Official Tire Review for the Milestar Patagonia M/T

We are currently running 38×13.5R17 Milestar Patagonia M/T tires, and after about 15k miles of rigorous offroad and onroad testing – this is our official review!

Hope you all enjoy!

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Milestar Tires –


Jonah DeHart says:

What size are the rims?

636 OC says:

thanks for the review on the tires!

Xavier Ramirez says:

ok im impressed with these tires. it just climed like nothing while the others struggled a bit!

Tim W says:

Hey Lite Brite ….there was a question to the Your wheel offset/size by~
Michael Jacobsen
1 month ago

Greg Bisesi says:

I have to totally agree with the hot chick. I changed over from GY Duratrac.The Patagonia’s cost 40% less than DTs.
So far I love them too. I don’t agree that they’re “totally silent” but they are very quiet on the road for a MT.
Off-road I think only the KM 2s, GY Kevlar and Toyo Mts are better than these tires. Bought them for our wheeling the trip to Colorado to do Black Bear, engineer pass, Poukeepsee gulch and others in that area and the performed great there as well as trails here in my home state of Utah. Sidewalls….I was a little concerned about the C rated sidewalls. I’ve always run an E. So I’ve been hesitant to air down less than 14psi. But they seem to do well on the video so I’ll try 10-12 next time out on the rocks.
Just started snowing here in northern Utah. No big dumps but enough to say they perform well on snowy slick roads, I feel they are better or just as good as winter rated Duratrac. At this point I would definitely buy them again. But curious to see what the longevity of this tire turns out to be. I was getting 60,000+ on my last 2 sets of DTs and still enough tread to resell on Craig’s list for $150 for the set.

Sam Bowman says:

Just Bought a set

chris33070 says:

Great video! You just made up my mind on tires. I watched the video of you running these in the snow and they looked like they performed amazing. I live in Ohio so I need something that can handle snow and rain and these look like they will work great. Thanks again and keep up the great videos

Mr. Bluegrass says:

i was under the impression that you were not allowed to drive on the highway with beed locks . maybe it’s a California thing. i really enjoy your videos.

William Horton says:

How many miles do you have on them? Considering running on TJR and it duals as my daily and trail rig.

Jay Lancaster says:

So, dude…stay off the camera…

Sam Johnson says:

I run 32″ Patagonia A/T’s on my triple-locked Land Cruiser thru Rampart Range Rd trails East of the ‘Springs’. They do quite well on the kind of terrain usually found in these areas, dry, gritty, and w/o mud. The tires came with the vehicle when I bought it and I had every intention of replacing them with proper M/T’s. But the guy said, “Give them a try before you buy something else”.

8″ snow is nothing for them. I was in 12″ snow when I had to put on chains and at that point your tire tread doesn’t matter anymore anyway. So yeah, great value these Patagonias.

Tipton Shelton says:

Very good tires how do they handle in the mud . For us to just to get out of our property is 4 1/2 Miles of mud snow ice and dust plus we go exploring rock crawling we live right on the biggest sand dunes in the Pacific Northwest in Southern Oregon and we like your videos

Aaron Garrett says:

She’s beautiful I would go off road with her any day

赵紫恩 says:

I also love the JL because his grill has changed the way I like it.I prefer the black color.Looks more mysterious and noble.It is a pity that there are very few JL modified decorative parts on the market. However, I found a store with good quality. I don’t know if there are any friends who share the same feeling or need it.

Buck Johnson says:

Do these tires have a hot blonde come with each set?

Aunt Ester says:

Is that her dad? Badass Jeep!

Deep Deezball says:

What about in the mud like in the south because I had mile star before in the old style performed as good as big brand names.

dunno yolo says:

Love the shake with those tires. Gonna buy a set

eyes open says:

Those tires are really affordable the only thing that looks reflected in this low price would be they’re only 3ply sidewall but I feel your video’s prove this to be not an issue! I might have to give them a try

Tim W says:

stock engine 4.10 gears and 38″ tires push the jeep just fine???? whats Your thoughts

Tai lung says:

did you change your gears to run those 38’s are you still running stock gears?

Joshua Johnson says:

Excellent tire review…

bp says:

I’m editing this video and replacing every time she says tire or Kevin with my name

Clayton Howze says:

What is the tread wear like on them?

Jeff Bone says:

Ive got wood

Mark Kremer says:

Thanks for the review. I was one that was questioning the value of this tire as I am waiting for them to arrive. This review let me know that I can buy with confidence. I don’t do rocks but sand, snow, mud, rain, and sun. Thank you

Shakeel Shakeel says:

Com uae

grtelli says:

I am going to need new tires for my JK in 2019. I will surely consider these. Thank you

Hank M says:

Good Lord, 40’s run about 100-125 less then other 40’s. Insane. Now about the chick eeeeh I seen better

cold gold kb says:

She needs to do porn big time

Baby Duck says:


towzone100 says:

Great review. Wow, those tires are awesome on slick rock.

soulless one says:

I see a whore and I click don’t act like you don’t do the same

SAUER35 says:

Anyone have anything to say about wet road traction? Living in Houston good wet road handling is important.

Shaun Martin says:

Well this is the first time I’ve ever rubbed one out to a tire review

gary bavaret sr. says:

I almost lost it when Kevin was sticking that screwdriver in and out and in and out of that tire. Or was it the camel toe, can’t remember now….everything is such a blur now..

MiguelGGM says:

i just got these in a 35, unfortunately, i think they are going up in price got mine for 222 per tire and are going for 270 on northridge now i saw that at one point they were 197 on discount tire though.

Ralph Muro says:

Watching you guys beat the crap out of these tires convinced me. I even called your friends at Discount Tire and dropped your name. Thanks for the updates.
BTW you should plan a video talking about how those stock diffs are handling the larger tires and the trails you punish them on.
Thanks again
P.S. What pressure are you running them at on the road?

Jean-Louis Pajot says:

Enjoy your video reviews of your JLU Rubicon mods. One thing that I would recommend/suggest, is telling your viewers if you were compensated for the equipment review. The videos speak for themselves; however, stating or disclaiming would avoids the obvious questions as to your partiality. I also recently watched your recap of modifications to your JLU. Maybe I missed it, but this recap seem to only include the cost of the parts and not the labor. If I missed that part, apologies. If I didn’t, I think that providing parts and labor would give the viewers a better idea of what to expect to pay to do these mods. Otherwise, keep up with these educational videos.

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