The best tire dressing! Who will win? (PART 1) In this video, find out my favorite tire dressing (also called tire shine) among the ones I carry in my car detailing arsenal. I will also give you pro tips on how to properly clean and prepare your tires before you apply your tire dressing, so that you can maximize the look and durability of the product and also avoid getting the dreaded tire sling on your paint!

A tire dressing, also called tire shine, is a product that will restore the deep black look to your tires and protects them against harmful UV rays that can lead to fading, staining and cracking. They are found in three major categories: water-based, solvent-based and SiO2 based formulas. You’ll find out the differences between them and which one I prefer.

►Here is a list of products and tools presented in this video (some products might not be available in your specific country):

►USA buyers:
Chemical Guys VRP:
Gyeon Q2 Tire:
Meguiar’s Endurance Spray:
Meguiar’s Endurance Gel:
Auto Finesse Satin:
TUFF Shine tire brush:
Super Clean degreaser:
Meguiar’s Super Degreaser:
Meguiar’s spray bottle:
Adam’s Hex-Grip tire dressing applicator:
Chemical Guys Tire Dressing applicator:
Adam’s Tire & Rubber Cleaner:

►Canada buyers:
Chemical Guys VRP:
Gyeon Q2 Tire:
Meguiar’s Endurance Spray:
Meguiar’s Endurance Gel:
Auto Finesse Satin:
TUFF Shine tire brush:
Meguiar’s Super Degreaser:
Meguiar’s spray bottle:
Adam’s Hex-Grip tire dressing applicator:
Chemical Guys Tire Dressing applicator:
Adam’s Tire & Rubber Cleaner:

►UK buyers:
Gyeon Q2 Tire:
Meguiar’s Endurance Gel:
Auto Finesse Satin:
Tire brush:
Super Clean degreaser:
Meguiar’s Super Degreaser:
Adam’s Hex-Grip tire dressing applicator:
Tire Dressing applicator:
Adam’s Tire & Rubber Cleaner:

►France buyers:
Auto Finesse Satin:
Brosses à pneus:
Meguiar’s Super Degreaser:
Adam’s Hex-Grip applicateur à dressing pneus:
Auto Finesse APC (dégraissant):

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Brandon Kapana says:

would love to see the new adams tire shine and carpro pearl and how they hold up against mud! non the less awesome video. thanks pan

Katie273 says:

Could you make a video of the other dressings too please.

Rdetailing says:

We need a Heavy weight product like Renew Protect product review. Black, satin and Gloz all have a year durability. I love my perl and 303 but I’m looking for better longer lasting tire shine. Great video brother.

Deluxe Vehicle Detailing and Paint Correction says:

I’ve been using CG VRP for the last year. I taped off 1/2 of my GF’s tire ( no dressing on the other 1/2 ) and could still see the demarcation line 5 months later. I just finished reading all 273 comments here and was surprised ppl said it only lasted a short time. It also can be diluted 1:1 which helps stretch the product further.
I stocked up on Turtle Wax Jet Black. It is BLACK TINTED ACRYLIC coating. You have to tape off the rims as it is a black dye. Absolutely amazing product ! One treatment lasts a year, it’s not quite a gloss in appearance but a satin with great hydrophobic properties. Have you ever tried it ?

paul mcdonnell says:

VRP is my go to, wouldn’t use anything else

Adam Coyne says:

Pleadge is the best tire dressing

Joaquim Thomas says:

you sound like yogi bear. great video

lykeomgkevin says:

i use ammo mud. i do let it sit a bit and add a second coat. i love it!

Luis Espinal says:

I love using the VRP and love the finish. Now for those clients who like the tires more glossy i just apply another layer or two after a couple mins of each application.

khany007 khan says:

Hi Pan can you tell me goid a vacuum/Hoover for detailing I was looking at the flex hoover vce 26 lmc

pjfan173 says:

Can you let us know what you think about CarPro PERL Coat

Almost Queasy says:

I can’t find a video but do you have a recommendation for a portable power generator? I’m purchasing an Optima XD steamer.

Fábio Costa says:

Gyeon Tire

Steven Robles says:

Do you ever clean your applicators for the dressings , I would use the gel form of the Meguiars dressing and would just be a mess

fsgGUY says:

You should do a review on carguys Tire dressing

FutileHavok says:

Have you tried Opti-Bond Tire Gel? Longest lasting tire dressing I’ve used.

Tony says:

Thanks pan. Ordered VRP like that as well.

Rudy Perez says:

I use the VRP myself and I love it!! like you say its easy to apply, looks good and last a good long time

Attyrmd says:

Tuff Shine tire coating! Lasts a couple months. For tire cleaning try Shine Supply Wise Guy.

calvin Nunnally says:

try black magic intense spray, its the best

biz4two biz4 says:

What’s the point?? Do these tire dressing just make the tire look good…OR…do they offer protections too?? Like UV protection, etc??

TheDervs says:

Hi Pan! One I would love to see is Carbon Collective Sateen. I LOVE it for rubber only. It lasts so long even against a pressure washer and applies so easy. I am a huge fan of Griot’s Vinyl and Tire Dressing for any exterior trim and tires if I want to go fast and get everything looking nice. Love the channel!

Az The Barber says:

3degrease:1superclean or 3superclean:1degreaser?

Jarrett Barnett says:

Love Ammo Mud, gives a great Satin finish

Drey350z Jones says:

I like Cover All tire shine. Very easy to spray on & gives a glossy look.

Dave Sullivan says:

The best one isn’t available in Canada.

DzenDetailing TV says:

try Soft99 BlackBlack – 2 months

crazyyyXD MV says:

i use the Meguiar’s Endurance High Gloss. its for me a great tire dressing and it give a nice black shine on my tires. they look like new if i apply it 🙂

PUBG boi says:

i am a 14 yr old lad and i love washing cars idk y tho

Urban Šurk says:

I also am not a very big fan of CG, I have to say I’ve never tried it, but I may now.

Personally I am using waxaddict tyre feeder, and I must say amazing stuff! SiO2 based as well. You should try it.

CarGuys says:

Where is mothers tyre dresseing.

wolf_ B_pix says:

My fav is AutoMagic Magic Dressing. Recommend to try it.

James T says:

I have tried many products but chemical guys vrp is my favorite by far.

JM Mustangs says:

VRP for me very easy to apply with great finish.

S_J_P says:

So far my favorite tire dressing is Blackfire Total Trim & Tire Sealant, unfortunately it’s not made anymore. Luckily I was able to pick up 2 bottles on Autogeek before they sold out, it should last me a longtime. The look and durability is very good.

SuperClean says:

Hi Pan!
Thank you so much for featuring Super Clean in your video! Super Clean is a great product that has many different uses and cleaning the rubber on your tires is just one of them. Like us on Facebook for more videos and ideas on how to make your cleaning tasks Super Easy and Super Fast! Also, you can go to our website at to find a store in your area.

chipdouglas35 says:

I’ve not tried any of those you show in your video. The one I’m using is Car Pro PERL and I like it so far.

Ger Lee says:

VRP all day. I’ve used so many of tire dressing and hate it. VRP FTW

Anthony Boey says:

Chemical guys Silk dressing is the best. Makes the tires look like brand new and not too glossy at all.

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

Optimum Opti-Bond Tire Gel, water based, dilution 2:1

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