REVIEW: Meguiars Hot Rims Wheel & Tire Cleaner Video

Cleaning a dirty tire with Meguiars Hot Rims Tire & Wheel Cleaner.
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Filmed With Samsung S6


Javier Barban says:

No sirbe yo compre uno para los rines psz mmmm esta bien no esta mal pero para las llantas laverdad no lo recomiendo a este wey se leve que se limpia por que el wuey solo las lleno de polvo.

392 Hellcat says:

Clean more tires

Josey Wales says:

I Love your back ground music the most.

Chandy Motörhead says:

Use gloves next time. It’s toxic.

GoldCurency o says:

Does it remove the yellowing from white walls ?

Adrian Cole says:

All you really need is a SOS pad to get that clean

SmooveP22 says:

I love the accent the most! My question is, I disregarded the reviews on Pep Boys site and bought the Travelstars anyway, those were good for about 2 weeks, then the brown came through…I use the old skool method (SOS pads) and that gets them white again, but the brown just keeps on coming back like a SOB…anyone know if this product will help with that?

hogluvr1 says:

Black magic totally killed Bleche White. Used to be good stuff. Have you tried Meguiar’s D101 (APC)?

M1969 23 says:

great video and thanks for the help @Meguiars

My Best Partner Official says:

I did a review video too however never used those that you checked.

vir123456 johnson says:

What type of wheel brush do you recommend?

FocusOnDetailing says:

Nice video mate! I’ve subscribed. This wheel cleaner works really well, I’m all for it. I did my own review as well, working all around my wheels in areas that looked like they were never cleaned before and it still looked soooo clean once it had done its job.

Trent Hallmark says:

Hey buddy, I know you’re all about saving a few $ so i’m gonna help you out. Wheel and tire cleaner is nothing more than an All Purpose Cleaner diluted into a bottle. Save yourself some money and pickup a gallon jug of Simple Green and dilute it accordingly. I do auto detailing for a living, and I use Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner because it’s cheaper but has to be sold online. But it’s the same thing as Simple Green. Alternatively you can get some Forumula 409 and clean the tire the same way.

My Best Partner Official says:

Wheel was simply dirty.

Erik Nobles says:

meguiars has the best of everything

gureno19 says:

this stuff is insane, its like an acid. great for cleaning the engine bay aswell.

Jennifer Harmon says:

Have u noticed if any tire cleaner dry rots your tires faster than not using one? And btw hankook tires are the go to tire!

Anthony Madueňa says:

Meguires the best..

Diego Herenandez says:

I let the product dry n now the foam is all dried up ,fml fam lol

SDF Brake Dust Seals says:

Great video! Check out our Brake Dust Seals at for a patented way to stop brake dust altogether and customize your rims. We have some videos as well.

Brian J says:

I gotta try this

sherrell council says:

Great review,I used to use bleach White also and the product is not the same. but the Meguiars product is a much better product again thanks for the great review

heyitschino says:

Used this on my gf corolla it stripped the clear coat man

matrox says:

The idea with spray on is to not have touch to wheel. This is a fail.

michael miranda says:

thats on sexy looking tire

Fentertainment says:

Need this? Find it here!
Meguiars All Wheel & Tire Cleaner –
Meguiars High Gloss Shine –

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