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Balance is key in Ultra High Performance All-Season, with tires at the top skewing more toward the all-season side. But what if a tire can offer category-leading grip/handling in the dry/wet combined with all-season capabilities that are competitive with the top tires?

Here we get a first look at the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ to see if it’s found that sweet spot.


Dcc357 says:

I put some Michelin Pilot A/S 3 pluses on my C5 Corvette and it drastically changed it from the old Le Mans performance A/S tires that came with it when I bought it. The steering was way more responsive, and grip is even better. When I threw the Corvette into a turn, the old tires were chirping for grip (and they were still pretty new tires), but the Michelins just make a distinctive “shhhhh” sound on a hard corner instead, which means that I could have thrown it around the corner harder. I didn’t want to since I don’t want to shred my new tires lol, but they are fantastic tires.

Nate Wallinger says:

They need to make a super sport all season. That would sell faster than flies die in Alaska during winter.

B8Addict says:

I’ve had these tires on for about 150km and it definitely has amazing dry and wet performance. Seems to be better then my older pilot sport A/S 3.

GermanCarsRule says:

As a Colorado and Western driver this is the most important tire test. Can I do a weekend track day as well as cross a mountain pass that may be wet or even have snow?

Tire technology and engineering is amazing these days. If you ask me, between high powered, fuel efficient cars and the well engineered multi-purpose tires they can use we are in a sort of golden age of autos and performance.

TheBigDanois says:

Crom Laughs at your ”tests”. Don’t cheap out here. The *BEST* Jack of all trades is STILL master of none. Never will it beat the BEST Winter tire in holy white crap Batman storms.

Modio1234 says:

anyone else notice at 3:50 look at the bwm the rear tire is not even moving.

Unan1m0us says:

So the older pilot sport a /s 3 is better in the other 3 seasons?

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