Nitrogen vs Air In Tyres – Fifth Gear

Tiff wants to see if having Nitrogen in tyres, like a F1 car uses would be better to drive with in a commercial car. Using two identical Suzuki Swifts, he’ll drive ten laps using Nitrogen filled tires then Air filled tyres to see which one performs best.

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kodo diddo says:

is that michael schumacher

jhon doe says:

people don’t drive 200 mph to work, so this notion that oxygen decrease performance for someone traveling an average of 40mph to work is nonsense, it can take years for the air in your tire to bleed out to a critical point unless you have a hole

this is just another scam for cash

Filter Taylor says:

Drive on rough road and you will see a difference.

ابو العز says:

يه قليزين انتو

Chris The Man Of Steele says:

Why are u people spelling Tyre like that? It’s tire not tyre

jobson joseph says:

Initially I used to fill with nitrogen, but then chances of flat tyre increased compared to tyres with normal air. I totally disagree that nitrogen molecules doesn’t pass through rubber.

zeyad khazali says:

العالمية لصيانة السيارات 100% كلامهم

careca says:

The air already has got a huge percentage of nitrogen, you pay for 21% more nitrogen than the “regular” air. It’s stupid in all fronts.

The Gaming Nugget says:

What you need is helium makes the car lighter and adds 50bhp

Mohd Firat says:

My fatass neighbour fills his tyre with pure fart…!!!

Jason Bourne says:

Why so much drama simply just show nitrogen tire and air tire in driving

John Perdue says:

This might be okay, if……..

If you pull a vacuum on the tire first to remove moisture and normal air.

More than likely this won’t work because the tire would unbead.

Not to mention destroy the tire since they’re not designed for a vacuum.

Besides who the hell has time for that?

Kanpuriye says:

The first time I came to know about filling tyres with Nitrogen was 3 years ago for a long trip with my Uncle and His Suzuki Swift – after 3 years I am watching this video and that to with Swift again ❤

smoothy says:

These are all false statement . I use the nitrogen to my bike i notice frequent drop in pressure than normal air, bike feels light ,tyres get soft thus leads to worn fast. I will only suggest nito if tyres are hard and you want to make some more miles but there is frequent drop in pressure.

TheShepTV says:

Nitrogen atoms are smaller than Oxygen atoms. Both exist in the atmosphere as diatoms; N2 and O2. N2 has a shorter inter-nuclear distance because its’ two atoms are triple-bonded, while O2s’ constituent O atoms are double-bonded.
So actually, the converse is more likely. Though clearly still a load of old arse.

Erik Herdian says:

that’s why I never fill mine with what it called pure nitrogen and pays 5 dollars for 4 tires

b conover says:

This is all crap! I have tried it and it made no difference except the cost of nitrogen air ups. It may make some difference in a race enviroment, but no difference what so ever in a everyday street enviroment. Don’t spend the money for nitrogen.

beebo says:

Absolute scam. The earth’s atmosphere is 78% nitrogen. So if you put air in your tyre you get 78% nitrogen anyway. So when a garage puts your tyre on the rim, in order to put 100% nitrogen in he would first need to evacuate all of the air out of the tyre, then with all the negative pressure sucking the tyre walls in he would then undo quickly swap over to the nitrogen pump and fill it up. To be honest i call bullshit. Any half wit knows that doesn’t happen. Absolute bollocks scam. Do your science.

Cannon.troll 1 says:

Nitrog in tires is complete and utter bullshit! I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem with “water vapor” inside their tires! The worst thing is people being relaxed about checking tire pressure because of the belief that with nitrogen they don’t have to as often which is a serious safety concern and an absolute bullshit myth as nitrogen is only 2% smaller than air! Only idiots buy nitrogen.

mark lao says:

For a daily driver just use regular air. You’d save a lot of money specially if you have your own compressor.

marmlad says:

Oxygen molecules are smaller than Nitrogen? Bullshit, the difference is ONLY 1.9%… Its a BIG SCAM!

Anurag Saikia says:

The biggest scam on this planet

Ilya Elis says:

“if you are no checking your pressure regularly, you shouldn’t be on the road at all” golden words!

Kosal Ram says:

I have seen my car tire pressure is maintained in nitrogen than air. Within a week my car tyre loses pressure with air filled. For nitrogen it was maintained from 15 days up to a month!

Grumpy OldMan says:

And carbon dioxide has an even larger molecule size. Or how about propane? That’s even a larger molecule size. Many of the fix-a-flat cans use propane to fill up your tires when they are putting that slime stuff in the tires.

worldtotheend says:

Leave the nitrogen to the F1 cars. Using regular air would ‘force’ us to check our tires routinely, which is good anyway.

Kiraro The Kitsune says:


Anton Zuykov says:

38.8 vs 39.1 is a bigger rise.
Yeah..except that an average digital tire pressure measuring tool has 0.5 PSI step and won’t even notice the difference!

Msalazar6sicVI says:

I thought Fifth gear was legit but they are feeding into the scam! Nitrogen molecules are 300 picometers and an oxygen molecule is 292 picometers…a 2.7% difference.

Dennis Wright says:

Just another money making scam by Tire fitters .

Danish Ali says:

I don’t believe that the difference in the size of the molecules causes the particles to escape as the difference is very small and almost negligible. The Other explanation is that oxygen is more reactive and under heated conditions might react with nitrogen present in tires and the rubber but even that seems highly unlikely is nitrogen is very non reactive and I don’t think the temperature in the tires would raise enough to cause the reaction. and the rubber in most tires is fine tuned to resist oxygen.

jaiveer17 says:

I use Nitrogen and it does make a world of a difference.

Ninon Gonzalez says:

Rare constitutional rely disaster universe eye PC ancient point key person.

Fa iSaL says:

If the pressure increases by temperature in nitrogen filled tyre so why don’t they burst ?

Big$MoneyBoss says:

Why is this better then Top Gear do you agree?

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