Testing AutoSocks Ice And Hard Snow

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Interesting test with slip on Auto socks


aboelsof alabed says:

Ok some people they don’t understand at you when you try to explain something to them. 1st it’s a great vid thanks a lot man. so as the guy said improvement 30% on ice. 50% on snow. and I’m agree 100% with him. the test was perfect. then he showed you by replaying the video where they got damage. with and without the autosuck like before and after. up hill and on flat road. it’s a great test for the autosuck. if you haven’t got it yet try to rewatch the video again before you leave a comment. thanks for the video and for reading I’m done

TheCanadianBubba says:

Thanks for making this… was kicking myself for not thinking of the idea first, after seeing an ad for them. Then i see your video
and do not feel so bad : ]

wantsanewvehicle says:

Cool… I’d buy them for 20 bucks. I was thinking when you hit those rocks on the ice ‘ oh that probably damaged it ‘.

I’d rather have snow tires and/or a rear locker.

mike carf says:

imo these “auto socks” have more use in big heavy trucks that can exert alot more force onto them. once they spin they are useless.

kmcwhq says:

The Mounties will haul you in with duct tape over your license plate…..lol

trouble says:

stupidest thing I every seen……………………lol

Maxim HD Entertainment says:

I would not put them on my wheelchair

Tricia Abney says:

Yeap …..nope

Eric Melvin says:

Can I just put some trash bags on my tires

luvbobbi says:

I have them, use them, LOVE them. Easiest thing ever to put on too especially for girls like me who don’t want to get dirty. Used mine and they never tore. I still have them bagged in the SUV for next use.

Landon Rainone says:

Neat video! glad its something other then those hoax/beliefs videos.

Car Crashes Gone Wild says:

That truck still looks new, usually they rust to shit.

Gator's World says:

WOW….come on man ….I`ve always respecting you for your innovative ways and your smart…you can`t be pumping this peacr man…I got a set a chain I put on the front of my truck and it take 5 minutes and I can push snow 3#4 way up the front grill and when it stops I go backward….You must a got paid big time for this piece man….Do something more interesting and show us you heat tube stuff again and compare with your old sunflower seed furnace…..no disrespect but come on now…..SALUTE

StarPuss www.ToxicRedNeck.Com says:

Depending on price of them maybe worth a pair.
How many KM did they last lol?

throttle bottle says:

they look interesting and functional, but as always, driver skill is what makes or breaks it 🙂
also the material looks mysteriously like “kevlar”

Melaine White says:

How do you think they compare to chains in two regards:
1) traction enhancement
2) how well you can drive on stretches of dry pavement

eisen dieter says:

0:28 hahaha

ron paul says:

Load of marketing wank, build some nice heavy chains. Anything from cambodian tires a fail.

John Santo Rawluszki says:

Looks like you need them on your steers to

Ron Caramel says:

Ridiculous test. Worst possible vehicle to use, no weight on rear and heavy foot on gas. I own these and they WORK. They are for emergency temporary use only up to 30 mph max. and they have got me out of trouble on steep hills with packed snow, and in deep fresh snow. Difficult to get on and off with cold wet hands but they do the job they were designed for. THEY ARE NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR CHAINS.

dposer10 says:

eh i had a set and i climbed through the colorado mountains with them but i do wish you could go faster with them on

Ben Raygor says:

Those Toyota 22re were a great motor had 1991 2 wheel drive and ran forever! Frame rusted out before before the engine ever gave out!

Veikra says:

hmm…..looks meant for places where snow and ice is a rare occurance. Ill stick to winter tires and 4×4

Kapco78 says:

I have seen those in the stores…thought having a couple may be useful but seemed a little light duty. thanks for sharing. your driveway looks like mine after that rain early this week.

BigCooter.com says:

No traction improvement, and they rip apart after one use … everyone’s first thoughts were confirmed in this test.

Valdos Chaos says:

I have set of those, useless! Cant even compare to chains. For a test you should drive with, and without.

DillysADV says:

It appears that they may have helped a little but for the effort, learning some snow driving technique may be more worth the time. and then a good set of chains for if it is really bad.

Coogan1997 says:

What ever happened to that long travel buggy build??? I been waiting forever to see it completed!

really2ugly says:

That looks like some brutal driving conditions. I’m glad I live about 500 miles south of you; although we can at times have the same thing.

Jeremy Rollinson says:

says DO NOT turn off traction control or spin wheels. what do you expect

trued_2 says:

So, was that flat earther vid a joke?

Tom Ocean says:

a bag of sand , will working better and much cheaper…

Marcin Stefaniak says:


Bradley Roberts says:

Thanks for this video! I have wondered how well those work. Would you buy another set?

Bob Piff says:

Those are a complete waste of money

Marat Astafyev says:

Tire condoms not always work

The Okayest Dirtbiker says:

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

joachim von ribbentrop says:

Get Vredestein Quatrac 5 tires instead.

lee isenberg says:

Do you ever use lower tire PSi? If so, about what range/pressure? We’ve had about 1 snow down here in Tn so far…

Nickolas Landon says:

Gotta make some more cr500 videos!

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