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Firestone wants to hit the bull’s eye with its new Firehawk Indy 500. The target is specific: an outstanding blend of dry and wet street traction and handling.

How accurate is Firestone’s aim in the Ultra High Performance Summer category ripe with contenders including the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2, Dunlop Direzza DZ102 and Kumho Ecsta PS31?


spiral1wtf says:

What’s the song in the video. O.Oq

Patrick Joseph says:

Have had the indy 500 on my focus st for 3k miles. Been in wet and dry. By far my favorite tire ive had. Much better than the eagle f1s they replaced

Black Dragn says:

do a max performance tire next I want to see how the Kuhmo ps91 does. And if you could use a higher hp car that would be great the muscle car market uses tire rack reviews a lot but never seem to get any love.

B Mac says:

Indy 500 is a max summer tire. 220 tread wear just like the RE 003 (same tire) I got 5k miles and wet performance was gone after 2k. Great tires if you don’t mind getting a new set every year.

StriderCX says:

I’m a noob. Which is stickier in the dry: Extreme, Max or Ultra? I’m not talking about comfort/daily drivability. Just straight up grip.
There’s way too many tire categories overall.

Leif Jensen says:

This new guy is cool and all, but I miss that Woody guy. His geekyness combined with the way he explained tires was just awesome.

EJL2004 says:

Going from Sport Comp 2’s to Continental DWS. hope I’m not disappointed. They came with 75% tread on OZ Ultraleggera’s I bought off a Subaru club member.

GermanCarsRule says:

Buying performance tires in Colorado is really difficult. You can go through multiple temperature, pressure and weather zones in a single day or drive. If you don’t want to change your tires all the time it is hard to find a good performance tire to handle it all. I have hit light snow in late August crossing the mountain passes having come from the deserts of Nevada. It was scary on summer performance tires and RWD.

These tests are immensely beneficial and used by most everyone in my car clubs. I would say we debate tires as much as the cars themselves.

Jonathan McMahon says:

The Indy 500 look very promising but why it got such a low price?

Slow AP1 says:

Just got these indy 500 tires for my s2000 yesterday. coming from re71r i needed something that has decent grip but doesn’t wear out as fast. they obviously won’t be near as stick as the re71r is currently the king of 200 utqg (cheaters) but I’m very satisfied with the level of grip the indy 500(potenza re003) considering it lasts longer.

strikeforce4 says:

Sport comp 2s need 40 psi anything less they feel very lax and unresponsive at 40 you’ll notice a big increase in the general inputs and the response is insane. Tire noise is noticable below 50 but you get used to hearing them. You can’t beat them in the heat as for rain with no sipping there really bad in heavy rain due to pulling the tire into the puddles hard but as long as there in the heat range and you navigate the heavy puddles there great. In snow and ice there out of there heat range super hard and just can’t get warm so traction is there but very lacking but the tire feel makes up for it’s weaknesses so your able to exstract all of the tire use in the given situation. I plan to keep running them on all my 2wd trucks and my supra. Just keep them rotated and aired to 40 psi thell last you along time max you wanna do a rotation is 10k if you have no time or money to do so keep rotating between 2500-3000 with every oil change I rotate mine every 2500 miles. Higher maintenance but your engine and tires will last you a long time. Don’t be afraid to push the tires as well they will catch them self’s after they break lose for a second thell scramble for traction but not squale taking an s curve rating at 45 at 130 chasing a charger with a bumby brigde in the middle to disrupt the tires was scary how smooth they took it all and gathered themselfs up. Hope everyone finds this usefull.

ROBERT Noble says:

not even as like just a comparison in a video because I too would like at least a comparison video… there aren’t many of those around

Jancarlo C says:

so if this 500 perform as good as it looks , I wonder how it would compare to a Max performance bridgestone Potenzas S0-4 pole position, they are made by the same manufacturer because Firestone is bridgestone. but the Firestone has a higher treadwear and 3-4 more technology into it .

israel ochoa says:

In terms of tread wear which tire lasts longer the Firehawk Indy 500 or the G force comp 2

Sea Edu says:

firestone ewww lol

Collared Greens says:

You’re talking like there’s no car between the driver and the tires…

Tasrif Khan says:

Wow thanks, i was picking between the Indy 500 ad the Ecsta PS31, ended up going with the 500 from you guys after watching the video!

KR!RK says:

If these are Ultra High Performance Summer then what category that Z2, RE-11, AD08R are in?

Ayson Baxter says:

Kumhos LOVE high tyre pressures. Anything under 32 psi and u will not get the performance you are looking for.

ANTHONY Blake says:

Those Indy 500’s seem like the new Best Buy

Daniel Jones says:

What would you guys reccomend for a 2008 acura tl being driven in NC, a large part of my driving is done in town but I regularly use back roads and take the highway as well. Not at all concerned with driving in snow/ice.

Connor M. says:

What happened to the other guy?!

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