The SpareKit Tire Changing Kit. Review of Spare Kit For Car Owners

http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we take a look at the SpareKit. The Spare Kit is a tire changing kit that makes changing a flat tire a breeze. Included in the Spare Kit is an Electric Scissor Jack – plug into the car’s DC port, press a button and the car goes up. Also includes an Impact Wrench, to make getting those lug nuts off very easy.

If you want a very easy way to change a flat tire, the SpareKit provides that experience. The base model of the SpareKit sells for $149.

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John Doe says:

DadDoesn’tDoMuch. You didn’t even demo if the jack can really lift a car. Fail.

Alex Karayan says:

Great that you reviewed what came in the box but you never really tested it to see it it works! Not helpful to those that want so see how it is under normal conditions.

David Growden says:

This looks to be a good Idea for my wife’s SUV. I have a full size truck and would like to see if they have one for trucks and how it works

Mike Chou says:


Bill Carr says:

you did not show that the wrench or the jack is powerful enough to lift the car or loosen the tire ..

Gambe Kapula says:

Mate you review is bad. That jack should lift a car to max to see how it handle weight

Yoshi says:

What is this? For pussies?!

Vanakk Vanakk says:


Yvette Santiago says:

Why not demostrate it with a real flat tire to see if the jack really has the power of lifting up? But still I love the idea.

sebastian lopez alejos says:


Eduardo MF says:


Michael Doering says:

first i mean fourth : (

Carlos Villarreal Gámez says:

Ni lo subiste no se vió nada no sirve ese mugrero

Lakerguy1000 says:

Very good for emergencies

GoLakers3900 says:

This is more like a commercial than a review.

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