Milestar Tire Review

Review of milestar tires giving my opinion on quality and details about the tires. As well as talking about the ORIGINAL tires that are currently on the maxima!


Howard Lee says:

Hi, so how are these milestar tires going so far? Are they worth to buy?

joegolden481 says:

Thx for review. I can get these on tire-easy for $234. I am putting on my old Audi avant. Just need a inexpensive tire so I can sell the car. Glad you have had luck with them

PussMag says:

my left ear feels lonely =( jk, those are $38 with fs on amazon now

Wizard of Woz says:

Hey Howard, the tires are pretty good. I have no complaints at all. They do fine in the rain, go traction overall. And they are wearing very good

benson420710 says:

would these work on say a suv? I have a 08 mercury mountaineer that weighs 5.5k pounds so some tires have been better than others but the bridgestone duelers were pure garbage wearing to nothing in half the mileage rated

Joshua Bagby says:

factory tires are Garbage I have 2014 Corolla S plus they use Firestone FR 740 Performance Tires and they are crap I have driven 8K on my car 80% highways miles and 7/32 all the way around and after 4 months of ownership I am down to 3/32 / 4/32. 3/32 absolutely terrible
your tire is beyond bald and unsafe check the wear bar next time to make sure your tires are in good shape.

Neanderthal DNA says:

Great video would you say they have lots of road noise?

nitewing117 says:

Did I read the sticker on there right? These have a M+S rating? Is there also a marking on the sidewall with it?

Wizard of Woz says:

I checked the sidewall this morning and yes m+s is written on there.

redhat says:

Considering a set of these for my ’14 Civic and ’09 Accord. How’s the sidewall on these? Really flimsy or pretty sturdy? Thanks.

Venus Reena says:

So this is a Goodyear review..


i have them on my factory wheels for my mustang ….. and i will tell you these tires are great!!! … i also have them on my wifes grand prix …. trust me these tires will make you a believer!! …..

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