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Welcome to our second review video – The topic of discussion today is: Michelin Pilot Super Sport Max Performance Summer Tires… Yay or Nay?

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Brian Honnigford says:

I will have to give those tires a go the next time I buy tires for my Speed3. Question though, Do you know of good tires for winter contentions? Or even how those tires handle snow? Great Videos!

Vince Bagusauskas says:

Nice tyres

rzorNvme says:

I’m looking to get the pilot sport cup 2 for my new mk7 gti

cris rodriguez says:

Question do u live in cali if so join the group on Facebook it’s called California mazdaspeeds

CK_32 says:

How much did they pay you guys? This is the 5th video I’ve seen where all of you guys literally say the same things almost like you were given a script.

Or did you all just watch the same reviews to use their talking points and opinions since you couldn’t come up with your own?

Ibz Santo says:

What’s the difference between these and pilot sport 4’s??

superflea72 says:

we had a Mazda ‘Speed3’ (or MPS as they’re called in Australia), and ended up with a really nice set of Pirelli’s on them. they were so much better than the Bridgestone’s that came stock…

anyway, we have a BMW M135i now which has the Super Sports as standard. you’re right, they’re a great tyre, and if you’re not hooning too much you can expect decent life out of them. we just had our first tyre renewal at 51000km (about 32000 miles). 🙂

Madman6505 says:

I just ordered these tires for my 15 WRX. Hopefully they are better than the stock Dunlop Sport Max’s.

Spike Spiegel says:

awesome review, I’ve been trying to decide between these and a few other types. The close up shots with the go pro really helped. Subbed 🙂

Todd Morrow says:

Excellent review, thank you. I’m on the fence about getting these or a set of Nitto 555 G2’s for my car. I found the camera shot if the sidewall flexing particularly helpful. keep it up!

Dcc357 says:

My Corvette C5 is gonna love these. Bye bye balding Nittos haha.

TheWretchedWorld says:

ive had these on my car for over 25k kms and hands down these are the best tyres ive ever had on my car. The performance is second to none and there is still plenty of tread left on them. They last for ages considering they are a high performance tyre which usually dont last long at all.

michael mccalla says:

only watching this video, because your hot lol.

Michael Hall- says:

Armature review Air temp and road temp would be handy to know

KhoiKO says:

1000 dollars thats good price for me. weeeee im hoping on the pss train.

cinemagun says:

Fitted my E39 530i with PS2 rear axle and PS3 front today – all round significant improvement from the Maxx TT. PS2-PS3 traction is absolutely outstanding.

Don Corleone says:

So these are pretty quiet? Need new ones for my TL. The Sumitomos on it r noisy as hell

daniel webb says:

I’m gonna get flamed for this, but she didn’t write what she’s saying…

Mr Tank says:

Debating weather to go with these or get a new set of my current tires (Mickey thompson street comp) I love them alot for a guy who does alot of Canyon runs in his 1990 Firebird. But I might give these Michelin tires a try, hope I’m not disappointed.

DragginNuts1 says:

I’m on my second set of Pilot Sport A/S Plus 97W 245/50/ZR16. Nothing is more important than having a good tire. The Pilot Sport +’s are the only tires I’ve ever felt confident on driving in the rain. 1993 Ford Mustang GT with Maximum Motorsport CC plates, subframe connectors, strut tower brace (upper and lower), Control arms and sway bars running a 12.0 second 1/4mile. They’re a little expensive but they’re worth every penny.
No B. S.

Van Phillips says:

What a fantastic review! I have these tires and LOVE them! In fact, I live in Utah and drove on them during the winter and literally never once slipped/slid, etc. I drive a BMW 535i XDrive, so I’m sure that helped, but the tires are incredible. 100% satisfied as well. Thanks for your work on the review!

asif naseri says:

Great video! Truth be told, I thought you were going to be just another bimbo trying to get YouTube fame but you seem to know your stuff and you make quality videos. You have a new subscriber, keep up the good work. Only thing I would recommend is working on your delivery to make it sound more natural, it sounds extremely scripted right now

Choppaaah says:

Daaaaamn… came for tire information but lost concentration.

Invincible AK says:

Im so turned on. o.o

Spencer Berke says:

Thanks for the video! Trying to get these same tires for my m3 and this review was great. Subbed!

Rafael Canlas says:

Should i get the pilot super sport or as3? for my 2016 wrx here in San francisco california any suggestions?

Trausti Elliðason says:

The first tire review I have seen, that tells me what I want and need know.

Steven martinez says:

If your car feels like it’s on rails your not going fast enough – some racing driver some time ago

Herbert Newman says:

Running a set 19″ on our 2014 Mazda 6 we are up to 47,000 miles with plenty of life remaining. What pressure are you running on highway daily driving use I see the recommended max is pretty high at 50 psi.

lifenz1 says:

what wheels and tires size u got?

Andrew Hughes says:

Great job. Thanks

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