Michelin Pilot Sport 4 vs Pilot Sport 4 S vs Cup 2. The differences tested and explained

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It’s taken over a year, but it’s finally here. What are the differences between the Michelin Pilot Sport 4, Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2.

The Pilot Sport 4 (MPS4 / PS4) and 4 S (MPS4S / PS4S) are the road tyres, with the 4 designed slightly more for comfort and the 4 S more suited to track work. The Cup 2 is the Michelin track day tyre and should be considered if you plan on doing a lot of track miles.

Any questions please ask below 🙂

Tyres tested in the video:

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 – http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Michelin/Pilot-Sport-4.htm
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S – http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Michelin/Pilot-Sport-4-S.htm
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 – http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Michelin/Pilot-Sport-Cup-2.htm


Further information and the full data from the test – http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/Michelin-Pilot-Sport-4-vs-Pilot-Sport-4-S-vs-Cup-2.htm


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Brodey Dover says:

If you get lift off oversteer mid corner, don’t lift….mid corner.


How would you rate the Ps4 vs the super sport? I got supersports now under my mx5 and i want to get the ps4 (s and cup not possible on my rim size :()

R90 GTI says:

Running PS4 on my GTi and the difference over the original tyres it came with from the factory are night and day. Would highly recommend this tyre.

TassieLorenzo says:

PS4 “Vague” “Can’t tell what the front tyres are doing” “Geared towards comfort” All things that should send driving enthusiasts running in the other direction if the PS4 is the only MIchelin so-called “sports tyre” available in your market and size. A great touring tyre for motorway cruisers though.

Matt Clark says:

I wish everyone could describe and show vehicle dynamics the way you do, it’s excellent. Love your thorough work, you’re a great driver, and your work on tires is invaluable and exciting, yet you’re also just an asset to the automotive world!

g4rr377 says:

I can’t get the 4s in the size that I want. 245/40 19. I’ll have to drop to a 4. Glad I won’t be upset with the tyre

TheJuicyGiraffe says:

To Simplify, Sport 4 S’s if you street drive and track drive. If you primarily drive on the track then Cup 2’s are superior.

Shadowl1ne says:

Only subd recently but i’m really appreciating this in depth quality content! Would just like to know, are/were you a professional racing driver? The amount of information and feel you can get out of a car is amazing.

Matt Trotman says:

Love these tyre reviews & good to see them being reviewed on a hot hatch as the 4s seems to be the ‘go to’ tyre for my car (A45 AMG) so I wonder with a bit of drive from the rear & getting more heat into them they’d perform better on the likes of an A45, Golf R, RS3 etc…

Any more news on the release of the Giti Gitisport GTR3 from the last vid?

St0RM33 says:


Lord Of Kiwi says:

So CUP2 in front and PS4S at the rear for perfect results?

R K says:

Did you try different pressures to balance over/under-steer?
What about estimated wear on road vs track?
Otherwise great review! Thanks!

phatt180 says:

Great comparison! Currently have the Cup 2’s on the RS but might look at the PS4S next. In saying that I do plan on getting a second set of wheels for daily commuting and keeping the stock wheels with better rubber for track days.

Kong Vue says:

Ouch no xbox

Performance J says:

I cannot afford theses tyres on track

jeffbui says:

Great video. A big request that hasn’t been done anywhere would be an All Season vs Performance Winter vs Studless Winter -> Pilot Sport 3 A/S vs Pilot Sport Alpin PA4 vs X-Ice Xi3. Or a question that hasn’t been answered: Do performance winter tires perform better than summer tires in temperatures below 5 C. Much thanks!

Ben Bradbury says:

Wow. What a great video. I love what your doing!

Altimatic says:

Wish this video existed last year when I was looking for tires. But for 17″ for my s2000 only the ps4 was available. For 95 percent road use and 5 percent of track use its the perfect tire for me. I’ll buy the ps4s as my next set if they have them in 17″

Der Spliff says:

Can you make a rim comparison? I always wondered how a lightweight alloy rim compares to a standard alloy rim.

I’m thinking of something like comparing a 17 inch standard wheel to its 19 inch counterpart and than changing to the lightest wheel you can find (like the OZ Ultraleggera) in its 17 and 19 inch versions.

Regarding this topic there is not much information or evidence out there just some subjective statements and general phrases.

Guillaume Tremblay says:

I don’t know why but I can’t seem to have found ANY Michelin tires over the last 26 years of spirited driving that fits what I love, winter as well as supposedly very sticky summer tires. The only thing I was impressed with was the high price, the punishment of only one season durability, I guess the only thing Michelin I am totally into are the stars in French restaurants.

Kong Vue says:

Too bad Microsoft you suck..

Vladd George says:

Very nice! Keep up the good work and keep the cool videos coming!! This video helps me a lot. 😀

EIffel Wong says:

Hi, I’m struggling to pick Potenza S001 , Michelin’s PS4 or Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3??

kesh Lakhay says:

Great video….so… how does the the 4s and the cup 2 compare against the Pilot SuperSport (PSS) tyre?

Ianroberts97 says:

fake induction noise inside that ST guh.

Ginjabredman says:

so basically cup2 tires are too much tire for the car. So if you want to track a budget production car that isn’t highly modified just stick to 4s for daily and track use. Or you can always just have 2 sets of wheels for track and daily driving.

strebrr says:

Nice comparison! I’m driving the PSS and the Cup 2 on my Mk7 GTI. I would never buy again the Cup 2 for that type of car because the PSS/PS4S are already so good. And the Cup 2 is only better on racetracks, and there it’s like 1 to 2 seconds. Doesn’t matter at all for 99% of the people. But the Cup 2 is really dangerous in wet driving and even in dry conditions not fun when it’s cold. So I really recommend the PSS or PS4S for that type of car, if you want to have fun. The Cup 2 has too many disadvantages.

Thomas WH says:

Well that was the best tyre comparison I´ve ever seen. Precise, to the point, and the subjective feedback was highly relevant as well. I am super satisfied with my latest set of MPS4. They appear exactly as you review them here. I now know which tire to go for if I need track tires. Thanks a lot for this superior review TyreReviews! I will make sure to recommend this channel to all car and tire geeks I know!

panathaninf says:

Thank you so much!

hdmk213 says:

No one else seems to cover this, so thanks and good job! Now I know what to replace my Michelin Pilot Super Sports with! (the P4S)

Slight Overdoze says:


Big2009Gee says:

Here for gtr tyre choice not sure the car comparison will do the job I’ve only had ps4s and the side walls are a bit soft they give bounce effect at high speed (170+mph) and looking for a track tyre, I thought cup2’s would be much better…

Robert Achu says:

What is the name of the silver wheels?

Charles Shamseldin says:

Nice work. You should have also mentioned that Michelin’s run a little narrow compared to it’s peers. On a lighter wheel (instead of the OEM anchors) and on a lighter car than a ST you’d see even more improvement with the PS4S’ — which is my first choice

Tyre Reviews says:

Enjoy your tyres and want to tell the world? Help others decide what tyres to purchase next by leaving a review at http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk 🙂

Rob R says:

Great video! I think this will pick up a lot of views given time.

Chris Hyman says:

So PS4 or PSS come replacement time? 18s so PS4S not an option. Never track the car, so let’s say fast road use only. What would you go for?

Slight Overdoze says:

any chance to see X308 Jaguar XJR as a tyre test mule?

Sergio Aguirre says:

Great vid with lap times to confirm
Much appreciated

Kong Vue says:

Nice ps4 pro wins

Jeroen Reyns says:

my PS4’s has just arrived for my fiesta st, gonna put them on thursday , so excited!!!

Apex Seal says:

It would be interesting if you could make a video about the differences in structural rigidity, materials and compounds used for each other, either a “cut through” or some pictures or videos provided by Michelin explaining the design of each one.
Great video as always.

WASIM864 says:

The new michelin tyre wall designs look so tacky compared to PS2 PSS PSC PSC2 end of an era maybe

John Riley says:

Excellent video, very useful. Brilliant drive, and a bright good car. ^^ By the way, someone knows if this car is fun daily (do you need to treat every commute like a GP or it can be enjoyed in more reasonable speeds, within the speed limits for example ? Does it communicate with the driver well ? Or is it too much insulated from him/her ? I’m looking for a compact car that’s great to drive (it flatters your ego when you drive hard, you don’t feel like the car does everything), fun, not a rocketship, with 5 doors and, if possible, a manual handbrake. Thank to everyone involved in the video.

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