The Truth About Buying New Tyres (a.k.a. Tires) | Auto Expert John Cadogan | Australia

Before we kick off on this: I’m in ‘Straya. We spell it with a ‘Y’, like, I dunno, everywhere on earth except Retardistan, which is also called ‘Merica. Knock yourself out in the comments feed, on this, Jethro. Say hi to Jim-Bob and Ellie-Mae. Enjoy the spit roast. And all the other hillbilly fun. There’s a whole world outside the USA. How long has that been the case.
I’m John Cadogan, from – the place where Aussie new car buyers save thousands off their next new cars. Hit me up on the website for that.
Welcome to another ‘What the FAQ’ – which oxygenates your more common questions and (I hope) equips you with the facts you need to jump these vexatious hurdles.
There are about 12 million cars on Australian roads, which means – ballpark – 50 million tyres. And that means replacement tyres, even in a global backwater such as this, are big business. I get several recurring questions on this, which all boil down to:
Which tyres should I buy?
The basics are: They have to be the right size – and the right load rating. You can choose a tyre with a load rating greater than the minimum, but not less than that. That’s a detail the tyre retailer usually looks after.
I’m kinda passionate about tyres because for five or six years I ran all the Wheels Magazine annual tyre tests. We conscripted the assistance of a lot of local tyre engineers to get the testing protocols right for those tests, and as a result, I learned a lot more than I ever thought I would about tyres.
So the first thing you need to know is that the manufacturers of quality tyres all have a real problem: Tyres are all black and round, so the really good ones look exactly the same as the really shit ones. It’s a marketing challenge par excellence.
If you’re a non-technical person, it can be quite hard to believe a good tyre that looks exactly the same as a shit tyre, but costs maybe $100 bucks more is actually that much better. But – trust me on this – it is.
There are a great many urban myths on various tyre brands – like some are allegedly quieter. Some are allegedly better at grip in the wet – whatever.
Having stood on the side of the track, set up the timing beams, briefed the race driver, consulted with the expert engineers, I can tell you those brand-based myths are bullshit.
The number one thing to remember when you’re buying replacement tyres is that all the known, quality brands: Pirelli, Dunlop, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental, Toyo, Michelin, Yokohama – et cetera – you know the ones I mean – all those quality brands perform about the same as each other, for a particular size and category of tyre.
Obviously a Pirelli on a Porsche is very likely to out-perform a Yokohama on a Yaris. We’re talking apples-for-apples here.
I’d include Hankook and Kumho on that ‘quality brands’ list, too – they are definitely up there, at least they are today. And I say this on the basis of trackside measurements – testing – that I actually conducted. There’s no doubt. And FYI – I have no commercial affiliation with any tyre manufacturer.
The number two thing is: Don’t ask for brand-type advice at the retail coal face. Retailers are incentivised by different manufacturers – so there are different agendas at play. The retailer invariable recommends the tyre that’s right for him, commercially, not necessarily you.
I’d get three different quotes on three different quality brands, over the phone, and go with the cheapest one. It really is that simple. But asking brand advice from a tyre retailer is like walking into a Mazda dealer and asking him if Toyota is any good. It’s not a place where unbiased advice is forthcoming.


Brian says:

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Jgarone1 says:

Ahem, its ‘murica jeez…get it right john. #retardistan4life

jaytmtb says:

Funny and educational

MindDezign says:

Its march 2018 and I learned something more about tires from this video.Here in the USA they dont sell tyres We are only offered tires.So calm down.We are not, all, hill billies.
Im sure if tyres were sold in the good, young ,USA .Us in the know,
would buy them up!

Lok Tom says:

Folks from my personal experience get Michelin if you enjoy good performance in the first 2-3 years following with plenty of cracks and dry rots after the 3rd year. All 4 tires looks like it’s going to explode like rolling time bombs on wheels then this is your perfect premium brand of tire.
As for the 5 years Michelin tire warranty it looks really nice on paper but only BS when confronted for claims. They loves you to play the BLAME GAME with them.

Christopher Coulter says:

I’ve *NEVER* used re-treads. Of course, I’ve also never woken up dead…

But that’s just anecdotal

TMTGAU says:

Wasn’t aware that re-treads were still available. Far too dangerous.

David Meier says:

The dude is really obnoxious – Not sure how you spell obnoxious in Australia, but if he’s half as smart as he wants you to believe he might figure it out.

minskimia says:

You know what makes me laugh about you Aussie car guys. You love to look down on America and Canada, and think we are a backward continent but I am Canadian in the auto industry and lived and worked in Aus for 7 yrs. You and your tribe cannot get enough of America as far as cars go and pretty much everything we do here. You love American muscle so much yet you bitch about everything we have. You`ve even stolen our TV shows. Not to mention Fast food (KFC, Hungry Jacks??,. It`s Burger King! You know you need a lesson on the English language too. And its TIRES! Get fucked YOU IDIOT. Oh and just for the record, Holden gets GMs leftovers. Stay down unda! Cheers!

Q- Bert says:

If you’re tired do you spell it tyred?

John Capizola says:

Thanks for this. I just happen to be in the market for new tires, so this was watched just in time. And as usual, you gave me the insight that I did not have. Kudos!

bobdole57 says:

Australya? Did not know thats how you spell it.

James Siebold says:

What the fuck does tires have to do with the United States? That’s a good way to start off a video.

I can’t decide whether to take you seriously or laugh at your videos. Are you a car expert or a stand up comedian?

In the US, we may not use the Queen’s English when it comes to spelling but at least we are not pussies and gave up our gun rights like you guys did. Now that you let the government walk over top of you, I guess the next step will be taking away your cars and making you walk or ride public transportation like they do in North Korea.

Joe says:

When you save the world from fascism twice you get to do what ever you want

andrewaskins1 says:

Speaking about shit brands federal evo and rs-r i like a lot. And falken fk452 or ohtsu fp8000 are good too

Alec Grolimond says:

A good video and yes I have a few times disagreed with your opinions but I think you nailed this one. About the new tire I would on a bike recommend 100 km of driving before pushing the tire for safety reasons on a car I do not know as I have a Corolla not a Veron!

Andromedust says:

How did you come up with “Retardistan”? Strange that anyone from Australia would be so pompous and arrogant, because… let me think.. your country is known for Mick Dundee and crocodiles and that’s pretty much it. So really, lose the arrogance. It doesn’t work for someone from a 3rd world country founded by rapists and murderers that were thrown out of England.

Jeff Sol says:

i saw a set of Nankans for 28 US dollars each. i thought better of it when i the tire store could not find the country of origin and no tread warranty was offered

zhauranak says:

Very informative – thank you!

Isaac Brotherson says:

I’d be careful the USA is the number one superpower in the world!

graemx _ says:

You are really REALLY good – haha, love it!

Joe Cincotta says:

It’s funny, I really noticed a difference when I rode a motorcycle – different compounds and tyre geometry radically changed the handling of the bike – which was a superbike class.. cars seem not to make such a difference – strange but from experience true.

Gilly P. P. says:

Good review John

al edg says:

Just put a set of new Michelin SP Sport 4’s on my 2008 Subaru STI…. changed the character of the car completely. Feels like a luxury sedan now – really quiet… but still grippy as hell. And I did it at Costco! Was a bit worried about them but one interesting point is their equipment is much newer than any other local tyre place. And their staff all came from local tyre places. So saving $60 per tyre was great. Can’t tell you how much i love these tyres they’re soooo quiet and smooth and lovely. (that or – i’m getting old and appreciating such ‘wrong’ things lol )

Stephanie Broadwater says:

“wakes up dead: I hate when that happens to me

Tomasz Lyczak says:

Best tyres ever… Vredestein ultrac satin… voor family cars with a little bit extra power….

Damien Brown says:

If you drive a sedan or compatible coupe Get yourself a set of Falken Ohtsu Fp7000. They are wonderful non directional all seasons and you can come about a new set of four for about 300$ on eBay. All this talk about gotta pay more is bullocks just do your research look for the better deals and find yourself a jem for your driving habits and needs

paulanderson79 says:

You can’t go wrong with premium tyres. But do be aware that there are different performance categories as well as seasonal tyres. Get your car properly aligned as well. All four wheels, not just the fronts.

marko says:

John it helps, nothing but good and quality infos from You.

tonyman2c says:

Is sumitomo a leading brand?

Insult Comic says:

John that was very informative. Thank you

Arthur Fricchione says:

I’m here in the US but greatly appreciate your tire knowledge. Thanks much mate hard to get the truth here

Richard Wallinger says:

great info and super entertainment   .

busywl69 says:

lol. this was so fresh.

Ken Mackay says:

Do you kiss your boy friend with that dirty foul mouth ?

Bruce Parr says:

Slick tyres are awful on dirt or grass even if it is dry. I know because it has happened to me on a few occasions.

Larry says:

This guy must not drive at the limit, even the top tires perform significantly different and the best on one car might not be the best on another.

Karen Hughes says:

fuck bro ,you are on fire , you tell it the way it is…. the truth…. also without crackin a smile

Jawrshe says:

You know you can take a man seriously when he’s wearing a heart patterned shirt. While shit-talking Americans. You’re 90 years old, shouldn’t you be in diapers by now?

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