Nitto NT05 Maximum Performance Tire Review



hell cat boy says:

how are the nt05 in high speed crusies

BrentsTech says:

Would you say the wet performance is acceptable when driving like a sane person?

Dream Big says:

How fast are they wearing down? Thanks for making the video it was a great review.

Kyle Pinet says:

What’s the life of the tires? I’ve read like 30k is that true.

LSX MAFIA 6.0 says:

how are you liking the tires

J.L says:

Shoppping for tires, these look sexy. Thanks for your review.

James Orr says:

I started to get the tires but was concerned with fast wear and getting caught in the rain. Ended up getting 315 Continental Extreme Contacts but they are not meeting my needs. Now I have to wear them out and probably stick with these.
Nice review video.

NINJA.ST16 says:

My NT05’s just came in Yesterday, downside is i live in Minnesota and there’s snow on the ground. but your review is one of the best i’ve seen and once its spring time i plan to do my own on the street review and a autocross review. I currently have the P-zero’s on and hate them.

Silverback - The Crazy Car Guy says:

Thank you, sir! Will do.

Joe Marks says:

Cool video. I have a 2012 2SS A6 that I have put a CAI, LT’s, HF Cats, Flowmaster Outlaw, and a tune. I bought it used and it had Nitto Invo’s on it which were fine for the stock setup. Now the tires spin like crazy in 1st, and in 2nd, and bark in 3rd and 4th. I’m on the fence between these and the 555R’s. The NTO5 are about $100 cheaper, and I wonder if the 555R’s will hook much better for the additional cost? The NT05R isn’t much more then the 555R, tough decision!

FalconXE302 says:

Don’t mistake squealing as bad performance, all that matters is when they lose traction.
But nice review, and can I confirm that when driving sensibly in the wet, you feel they are more than adequate…?

Drew Coggins says:

Should I buy these for a 02 mustang gt? I don’t want to spin at all honestly

Hector Gonzalez says:

How do u like them when it’s wet out side?

GluedBarstool says:

love the videos man, keep em coming

Kevin Cruz says:

Very very helpful review on choosing some ‘one step below slick’ tires, thanks so much!

lokihallow says:

awesome, and I love the nt05’s, I have an 86 z28 with an ls1 and t56 swap and a few upgrades here and there, I used to run Michelin pilot sports and I was disappointed with them, I spun the tires all the way through first and and most of second before I could get any kinda traction, then I went out and bought the nt05’s, 275 35 18 front and 295 35 18 out back, and she hooks hard, she grabs so well, and don’t even get me started on corners, there’s allot of twisty roads around here and I hit speeds I shouldn’t have on public streets (don’t worry no one was around to get hurt but myself) and I was also worried about rain until I experienced about a week straight of rain with no issues from the tires, hands down the best tires I have personally ever used

ty62201 says:

Are you daily driving on these tires? And if so, how are they overall, as far as road noise and tread wear?

Michael Graham says:

What about the wear minis donuts and burnouts how long have these tires lasted you ? My current set of tires are fusions low pros and they lasted about a year now

psonak says:

whats the tread life on these.


pie relli

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