How to choose the right tyres for your car

Winter tyres will be on the minds of millions of Brits at this time of year – but how do you choose the right ones for you? We found out with a day of testing at a special facility.


stabakfan says:

I live in Norway and i haven’t changed to winter tyres yet, i will do it soon but not before sunday, since the roads are only wet and it’s above 3 degrees, but that will change to monday according to wheater reports..

peter zhang says:

hi. I’m using 235 40 18 tyres now, I want to upgrade to 245 35 19 wheels. I know if the tyres become wider, it will effect the acceleration and making the steering wheel heavier to turn. but are these changes gonna be very obvious (especially the one with steering)??? thx

MightyMinions says:

How the heck does going the fastest around a wet track help me for everyday driving? Thick shits.

Aleksandr Vysockij says:

what about the ratings on both budgets and premium that you tested? More interested in a test of a budget with A for grip and premium with A for grip testing

Mathew Farry says:

Summer tires have more grip in the wet than winter tires, winter tires are designed for snow and ice. If you hardly ever drive in snow and ice you should use summer tires year round. I recommend michelin pilot SS or goodyear eagle f1 asymetric 2’s both are amazing.

petrovicdruid says:

this is BS, unsubed .

robz1471 says:

times don’t match what she is saying and computer pop ups

robz1471 says:

this video is clearly ‘sponsored’ by Goodyear tyres

TituslovesPop says:

Whoever did the video edit needs to pay more attention. rubbish

xBuzz996 says:

I dont get it, 100 pounds for a set or for each tire?

ChrisGotsIt says:

Winter tire test but no testing in snow. What kind of test is this?

Focus ST 91 says:

you said one of the tyres was 1.6mm it was showing cords! that’s illegal.

Zen-Oh says:

Tire*** not tyres you stupid British

Jw K says:


This is Winter tire test???

WTF is this???

Where is ice and snow? Where is Nokian??? Where is Michelin Winter tire??? Where is Winter Settozero??? (Examples)

opexo says:

All tyres in the video are SUMMER tyres, not winter!

kingsmeadow says:

your braking test didnt simulate “a rainy day “…. uh , with those sprinklers firing and that depth of water you simulated a thunderstorm

AkaAndyKnuckles says:

Good video!

siamiam says:

Alaska here….. watching this “winter” tire test…….

Martin Allen says:

Define deflated please.

juan def says:

who fuck fits rock stone or wanli. maybe a Kumho or a nexen and toledo tl1000 at a push

LaceyFilm says:

How deflated were the tyres then?

aor says:

I think winter is something else, and you need real winter tyres. Antti from Finland.

metalbyku says:

those are not winter tyres at all… normal summer tyres

Alex Radulescu says:

So…where are the winter tyres? Did you guys put sound over wrong video?

Steve Sherwood says:

When was this filmed? Winter compounds are designed for less than 7 degreesC, over this and they will perform worse than summer tyres. I’m not sure we have had any days cold enough this year below 7.

l1fechooser says:

In summary, the winter tyres provided by the sponsor are better than the worst budget tyres on the market, in this winter tyre “test” which was filmed in the summer and showed only summery tyres.

Lewis Harley says:

different alloy wheels ?

Mike Ward says:

1:28 he wasn’t even driving the car but he still had to “do a lot of corrective manoeuvres”. Odd

SwPiotrek says:

Those are summer tires…

Detmer says:

Tires at 10 psi, those will run of the rim or hit flat after a hole in the pavement.
A more realistic low tire pressure would be 27psi.

stefan s says:

Wow some incompetent people came up with this video…those tires were not winter tires. Heck they didnt even look like all seasons. FAIL

Pritam Barua says:

Least helpful video ever

Mladen Milić says:

Please test any summer tire compared to cheapest winter tires in snow (not this splashy thing).

Sergey M says:

Come visit russia in january then u find out what are the winter tires really look like

Phil Pinto says:

And the moral of the story is you get what you pay for but look after them. Had some budget tires on a company vehicle once they were useless in the wet might as well have just been driving round on the rims

GraveUypo says:

those winter tires look a lot like my regular high grip goodyears.
and i’m sure mine are not winter because there’s no such thing as winter in brazil. there’s only dry summer, wet hotter summer and in-betweens, and none of those seasons call for special tires.

* Fârhan says:

Hi gud girl . whats ur name

Jonathan Kumar says:

This chick is bad luck for this channel.

Brebta Brebtovič says:

So the cheaper tyres are worst then premium one? And the old are worst then new one? Your channel is for retarded people?

63Jax says:

these are winter tires???? what kind of winter do you have in UK, only with rain? winter tires have meaty big teeth…:/

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