Riken Raptor Zr Summer Tire Review! Worth The $? #tirerack

Reviewing new budget summer tires on my car… Find out if they are worth the money #tirerack #rikenraptorzr #cheap

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stevenchase7 says:

So I’m looking up these for my Golf 225/40/18r and they have an All Season version of these, for $10 extra $75 a tire. What to do…

h22sparkle says:

I rather go just some decent allseasons can call it a wrap

Johnny G says:

are the all season tires just as good?


I see Cute little Karlie @3:46–3:49 hah!

F Lorenzo says:

The sound of those pulls ❤️

Nice review.

TheGuruStud says:

Sticky…but drives torqueless Honda lol.

They are good for the money, though.

Edwin Ramirez Laureani says:

Lol at your kid peeking through the rear view mirror

jordanp_speedqb says:

I was thinking about buying these for my 2009 lancer gts, but couldn’t find any review videos. I feel like I can comfortably purchase these now from your review.

mixedblood09 says:

you def wont go wrong with those tires i have the same ones on my 95 civic the compound is legit and youll get a lot of life mine lasted for about 4 years before i had to change them i just changed to michelin tires since im in chicago (season) youll have fun with them. nice job on the camera work from honda mom

Derrick D says:

Nice tires man. Dont forget to rotate them every 6000 miles lol front to back.

Shawn Brown says:

It’s funny I how I’ve been looking for tires and you made a video for tires.. I’m from Jersey so the weather is crazy… gotta do a review of how they hold up in the winter

Boosted Cheo says:

Mine were 248 shipped from eBay lol Achilles atr sport 2 lol budget tires ftw

h22sparkle says:

Ever thought about styling up your rearview mirror

Rıza Kaptan says:

What is the “ZR” stand for?

Mumble says:

I may have to look into these tires I need some for my rear of my g

Squad Mane says:

Hey man I seen they have all season raptors also..i live in california do u recommend getting the all season or the summer ones?

MrSpartan117fan says:

You should put the brand in the title im sure more people looking for reviews of the tires will see your vid

Adrian Marcel says:

Are they good in rain?

Sisco Sosa says:

Do u like those riken tires better than the sumitomo htr A/S u had on?

Mr.Car says:

Did u dip the wheels grey?

me me says:

What about out of the hole how do they grip

Aeo 92 says:

I’m thinking about picking these up or the firehawk indy 500, since it’s best reviewed ultra summer but the rikens have a very convincing price point too and they look cool

PoSeyVidZ says:

Really nice video bro always great stuff

yak 1 says:

I have a set of these and I love them. But there is a problem, Yesterday I pulled them from storage and noticed a large split on the sidewall by the R in Raptor. I put about 500 miles on them before they went to storage in my spare room. The other three tires are fine but I will be throwing them in the trash, or wait for a recall.

Still Available says:

Seeing the family smile in the rearview was the best part of the whole Vid bro…. hope you’re coming back up north for one more hell ride through the kanc…. and I honestly think Honda mom should Copilot

0johnny082 says:

They are great tires, and riken is owned by michelin now. best tire for the dollar for sure.

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