/wet traction and price+wear is reasonable. I experience the same with my Sumitomo HTRZIII’s as well as my Falken 615k+’s. Good wear good price good performance across their range IMO. Can’t go wrong.

bigpoppabass says:

Never truly luved a tire ever until I put falkens on my wife’s Camry. Had horrible reviews but it was clear buyers were not alternating tires. The model I have does require more frequent alternating mileage at 6k. No biggie that’s when I get my oil changed.

govenmentassassin says:

I guess their go to market ploy worked on me. I loved growing up watching the Falken 911 race in ALMS. My truck came stock with those god awful Goodyear Wrangler tires. After the second pair that I bought, I switched over to Falken. All I do is highway driving. What really surprised me was the wet weather grip! It takes quite a bit of effort for me to make it step out. I bought a pair for my mom’s car, and when my dad drove it he too was surprised by the wet weather handling. I don’t think I’ll switch over to any other brand, especially for the price point.

Lil_ Danny904 says:

are there certain summer tires or brand that i should look at for a vw golf r mk7? its awd but the thing is, clearly the pilot sport 4s is the best summer tire ever but i plan on running them only in the summer months so im thinkin those tires will be overkill. if i lived in florida id just run them all year round but since im in kentucky, im having a hard time. i have some pilot sport a/s3+’s for my winter setup but idk what summer tire to get, help?

CSOCSO says:

I was really cheated by the hype around falken. I had 2 sets of falkens ( something like 452 and 512??) both tires were bald super fast! changed to hankook ventus v12 and lasted twice as long. tire rack tested them as one of the best dry and wet tire for the money. never had anything else since.

stoeger 2 says:

are tyres still natural rubber or some sort of synthetic

William Felix says:

What about ohtsu? Arent they part of falken

Benjamin Jones says:

Do you think that the Falken Wildpeak A/Ts are helping the name rise in popularity for the general public?

Randy Robinson says:

Yeah I’ve been using Falken tires for a little while now they’re pretty good tires. I got 75 thousand miles out of set of tires they were only guaranteed for 50,000 miles. Good rotation and balancing the tires on a regular basis really helps.

74NSZ95 says:

Falken was a popular recommendation on the online Honda/Acura forums in the early 2K’s. I’ve tried a few different models on my Integra and none of them were overly impressive. The 502’s were decent, better than the 512’s anyway. I’ve had the best luck with BF Goodrich, Yokohama and Hankook.

cb7pwn says:

if your gonna sample Japanese prodcut for the first time, for the love of god stay away from sumitomo, dunlop and falken, they are are horrible tire companies, dont get suckered in with fancy racing sponsors … they just are not good for real world driving.. Rather go with Nitto or Toyo

hitman hit says:

Ive have the falken fk450 a/s on my st. 40 k so far on them and i still get around in the snow no problem.

I want to keep with falken when i get my new wheels but i want a tire with a rim guard like the goodyear eagle f1s have

atrain132 says:

Love my Falkens. Once I bought those, I had a pair last me 4 years. Never looked back since. All my cars have Falkens now

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